Friday, September 16, 2005

where I've been

Been so busy that sleep isn't even a consideration, in fact, the lack of sleep is making me nauseous. How attractive . Yes, it is conference building time in my life and this makes some stress.

Today I volunteered in the morning at the Terry Fox run at my daughters school, she's is grade 7 this year and this is my last year as a parent volunteer in grade school and I'm really wanting to savor the experiences. It was inspiring to see 400 and something children run past me as I stood in my crossing guard sash holding a Stop sign at the corner to keep them all safe. The did it for Terry and they keep running and keep raising money for cancer research all these years later.

Then I went to pick up an out of country friend from the laser eye surgeons in the downtown core. It was a cool feeling to be the very first recognizable person someone sees after laser eye surgery. Had both his eyes repaired, was laying in the recovery room and in I walk saying hello and to collect the poor guy who was a little wonky on Ativan.

We spent a wonderful afternoon together kissing & flirting, eating Greek for lunch, being carried to the water at English Bay, walking in the ocean, and going to Cupcakes on Denman for sugar treats The weather held and it was a great way to spend 5 hours before dropping J off back to his hotel room and returning home myself.

Hard to believe he arrived from Seattle yesterday morning and his eyes are already repaired. I've got a parking pass to an underground parkade downtown and a room card to a nice hotel suite with an ocean view at the entrance to Stanley Park. I've also been invited to use my room card to gain access to J's room any time day or night during his 4 night stay. He'd welcome me and make me feel at home, he promised.

Hot man, who is a Top and likes SM and rope bondage, 38 years old and friend to both Jim & Allena which makes my dating or playing with him somewhat easier for me as the trust consideration is already built up because I know of him from people I trust and love. Gives him a unique advantage.

And today I stopped off at this little store and found myself a very pink pair of knee high, lace up the front boots in my size. Size 9. And they fit and I WANT them. Want, I hate want, especially when I'm in it. No boots in the cards for today, instead a new black pvc chain thong to keep my girlie bits covered in public settings where complete nudity is frowned upon.

Tomorrow I work 9:30-7 and Jim is coming up for the night, thankfully as I miss him so much. Especially right now, after a date, I'd like to share in person with him what my date was like and with all this conference planning some time spent on his lap would do me and my nerves a world of good.

oh yes, go and have a peek at what has been driving me wild & keeping me up all night

Conference Organizer

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

episode of Oprah

There is this very handsome man I know named Aidan whose lives in Seattle WA. We've been friends a few years now through community building, activism and sex positive culture. Aidan is going to be on the Oprah show this Friday September 16. Last week I received an email from Aidan about the show, I've cut and pasted most of it here with Aidans permission of course for you to read...

Here is the scoop. My sister Brenda and I went to Chicago in February to film an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show. This episode was focused on the story of identical twins where one pursues a gender transition (for those who don't know, that would be me). This is of interest to many in the scientific community because of how it challenges commonly held beliefs of how gender is determined. In the past, the debate has focused on whether gender is determined by nature or nurture. This is perhaps too simplistic when one takes into consideration the identical genetic makeup of my sister and me combined with our similar upbringing. Makes one question--Just what the heck happened to Brenda? Love her to death but she is normal!

Anyhow, we were told this episode would air by the end of last May and it never did. I would have questioned that I had even gone to Chicago if I wasn't drinking my coffee every morning out of my Oprah mug. Just when I resigned myself to the episode sitting in the midst of cobwebs on the "not so interesting" shelf, I received an email from the producer stating an air date of September 16th, 2005.

And here is what I found on the Oprah web site when I clicked on tune in this week, and then hit Friday:

09/16/05 When Your Identical Twin Has a Sex Change (TV-14)
In 20 years, this is a subject we've never covered. Brenda and Bonnie were born identical twiIdentical..but, Bonnie is now Aiden.

Well, well, Oprah and Aidan meet. How exciting is this! Damn this is one show that I'm going to watch even though I'm not normally a TV viewer.

Now I'm off to finish packing my toys & gear for work this evening. I'm teaching Private Parts: Genital Play for the Adventurous in Bellingham WA tonight and am driving down with both kara and Felicity. Three women in one car and a load of genital play supplies, let's hope we make it to the class. ; )

hugs & blessing