Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shagging in Seattle

Seattle, this is where I am right now. We got in at three o'clock this morning, right after leaving from Sultry. The night was long but so worth it.

Slept this morning till ten thirty and then I was up for another full and exhausting day.

I am interested in sharing more of my day with you, however some things are preventing this

  1. it's time for cheese and crackers
  2. it's time for some Junior Mints
  3. when food is gone, I am in need of a good shagging
  4. then I must, simply must, go to bed
So you'll just have to wait to learn more about the life of this activist.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Nun and Jennifer

We walked into the Apple store empty handed last night and walked back out 15 minutes later with a new purchase. A brand spanking new, shiny aluminum MacBook is now mine. Cash will get you everywhere.

Shopped at a few stores downtown after the Apple store before settling on a new cream top, sleeve-less and made of a delicate lace. And a new dress, in a beautiful purple, and what makes it even more enticing, is that it's a size six. Go me.

Today at Costco, there was a Nun. She had a shopping cart, and I wanted it. I walked towards her, saying hello and motioning towards the cart. She smiled and gave it to me. As she did, she reached out and touched my shoulder. She said, "God bless you", as her hand was on me. I shivered in delighted, to be blessed by a Nun. I said, " thank you, and bless you" to her too.

As we wheeled the cart into the store I looked over my shoulder. The Nun was still in one piece getting into a vehicle. She had not turned into a fire ball, or shriveled up from touching me. Further proof that I am not a true deviant.

Now I am off to Sultry, Libido Lounges bath house party. Oh my is it ever set to be an exciting night.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Birthday & Big Changes

I am naked and plan on remaining this way until much later on, around dinner time.

I am packing for Sultry (our couples-only bathhouse party) tomorrow, which only has six couples tickets left. Damn the tickets went fast this time round.

I am also packing for a weekend away in Seattle as we're leaving right after Sultry for the drive down.

Some time this afternoon the old Libido Events website will die, and be gone forever. Hooray, progress has been made.

Tonight I pick up my new MacBook, I am thrilled and this should facilitate my work efforts being easier to navigate and less stressed.

Should time permit, a visit to Holt Renfrew will also happen later this evening.

Eleven people wrote me over night, in response to my blog post looking for a posh place to go and get a new do and color. The majority of people suggested two businesses, Pink Lime and Suki's.

After perusing the two different websites and a phone call to each, I have chosen Pink Lime as the place that will get my business and trust. (thanks Allison) I have book myself into their care for a 2.5 hour session early next week. I'm not scared of change, though have some trepidation surrounding a radical new look for myself.

The blouse issue is still daunting - I DO NOT want to look like an uptight business woman, nor do I want to be caught in something that many others own. I WANT to look sexy, hot, professional and yet edgy, approachable and progressive. I am not a big fan of lots of fabric, so simple would be nice and a very open neck line, would be an added bonus.

My birthday, the actual day is October 28, a Tuesday this year. Another year almost completed, and a new year soon to spring forth. Celebrating at Sultry will be fun tomorrow and I have a number of lunch and dinner dates booked with friends that will also be nice to enjoy.

Must-go-and-pack-now. Life is kinda crazy around here these days.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blouses, Hair Style & Mac Book Pro

There is a bloody spinning wheel of doom on my computer and I can not handle it any more. It slows me down and makes me less productive than I need to be. My Mac iBook G4 has served me well for close to five years now and is imminently on-its-way-out. It's retirement time now.

Tomorrow or Friday I am marching myself off to the Mac store, and purchasing a new Mac Book Pro. Cash in hand, I plan on walking out the door with one of those slick new machines.

This computer will be gutted out and given to the teenager so she has her own laptop.

Today has been a day of running around. I did some personal shopping, took my daughter to an orthodontics appointment, went out for lunch, paid bills, hit the PO box, managed a manicure along with a pedicure and finally had a stop at Costco to spend more than I should have.

At an adult store out in the valley today the owner gave me a new sex toy to try out and a nice payment of money for some upcoming work I will be doing with them. I'm more than pleased for the opportunity and thrilled to be sought after. My calendar is filled beyond imaginable these days, work is in abundance at it is all very lucrative.

I made it home in time to throw RC on the bed and roll around with him wrestling and making out before the teenager came in announcing we were loud and nutty.

The internet crashed while I was working and I had a mini melt down before my knight was able to restore the issue after his calm phone call to our ISP.

My next crisis is not as easy to problem solve. I have three, count them 3, TV interviews over the next couple of weeks. This is the good part. The not so great part, is that I do not own any blouses that I can wear on the news. Not a one. Nothing. And to add further grief, I am in dire need of a new hair style and professional color job. Something radical, something that shines with pizzaz, and yet I have no clue what to do.

The blouse shopping will happen at Holt Renfrew very early next week. I'm somewhat hesitant about shopping there as the store has a feel that makes me uncomfortable fairly quick, though RC has assured me that Holt *is* the answer to the blouse issue. I trust him and so, I shall follow him there. I don't like stores that are hoity-toity, they make my stomach flip. It should be a real experience to see how I do shopping for this necessary wardrobe staple, most likely I'll end up with two different ones so I won't be needing to repeat this shopping trip any time soon.

Now the hair appointment, is where I am hoping you can help. Do you know of a salon that does amazing work with long hair and coloring and resembles trendy, yet unique? The cost matters somewhat, but not all that much at this point, the hairdresser just must be incredible and available within the next 6 days. Burnaby would be awesome, though I'd travel to Vancouver or the North shore for the right place. Can you help a girl out and point me in some solid directions, because I'm rather clueless on this one.

While I'm at it, hell you could even send me suggestions on where to blouse shop too if you know of any really great places that are not small boutiques. I want a large collection to look through and a place that has lots of styles and colors in it, not just this seasons must-haves.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taking notice

Clients today in Private Coaching, one a repeat and another a fresh face. It's true and worth saying that I believe I learn just as much from my clients as they take from their time with me. My appointments were on time and each brought a smile to my face as I easily handed over what they were seeking in an easy to understand fashion.

I've been going through some huge personal growth the last while and the effort involved has been taxing emotionally. The rewards to it all are what I am most longing for, so I continue to forge on, believing the pay off will be huge in the long run.

Some people can carry a grudge for life and others to their death beds before they let issues go. I don't have it in me to be angry or resentful for very long, I am the sort of character who releases that negative energy into the universe with the mind set that it does not belong with me. Let others rage, I'm better suited to love, empower and educate.

Just to brag, just a little - we have *yet another* Life Time Member for sure, check is in my hand already. There is also a couple who has stated they are mailing in a check for the same. My oh my, The Lounge is growing in so many ways right now, by membership and financial rewards.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

Sunday was such a long day for me, so when I received this email (from the second of three events the same day) I knew no one had noticed my fatigue all that much.

People warm my heart and those who know me well, know of my dedication to the pursuit of sex culture. Being validated is wonderful

Hi Jennifer,

I wanted to let you know how truly impressed I was by the orientation you conducted on Sunday regarding LL.....Your endeavours are pioneering.....You are one smart cookie that's for sure! oh and articulate and firm and clear....full of conviction and doesnt get any better than are a great speaker....!

Thanks for hosting the event...I look forward to participating in many of sessions that LL offers and meeting other like minded individuals.

Keep warm!
Judith B

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This morning at the ungodly hour of nine, I walked through the front doors of the Lounge. We ran three events today and I never left the space. Finally after Hatha Nude Yoga, Member Orientation and then Exploratorium I was able to leave. It was seven forty and pitch black out when the doors were locked for the day and I jumped into the Jeep and headed for home.

We gained more Life Time Members today, three to be precise. My efforts rewarded, again. And The Lounge given yet another boost. Oh yeah!

Time is short for me all this week. I am swamped with coaching appointments, a public class, family responsibilities and an event too. The paper trail around me requires my attention too, so I may not be available all that readily this week.

Here are a couple of reminders ....

*Mon. Oct 20 Butt Sex & Anal Pleasures - public class

*Tues. Oct 21 Jack & Jill - members & their guests

*Fri. Oct 24 Sultry couples bathhouse event - open to all