Saturday, June 23, 2007

the day after

My frame of mind is better by the light of day, thankfully. Working so hard and diligently to achieve my dream, putting every ounce of energy effort time and professionalism that I could muster into this project. It is hard to not feel defeated.

I have every ones trust, faith, support, money and backing. I need to forge on, this is what I do as a sex-activist.

I've seen groups fail or go down hill because they act marginalized. It's pathetic to watch said people and groups. What is even worse, is the City of Surrey trying to MAKE me (Libido Events, Libido Lounge or Sex-Positive Culture) marginalized. I won't stand for it, I do have a fight in me.

Your letters of support are popping my inbox to exploding. Please keep them coming. Your strength is mine.

What is this with the whole Guilty till Proven Innocent routine they are dragging me through?

With stress coming out the wazoo, I have deemed it necessary to go out this evening in an effort to let go of the woes for a while. RC and I are off to a swingers club.

Good night.

Friday, June 22, 2007

heavy heart

I am filled with copious amounts of stress and anxiety. Things are becoming large and volatile. As everything is at this moment, I feel as though I can barely move. The weight of all of this has become too much. My strength is being tested and my faith has left me. Its hard to think about how to move ahead next when I am being beaten down at every juncture.

Lucky for me that I have an email box full of Testimonials from people, which all convey just complimentary and kind sentiments about myself.

I hope my moment of weakness is over before I wake up tomorrow and have to face another grueling day of sex-activism in this sex-negative society that we all live in.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Testimonial from you, please

Dear Friends,

It has been over a week since the Open House nights for Libido Lounge, and I know many of you are curious about when it will open and what has been happening behind the scenes.

Well, this is the status right now:

Libido Lounge is in limbo.

The Surrey City Council is withholding my business licence. This is being done on the advice of the Council's legal department, who have doubts about my intention to follow the business plan I submitted. Without the licence, Libido Lounge cannot legally open.

Early next week Surrey City Council is holding a closed-door meeting to decide whether to release my licence to me. At this meeting, I will have to convince the City Council that I actually intend to follow my own business plan which I submitted to them as "Clubs, non residential".

Over the last few months, I have met all the City's requirements and done all the changes directed and passed all the inspections for Libido Lounge, yet I still have to do this presentation to them, to persuade them to grant the licence.

How you can help:

You can help by writing a testimonial letter for me which I can present to City Council, as evidence of my legitimacy and as a sign of support for my work.

Of necessity, this letter must be written under your full legal name (no pseudonym, scene name, or anonymity; these have no weight for this purpose), plus your contact info (phone number, email address, postal address). Anything else you can put down to give weight to your letter, such as your occupation or professional qualifications, will only help.

The letter itself should describe how you know me, when and how you first heard of me, what you know about the work I do, and what that work has meant to you.

The goal to keep in mind is that I have to convince the Surrey City Council that I am a professional sex educator and activist, one who has been doing this for many years, who has taught and coached thousands of people, and that Libido Lounge is a legitimate extension of this work. As such, please be civil and respectful throughout the letter.

Time is very short. As the meeting is on Monday, and I have to have multiple copies of all documentation made, and bound into a booklet, ready by then, I will need any letters in by the end of Saturday, June 23, so that there is time to do the copying and binding.

I have set up a special address to send your letters to, or for any questions you might have on this particular matter:

PLEASE--if you support my work, if you want to see Libido Lounge open, and you're willing to write a testimonial for me for the City, the time is now to write a letter. Remember, it has to be done within the next few days.

Individual letters carry far more weight than multiple similar letters, so I have no form or even model letters for you. However, here is the checklist again of what would be good to put in the letter:

- Full legal name (required)
- Contact information (phone number, email address, postal address) (required)
- Occupation or professional qualifications in full

- How you know me
- When, what year and how you first heard of me / Libido Events
- Have you been to a class of mine, or hired me professionally as a Coach or Speaker
- What you know about the work I do and its educational merit
- What that work has meant to you

...and anything else you think will help.

REMEMBER THE GOAL: to help me convince the Surrey City Council of my legitimacy and my intention to follow my submitted business plan. (Be polite.)

Your show of support may be what is needed to convince the City to finally grant me the business licence Libido Lounge needs to open and that we have all worked so hard to obtain.


Jennifer Skrukwa

"Vancouver's Sex-Positive Resource, Libido Events is a production company which teaches sex education classes, hosts educational, social, and play-based adult events, and promotes other events celebrating alternative sexuality in our culture."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

save my day

Can you write a professional CV for me? Its required complete by Sunday at 8:00AM and in a document on my laptop.

I have all of the necessary information to go within it already compiled, though surely you will have many questions to ask of me to help fill in the gaps of what I did not already include. The CV needs to be professional, formatted and ease to read.

I am aware of the short notice of my request, but "The City" is making it a requirement for licensing of Libido Lounge, suddenly.

You can imagine my gratitude and that of so many others, if you are able to take this project on.

Thank you.

Send me your name and a quick email introducing yourself to