Friday, August 07, 2009

Blow Up Doll

The first photo is my good friends P. penis, wearing googly eyes none the less. His girlfriend sent it along to me after we all were discussing her creativeness in donning his pecker with crafting supplies. The man's penis has girth that is quite impressive, many have met it in person and been in awe.

This second amusing photo was taken Pre Pride, in a Mc Donalds parking lot at Boundary and Lougheed which is where we assembled our vehicle and props with a group of friends. The man in the pink hat, is blowing up Barak. The whole matter had us laughing greatly, it was 9 AM on a Sunday morning too.

I'd write more, but hey, apparently I am having premature labor, as told to me by the doctor in the hospital. Yup, another visit to visit Labor & Delivery this afternoon. It's all the effort I can muster to avoid stress and any work right now.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hodge Podge of Stuff

Cute story that came in email from a girl friend that brought a big smile to my face.

" not sure how Christopher and I started talking about this. I think we were discussing babies or something and I mentioned how your little one has been nicknamed "Pickles" and he says "Why Pickles?" My reply was "well, they have just nicknamed him that until they find a forever name for him." He looks at me and says "they could call him Gold (just while in the belly)." I question and say "Why Gold?" His response was "Well, when he's born - he'll be priceless."

I have been putting off dealing with an issue that is rather distressing to me. I was faced with it a few days ago, but thanks to bed rest on doctors orders and being told to relax and not get riled up putting this item to the back burner has been necessary. Which is good because it has given me time to calm myself down and sort through my thought process on how to address the problem.

A most unique link has shown up in a variety of places in the last 24 hours, so I'll just thank David for leading me to it. It's swimwear/undergarments for the um, well....aroused man. If you are man and are looking for party ware, or someone outfit your male partner for bedroom play, I highly recommend their products for the stunning visuals they provide.

My mother-in-law arrives tomorrow for a few days.

Tomorrow night is Speed Dating at The Lounge. $40 for men, and $10 for women and BYOB, (beer and wine only) Dress to impress, this is for Lounge members only. There are still some spots left for you to reserve, so get on it. 8 pm - 11pm /

We found a camper for our camp out, thank you everyone who wrote me with gracious offers.

I need a local photographer to do some head shots of me in the next week, or two. I am able to come to you, or if it suits you better, we can use Libido Lounge. Drop me an email if your available to assist me with this. Thanks.

This morning for breakfast I ate a large slice of Mango cake, courtesy of Renee. It was delicious. I only did this to make the baby happy though.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Loose Ends

Tonight is Deviant Dining, its a Drop In event, come by and have dinner with us all. Spicy conversations, sexy people and a night out for you.

Doors Open @ 7:00
Dinner Served @ 7:30
Ends @ 9:00
*$10 Member
*$15 Non Member
*Life Time Members $5

Open to All Genders, Couples and Singles

Our popular social dinner event, come meet the other members and enjoy a decadent evening of food and friends.

BRING A DISH that serves Generously 4-6 & we'll take care of the rest of the fine details! Exquisite Company. Sultry dinner conversations.

Further, here are a few more photos from Sundays Pride Parade for you....

The first

Thanks David for sourcing these out for me.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

as promised

Pride Vancouver Photos 2009

Ok, so I am trying to upload some photos and Blogger is not able to handle the request at this time. Grrr, this is frustrating me.

Check back in a couple of hours and there will be a whole bevy of photos here.

And hey, if you took any of our entry our myself, please send them along to me for my collection.