Friday, January 27, 2006

nooner Friday

my nooner with Doug made for a sensational afternoon. Made a quick lunch of prawns with rice and veggies and together we sat half naked at the kitchen table eating. This after my driving him up against a wall to molest him while lunch cooked. Haven't seen much of each other as of late, so I wanted his pants removed when in my presence. Keeps things interesting and provides me with excellent visuals.

After lunch, on my stomach flat on the bed, Doug massages me with strokes that worked out some of my stresses and knots. Down my arms, both shoulders and covering my back. The delicious feeling of being touched by someone, I drifted with my eyes closed and my mind blissed from the attention. No lotion, just firm pressure and high sexual tension. Did I mention yet that when he arrived to my door earlier I was scantily dressed in a new little sexy sheer number? Barely any of his weight on me, yet he straddles me dead center, the feel of his hard cock against my cheeks reminds me of what want feels like.

After the massage, I climbed on top and claimed my prize; his submission as I did things to him and made him do things to me. Delicious fun that made my thighs quiver and my lips drip with lust.

Panting breathes that were a combined sound of our efforts filled the room and wet stickiness covered us.

Thank the goddesses for nooners!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

schools & orgasms

spent two hours locked away in a business meeting with O'My Body Discovery Products over on the North Shore. Then drove home to change clothes, heat & eat a slice of pizza and having one big wet orgasm in the middle of my bed, thank you very much to my vibrator.

Now I'm running out the door to pick my daughter up from school as we're heading out to the parents night at a high school we're interested in her registering for. This Fall she'll be a grade 8 student and no longer in elementary school and to register for a school out of your catchment area, applications to the school board are due in February so the hunt is on now, for the right school and the hopes of being accepted.

My daughter has some strong personal pursuits and as such what she needs from a school is unique. I'm willing to support her school choice by even moving our home to a different city, should she be accepted to the school of her first choice. I went to more schools than I count and because our postal code was what dictated I attend there. This is not what I want for my daughter, so I offer to her plenty of choices.

~~the wet spot in the middle of my bed will be dry by the time I return, some things like masturbating with a loud vibrator as a single mother, I prefer to play with in the middle of the day when my child is away~~


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

late snack

tonight I taught Erotic Wax & Ice play. What a wonderful job I have to lead people along such an incredible path of sex-education and self awareness. Watching people gain new erotic skills pleases me greatly, thanks to all of you who attended.

Walked in the house rolling in my teaching luggage & setting it promptly in an out of the way corner of my office. In my daughters room to give her a hug and a kiss as she was almost asleep, then was so hungry that I filled the wok with garlic, butter, mussels, clams, mushrooms and snap peas. Stripped off all my clothes and sat naked eating the steaming hot delicious late night treat.

While cooking I spoke to Doug on the phone and we made a date for this Thursday, I've missed him while he was away, and eager to see him again.

While eating I phoned my Daddy and we got caught up with one another and made some weekend plans together.

My cell phone has been found, in Bella's car. She mailed it today to Jim in Bellingham and he will bring in to me on Friday when he arrives.

I'm very excited, I actually have my bed all to myself tonight, no partners in it and no child in it. And with my breast not bothering me anymore, I can lay again in my usual way as I drift off to sleep. [after a quick orgasm] Life is almost back to normal ...


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday catch up

spent the last hour or so writing the e-mail newsletter that is going to go out to the Libido Events mailing list tonight before I go to bed. It's already posted to the groups, the website is updated and now it just needs to hit everyone's in-box.

Earlier today I took my daughter to her friends birthday party and then on the way home stopped off at Little Sisters Book Store to drop off tickets to the upcoming Suspension Bondage class with Jim Duvall and Diva Midori's Hands-On Hand and Foot Bondage class. The advanced sale tickets are now in stores with the $5 discount. Get yours early and save $$!

I make my own tickets for Libido Events to keep the cost of events down for you and to make my life easier. I enjoy that I am able to accomplish on my own the business end of Libido Events without needing outside support. I'm proud to be a woman capable of doing this myself and at a level that I am able to maintain. (have a paper cutter you'd like to donate to a good cause? e-mail me, sex-positive education is the cause and I'm awaiting you)

While my daughter was out of the house this afternoon I climbed into the bathtub and soaked for awhile. Once feeling relaxed enough I took off my the bandages and protective covering from my breast to reveal my surgeons handiwork. Pulling all the tape off actually hurt a little but voila, with the packing removed, I was able to see that the damage done is rather minimal from the scapel. Now I just need a clear biopsy.

There are a few dissolving stitches on the high upper part of my left breast almost at the underarm area and about an inch long. There is some sort of tape over the stitches that I determined I shouldn't remove and so left it in place. Finished my bath, without getting the area wet and when I got out of the tub and caught glimpse of my naked self in the mirror, I knew that a little scar was no big deal, so long as I have life and love.

Tomorrow sometime I have to go and have a visit with my friend James of Storm Brewing. Storm is sponsor to this Friday January 27th Naughty Party and as always a true support of Libido Events and to myself.

Brendan, welcome home, I'm happy you're back and excited about our upcoming date. What can I wear for you and what plans do you have for me? Thanks for the call, it meant a lot to me to hear your voice as always.

I'm taking suggestions from those of you who stop by and read here; my sex-positive corner of the world. What would you like to know about me, or what can I write about to help you understand something better? suggest, suggest away!

Oh yes, my cell phone is missing is Seattle Washington somwhere and I've no idea where. Had a cell phone for almost two years and this is the first one I've lost. Not good, not good at all. You can still leave me messages as I'll be checking them but I won't be answering in person. I'll have to figure out this mess this week some time.