Saturday, July 25, 2009

My life in a nut shell

Yesterday was such a busy day at home, then I had to go to work. First a private coaching session with a lovely gentleman whom I have known for years, that went rather well. Then Exploratorium our BDSM sampler event, and all the volunteers and attendees to contend with.

Today is even busier. Jason wanted to go berry picking, but I had to decline. I really need to save my energy for this evening as I have two big events going on. So this afternoon was lawn mowing, driveway painting and packing for my evening.

Tonight I have a two hour private class with a dozen women for a bachelorette party; a combo class on cock sucking and how to achieve an orgasm for women. Then drive straight to the Lounge for our Naughty party which will already be well underway.

What a delicate balancing act I play with time and bookings.

By tomorrow I should be wiped right out. And yeah, we have plans for Sunday too. No rest for the wicked.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm caught up in self this evening, working through old feelings and experiences wondering what's to happen next.

I was surprised recently by an old acquaintance who reminded me of our past together, not that it really could have been forgotten as it's almost always playing a part in my current life, our years entangled.

This journal is personal, it is where I often come to work out ideas and emotions I am going through and other times where I share my joys and successes. My blog is intermixed with professional writings at times, but always it is personally mine.

It would be nice to have had a ready answer to the question asked of me, yet I stumbled over the words and perhaps the sentiment of sincerity. Not disbelieving, rather somehow confused as to what an end would be like.

Time has jaded me, my memory clouded by hurt, objectification, and a sense of loss for what could have been.

Dearly I wish to erase the horrors created by all of us, alas I am not capable of such things.

Forgiveness is freeing up and putting to better use the energy once consumed by holding grudges, harboring resentments, and nursing unhealed wounds. It is rediscovering the strengths we always had and relocating our limitless capacity to understand and accept other people and ourselves.

Moving forward without looking back, creating change, being a part of positive change, what a refreshing idea.

Can it be done by a duo, or does it take the masses to believe as well?

It only takes one person to embark on a journey, though the more people along for the trek the easier it is to navigate.

Hurt has many faces, regret is recognizable.

The written word lacks substance for matters truly important.

The look of compassion seen when looking into a persons eyes is what makes things real for me.

Pride Vancouver 2009

Sat in on an on-line webinar this evening that was a mandatory meeting for all Pride Parade participants.

Thus far we have coordinated our volunteers, plotted our signage, reserved a vehicle, obtained corporate sponsorship, obtained bountiful private support, agreed upon volunteer attire for a uniform look and networked with outside entities regarding donated decorations.

There is still plenty to get done, but hey, we are well on our way.

The Pride Parade is Sunday August 2, hopefully we'll see one another there.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bondage & Fire Play

Restraining Order is the Lounges informal bondage night and tonight for three hours everyone gathered together to hang out and do some bondage.

A long time friend attended, and since Jason was busy self suspending himself I made the decision to play with Jeff. (a pseudonym)

I bound him to the top of our long padded bondage cage with multiple strands of pink and greeen 8 mm hemp rope. Face up, legs splayed, arms tightly bent, and each limb independently anchored down to render him immobilized.

I plugged in my violet wand, and ran it over his balls ... he writhed. I laughed. Then as I ran it over the sisal I had tied his balls with, the rope caught fire. Just-a-little. A small wee bit of smoke, some sparks and the smell of burnt rope. And maybe the smell of burnt pubes.

It was sort of amusing, watching the look of horror on his face and he fretted over whether or not his jewels were about to be fried. So not the case. By turning off the wand, the fire went out immediately.

He lived, was not burned and even enjoyed our play scene. Some times the play that is the most fun, is the stuff that is not planned or orchestrated.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Sex Trivia

  • Three out of a thousand men (0.3%) are well endowed enough to fellate (blow) themselves to orgasm. I would certainly love to witness this in person, all three of them that is.

  • Among primates, man has the largest and thickest penis. Good news for those of us who love male human cock and not animals.

  • The male fetus is capable of attaining an erection during the last trimester. Our recent ultrasound showed our son to have a rather substantial boy package already.

  • Odors that increase blood flow to the penis:lavender, licorice, chocolate, doughnuts, pumpkin pie. They forgot to mention the scent of "wet pussy".

  • It's been estimated that one out of every two hundred women is born with an extra nipple. I've actually met a few men and women over the years with a third nipple and been shown the third.

  • A female orgasm is a powerful painkiller (because of the release of endorphins), so headaches are in fact a bad excuse not to have sex. Many women I know use sex and orgasms as a way to fend out menstrual pain.

  • Humans and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure. I swam with dolphins in Cuba earlier this year and loved it.

  • Couples attempting to conceive average five and one-half months of unprotected intercourse before succeeding. So not our experience, we did it in 2 weeks.

  • The black widow spider eats her mate during or after sex. I like to keep my mates around for future copulating and sometimes even for conversations.

  • The word 'gymnasium' comes from the Greek word gymnazein which means to exercise naked, which often was done in ancient Greece. I would love a gym where everyone was nude, I might even stop staring long enough to work out myself.

  • Both humans and porpoises have one social sex practice in common--group sex. We should invite some porpoises to the next Couples Party at The Lounge.

  • Oneirogmophobia is the fear of wet dreams. I can't even pronounce that word, that's ok though as wet dreams don't scare me, they excite me.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Heat Stroke

Plenty of happenings are swiftly approaching and they are devouring my available time. Either I am planning or executing as of late, and this madness won't end for a couple of more weeks. And when it does I will be good and ready for the holiday that the man and I are escaping on together.

The house is really coming together and we are settling in well. There are still some items in boxes but for the most part we are all unpacked. On the island in the kitchen is the list of things that need to be done, the little tasks that keep showing themselves and I just keep tacking them onto that list and slowly crossing them back off once completed.

The garden is a project for next year, as we moved in to late this year to even bother with it. But, I am eager to get into the soil so we can start growing some veggies and flowers of our own.

Before I turn off the lights off this evening, it is my *hope* to finish uploading the August event listings to the Libido calendar on-line. I have done much of it already today yet there is still more to go. (((insert loud sigh))) So if you are patiently waiting for it, thank you.

Pregnancy, heat and a heavy work load are not sitting well with me today.

Night all.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pregnancy Photos at 20 weeks

Hi Mom. Pretty cool huh?

This is the half way point, 20 weeks.

My boobs are so large that I am thinking of hiring someone to hold them up and blow under them to keep me cool. They are heavy, sweaty and huge; some assistance would be wonderful. Do you think this would be a difficult job to fill?

Anyways, I considered scanning my ultrasound photos and putting them on-line but decided against it. I have a policy about not showing photos of my daughter or talking about her in any detail at work or on my blog here, and the same policy now applies to our unborn son.

Those of you close enough to meet the little fellow, will be able to do so in just a few more months. Our inner circle.

Jason (RC) took these photos an hour ago. In 6 weeks is the first of our 4 pre booked professional pregnancy shoots, and these should leave us with an impressive collection of memories to share.