Friday, February 10, 2006

home bound

in big bold black script, scrawled across my apple red, pantied ass is the word


and covering my mons on the front is a little girl wielding a whip, pigtails, black shiny boots and a mask. It's all that I am wearing right now aside from a pair of knee high red & orange plaid socks. Naked other than my socks and panties and home bound. Been locked up inside working alone since 10:30 this morning, ok, I fell asleep on the sofa for half an hour after doing a few hours of paperwork and phone calls.

Snacking on popcorn and the makings for dinner on the counter, I'm heading off to my bed to masturbate shortly. My friend Jenn came over Thursday night for dinner and she brought me a few new delights. Some Kama Sutra lotion, a penis book and a new ceramic cock. Every now again I have to just sit back and chuckle some. Imagine if you invited a friend over for dinner and these were the hostess gifts you were given. As Jennifer handed me the new cock, she proceeded to inform me of the research that's been done on them to ensure they are safe for insertion, a gift that comes with verbal blessings of my coochie being free of harm if I try it.

This weekend my daughter is at her fathers and not returning till Monday. I'm teaching a private 3 hour class on Womens Dominance tomorrow to a woman and her girlfriend as a gift from the husband for her birthday. What a wonderful gift to give your partner, the opportunity to spend an afternoon with me privately learning specifically what you want to learn about in the erotic arts arena.

Tomorrow night is Sin City and have I ever had a creative idea for what to wear for myself. It's going to take me a few hours to get into the outfit, but it will be worth the effort to do something unique. I plan on attending as a switch which means that I'll be looking to Top others and to perhaps bottom to someone if it feels right. I'm most certainly itching for some SM play that takes my breathe away and allows me to focus on nothing else, but the sensations and the moment.

Oh yes, this morning I uploaded a new page to the Libido Events website, titled Coaching, watch for it be completed.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

interview & thank you note

The sun has been so radiant the last couple of days that I've managed to get out of my winter funk some what and play catch up in many areas. Both my desktop and office have been cleared of clutter and backlog.

Mistress Matisse from Seattles The Stranger newspaper has written to ask if Jim, Allena & I would be interviewed for an article on polyamory for next weeks issue that she's writing. Although I've yet to ask Bella or Daddy their thoughts on this, I do know our family, and I'm confident that we'll end up doing the interview with Matisse. We're all friends and have been for years now, and have been talking about doing this article for forever. So....

Poly appears to come naturally for us, (so not the case) as though we were born able to do maintain this level of relationship and love style. It seems to those who know us all as a triad that we make it look easy. We've each worked so hard on our own selves and issues before even arriving to this relationship, let alone poly that we knew our stuff fairly well coming in. So with honesty we made our confessions, told our truths, accepted the love of those around us and realized we had found our home with one another.

That we share similar passions & believe strongly in the power of family, joy and love has been what's seen us through some uniquely challenging times.

First came Jim & Allena in a relationship for a couple of years, then a few years later, Allena & I started a relationship simultaneously to Jim and Allena still being partnered. Allena & I fell in love, Jim & Allena were already in love. Then Jim & I started dating and Jim promptly fell in love with me breaking all my relationship rules at the time.

Finally I looked at the two people in my life who I each loved so much and who loved me and one another and I realized that I was fooling myself if I thought I wasn't in love already with Jim and with the realization of what we'd created. A polyamorous unit, our family.

Next week, in The Stranger, watch for our Poly Family with Jim, Jennifer & Allena.

And then in today's in box was this most touching e-mail about my activism: (after reading my last post)

about emails that may be sarcasm (or not.)
you probably know, but people will read your replies or non replies the way they need to at the time. (For better or worse)
keep up the good work you are doing.

i didn't think much about what you were doing at first (as in I just wasn't thinking about the impact you have). But after one of your parties and reading some of your blog, i really admire what you are doing, how you are doing it. You really are an inspiration. You probably have improved more peoples lives than you know. (because most wont be able to tell you how or why, they may not even be able to admit that you somehow have improved their lives).
From what i have seen it is not hard to see that you have built up one major credit balance of Karma in your life.

Not that i am trying to suck up to you, although you would be rather delicious, but you truly make a difference in the world.

so, thank you for making my life a little more real.

Tonight I'm teaching SM 101 A Little More Than a Slap & a Tickle to a local bisexual womans group. Off to pack my toy bags as it's a hands on class. Picture it, me and a room full of bisexual woman, all eager to learn about SM. What a lucky woman I am...

Monday, February 06, 2006

sounding board

when I tell you to email me with your questions and to use me a resource, I accept that workload and the understanding that it's unpaid. Another of the ways that I give back. I believe in the long term benefits of offering this information and support both to you and for myself & Libido Events.

What happened today baffled me. A woman emailed me late Friday afternoon (while I was in the city driving to an appointment and found myself in need of a tow truck) to tell me she needed a sounding a board. Then proceeded to tell me her issues with her partners candidly and then signed off abruptly.

This morning she emailed again, thanking me for being such a good sounding board. I'd not yet written her back yet and now I'm left wondering if her email was meant to be condescending. A put down because I'd yet to answer her plea for help or truly a thanks, because she knew she was safe, as is anyone, to send me their "stuff" at any time.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, daily I am faced with much email almost all requiring personal attention and not a form answer. If you email me understand that depending on what you're looking for from me, as of late it could take up to 10 days to get a response. You will get one though and it will be specific to you and your situation and directly from me privately and confidentially.

There is of course a way to see me and get a response from my quicker. You can hire me privately! (for yourself, you & your partner, a party or stagette) Money makes me able to make time to see you quicker and faster for you and to give you more of myself and knowledge. A private class or a chance to sit and talk with myself, what do you require?

What kind of information or resources can I provide?

I can be an information source for many things queer, kink, and sex-positive, both cultural and sexual. Some topics people have come to talk with me about include:

*Female bi-curiosity, bi-sexuality and coming out
*Polyamoury, multi-partner relationships, group sex and swinging
*All aspects of BDSM, Bondage & discipline, Sadism & masochism and Dominance & submission from any of the Top's or bottom's, Master's or submissive's perspectives
*Role-playing, fetish and other kinky sex
*Introduction to sex positive culture-communication and ethics, public SM play,
social sexy events, and educational opportunities from my Erotic Arts Curriculum

I can also be a sounding board; a safe person to share concerns with and ask questions of about a new interest, or a long existing one that you're trying to wrestle into a more comfortable position in your life. You may just want someone to whom you can tell your desires, and I'm a safe person for this.

Some people want to know how to bring a little kink into their bedrooms without having to leave the privacy their own home. A growing number of people and couples consult me before they start exploring their city's sex positive communities. They ask me to help them understand what to expect and how to best prepare themselves for a positive experience.

I can be a guidebook or a coach, an advocate or an educator. There really isn't a term for me. I'm Jennifer, an activist for sex-positive culture.

email for appointment times and rates