Saturday, September 15, 2007


A day at home. T is at her dads for the weekend, and RC is at work for the day. A whole day on my own. Aside from packing a toy bag for later tonight and prepping myself for our evening out, I have nothing special on the calendar to complete.

It could be said that I have already celebrated today as being Saturday, by taking a luxurious 2-hour long nap. Then laid out in bed, I pondered greatly the items necessary to pack into my toy bag to give RC a new experience and to perhaps play with some hottie, should someone strike my or our fancy at Rascals later tonight.

I'm off to make us some dinner so we can eat as soon as the guy walks in the door from work. A quick shower and change for him and then straight to the party, since I am already done readying myself. We plan on making an early evening of it, coming home before midnight seeing as someone has to work again at 7 a.m.

I love my guy and my life.

Friday, September 14, 2007

sex activism Vancouver

City Hall is really really making things a challenge right now. And no, I am not talking about Surrey either. It's another City that is grating me the wrong way right now. It's a zoning issue, it's a parking issue, it's the egress, it's the electrical, it's the [insert issue] here type of continuous scenario. Anyways this was the entirety of my morning and left me in a not so happy mood.

Off to get my toes painted again at the mall. It really is an indulgence. They look super pretty which makes me happy. And after my morning, this was an excellent choice of a pick me up.

Then off to pick up T. from her Orthodontics appointment and her exciting day at a Leadership conference up near Metrotown. We hung out together for the next few hours tackling life's necessities. Once home, I packed for my evening class and jumped into the shower to to refresh myself for the night ahead. It was a day certainly running on a close clock.

Class was a blast. I was in my own neighborhood, teaching a basic sex education class to all these new-to-me women. They were in age from 26 - 35 I believe. Two were married, a couple were mothers, the rest were not. A wonderful giggly group of women. Everyone wanted to learn general sex info and also they shared a theme of wanting to get more knowledge on achieving orgasm faster and more intensely. We just blew through two and half hours of information so fast, that I ended up staying late as the women were just starting to warm up, as I was packing up.

This class, unlike so many others I teach, was truly a very basic and general sex education class. One that the contents of, belong in a Grade 10 mandatory sex class to all pupils, both boys and girls. Every adult woman, should know and be able to identify her own genitalia by naming each piece with her own fingertips. Sadly so many adult women do not even know the correct words to identify their vulva's with, let alone to pass on the proper language to their own children. It is a tad bit disheartening to me as a mother to hear another mother say, that at 3 her daughter is too old to be seeing her father naked because she might ask questions about his boy parts. I am fairly sure she was talking about "the penis" so I did not ask for clarification. I find it equally heart wrenching that for many women their sole orgasmic experience with their vulva is that which their own partner gives them, and that is if they are even that fortunate.

I've been empowered surrounding my sexuality for a long time now, and in control of my own pleasure. For this has been one of the greatest gifts of my adult hood. Blissful orgasmic ecstatic pleasure at my own hand. Not at the hand of a lover, no other person involved. My being able to make love to me. With a toy, or my own hand. I have it in me, to do this for myself. Not by fluke. Not by accident. But because I took responsibility for it, for my own bliss. There came a time when I couldn't rely on another, when I needed to know how. There came a time when it was important enough for me to really get to know myself.

I spread my legs before a mirror many moons ago now, years in fact, and started learning the correct words for my girl bits. With this knowledge I gained strength. I passed this strength on to T, she won't be one of those women spreading her legs for some partner in her adult hood and being reliant on them for her both a glimpse of what she may look like down there as well as her pleasure. No, she like me, will claim her own! This is a legacy that is so important for me to bestow upon her.

I wish all parents would give their children the gift of sexual knowledge, it's power. Teach your children what's between their legs, teach them the difference between the sexes and celebrate this information together. Living in shame of one's genitals, or even showing them at home or asking questions about them, that is just a breeding ground for ignorance, further shame, exploitation potential and a growth stunt in sexual development.

And society wonders why young people [hell, adults in general] make mistakes when left alone with own another, their own idle curiosities about sex and their bodies. Everyone wants to feel good and most people don't even know how to go about it. Or if they do know how to give themselves pleasure, they are so limited in what works for them by preference, or worse, what is morally acceptable to them that the options are sparse. The people I meet in classes are starved for information, so much so that they don't even realize that to answer their questions, you have to explain to them first the unique names of each of there genital complexes and other concepts that are foreign to them as well.

This is my job, sex-positive activism.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Naked Pirate Girls

There was a group of women here at the house for the last few hours. Tonight was the kinky clothing exchange, gossip and girl time evening that had been on the agenda for the past few weeks.

We ate and talked.

We giggled and tried on fetish gear.

Drinks were served by RC in my new monogrammed apron, it is also how he greeted all the women at the door.

Kat was trying on a pirate top so I put on her head my pirate hat that I brought back from Disneyland last October.

It was good to catch up with friends.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

grabbing my pillow

I am exhausted.

Sleep is the obvious answer though not the long term solution. Life keeps getting in my way.

RC spent today down at Wreck beach. I spent today at home, working.

In five minutes it is my plan to announce...

"Good Night, I am off to bed."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In search of...

I need a driver and a vehicle. A big closed in cube truck.

You will need to be available on Saturday September 22 for about 90 minutes.

You will also need to be available on Sunday September 23 for about 90 minutes.

There is a generous bonus for the person who assists us with this project.

Please contact me immediately with your name and contact info.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I am working on two new classes.

It has taken some time to organize my thoughts after reading all the material I've felt necessary to review before putting together my outline. The volume of content I have covered over the last couple of weeks has been substantial.

With the outline as the next step in the process, I am feeling pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by all that I have learned over the years.

There was a time when I could not have held a conversation on sex for more than 20 minutes, and now I speak sex [almost] fluently, by topic and alphabetical as well.

These new classes are more advanced classes, designed for those wanting more from their pre - existing play.

Once completed and ready for the curriculum, it will be time to put the classes on the calendar.

Already I have two separate facilities wanting these finished so they can have me in to teach for there groups and events.

The last six months have been a time of real growth for me as an educator, the accolades from the outside, unprompted have helped me to believe what so many others had been telling me for so long. I am really good and very skilled at what I do.

Some time over the next week I hope to be ready to unveil these exciting classes and a new presentation style to compliment each of them.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sundays Sex Education

Just returned home a short while ago from my two SOLD OUT classes in Surrey. What a fantastic day I had.

My job is so rewarding and has so many benefits, I am blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful community.

The Cock Sucking class was oversold by two couples, so four people, making it very full. We handled it well, all of us fitting in together and making it through the 90 minutes. The group was eager to learn and most everyone learned new ideas or techniques.

Next came the lunch break, which was much needed to refuel us. Kat put out a delicious spread of food and people ate from the buffet while taking there plates outside to enjoy the garden and day.

Then it was time for Pussy Licking and another full class. I gathered everyone and brought them in to the workshop room again. The women were soon more vocal in their pleasures than the stoic men were during there turn.

I saw more twitching cocks, pinched perky nipples, eyes rolled back in heads, backs arched, engorged labia and smelled way more arousal in a room than I have for quite awhile on this holy of days, Gods Day. Sunday.

Happy Sunday to all who were in class with me, or to all who were off practicing on your own somewhere.

Due to there being a waiting list for my classes, Kat's has decided to have me back twice in the month of October with more education and interactive classes.

Watch the calendar.