Saturday, February 03, 2007

outlines & being sought after

Today has been full and busy for me. I was up bright and early despite my serious need of some healing sleep, my body is exhausted and my head hurts lately.

Wrapped in a blanket I sat at the kitchen table working for 4 hours all the while digging myself out of the back log of emails and work that pile up around me swiftly.

A Coaching Session by phone this afternoon and by the time this appointment was over I was feeling drained.

Masturbated myself. Pillows propping me up. Towel underneath me to catch my wetness & ejaculation. Bunny fur mitt rubbed all over my body. Warm lubricant dripped between my labia lips. A multi speed and directional bunny vibrator inside my vagina while an external toy worked my clitoris. All that was on my mind was my guy doing to me things that I wanted, yet never even knew to ask for. His creativity in playing me has me swooning like a teen-ager.

This email came today
Good Afternoon Jennifer,

My name is Matt and I am the Manager @ XXXX in Victoria. I have heard many, many great things about you and I would be very interested in bringing you over to do some of your fabulous workshops here @ our store in Victoria! If that is a possibility, I would love some more information from you about your rates and availability etc. You can contact me @ XXX XXX XXXX Monday to Friday @ XXXX or by email @ anytime. I look very forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much.

Have a beautiful day, Matt

How flattering to have a store come to me because of my reputation, as opposed to me trying to pimp myself out for work. I'm fortunate to have such wonderful working relationships with all of the stores that I do business that new stores just write me looking for my Erotic Arts Curriculum.

I've already sent this new store three classes and two different dates. This means watch for me in Victoria teaching in the next few months and then make sure you get your tickets early because my "on the road" classes have a tendency to sell-out. Go me!

Late this afternoon I picked up my daughter from drama rehearsal and stopped to pick up another package of AAA batteries from the store for my vibrator. I ran it dead earlier. :)

This evening AFTER baking fudge brownies with my daughter, making tacos for dinner, doing a mountain of dishes and having a bath I found a few free minutes to make a dent on each of the outlines for my 4 new classes that I'm desperate to complete writing.

Extended Teasing & The Art Of Foreplay
Strap-It-On and Slide-It-In
Coming Out Of the Closet
A Conversation about Sex

The classes are already up on the calendar and I cleaned the January dates events off of the front page and moved them to the herstory page. If there is some topic you'd like covered under the above subjects please let me know as I'm wanting to ensure these classes are from the get go filled with your ideas and answers to your questions as well as splashed with my own experiences.

RC and I are planning to investigate a local Tantra series together. I have some places I 'm going to look at for us, however does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

Friday, February 02, 2007

pacifiers to womanhood, literally

Early in 2006 I ended the D/s part of my relationship with Sir, the man whom I had served and submitted to for so many years.

Part way through the same year I ended the age-play part of our relationship, thus losing the single biggest connection we shared along with my greatest source of comfort.

It was a process of letting go for me. By years end I was ready for an even larger change.

I brought in 2007 with out being owned, without a daddy and finally after 34 years of life feeling like I am a strong woman.

Not new news to me, but perhaps to you.

Of course Allena & I still maintain our family plan of her retirement here in Vancouver with me.

g-spot ejaculation protection

Last week I made my monthly drive up to Squamish to teach for Trinity Romance Shop - the people up there rock and I always have a kick ass time with them.

Because I was teaching my G-Spot & Female Ejaculation class I had taken up with me a volunteer to do the demo on. Deej was kind enough to give up her evening and off we went.

Class was set up and there was still 10 minutes before I needed to start. I was sitting with Deej on the massage table in front of the class talking to other participants about random topics, waiting for my start time.

Hearing the front door, I turned to greet the latest arrivals. Two women, who were very oddly dressed.

These two women came in wearing gum boots, rain coats, garbage bags, hats and holding large open umbrellas. They appeared ready for a flood.

They marched towards the front row and sat down in chairs all the while smiling wildly from ear to ear.

I started laughing right away, it took others in the room a few seconds to catch on.

They were wearing "rain gear" to protect themselves (ha ha) from the ejaculation part of the class. Very funny, I'm still laughing over it.

A photo was taken of us all posing together and the women sent it to me just this morning saying that I could post it to my blog!

So here you go.

Deej called the women dressing up for the class "audience participation" and she's right, it was just that.

My life is blessed to have nights at work that look like this.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crossing the movie

Tonight, myself & RC have been Invited by

Equinoxe Films, Warner Music, Telefilm Canada and Relevision

To the gala premiere of Roger Evan Larry & Sandra Tomc feature film debut:


We'll be joining the filmmakers, recording artists, and actors on the red carpet to celebrate the Canadian theatrical release of the award-winning film now sold in over 21 countries.

The evening finishes with a sponsored reception at the exclusive Figmint Restaurant & Lounge.

I've already seen the movie a couple of times and am still pleased to be seeing it on the big screen sharing it with RC, apparently there is acknowledgement of Libido Events and myself in credits.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

sex educator in Vancouver

I awoke this morning to pornography awaiting me. Good porn sent to me, for my viewing pleasure. To be reminded of whom and what I want. Damn you are sexy - thank you for the candid photos RC.

Reive and I got together again tonight before class. It's safe to say we are negotiating something big right now. He is as excited as I am about our union. I have a feeling we'll soon be making one another feel really good. I'm pleased to be able to do something to make Reive happy, his last business partners had so much let him down that he deserves success at this point.

Class tonight was magnificent. It was the over flow night from last weeks sold out Cock Sucking class, and it was another full house. Hot damn, it was really that great. So much to teach, eagerness on all my students faces. I love it when I get inspired in teaching, tonight was an inspired night, the class just rolled along.

I'm proud of how class went and that's weird because I always have such a case of nerves at the onset of each class. Teaching sex, empowerment, communication and intimacy is my life. I love my life and the people surrounding me.

I may have little time, but my heart is in all that I do. I am a sex educator and a sex-activist. I do have the best job in the world. I get to teach people about "joy".

I've had some dating / relationship rules that I've maintained for many many years and am proud at my ability to uphold these at times challenging boundaries. I have met some one for whom I am breaking many of my rules. The feelings are overwhelmingly positive that are rolling around in me. Smitten is the word. WOW. The rules existed before for a reason and that served me well. Today I am open to possibilities that years back I never would have considered.

Must head to bed soon, I have a meeting at The Love Nest on the North Shore at 9 in the morning and then a private coaching session. Sleep, must sleep.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

in the post box

I have a PO Box for my professional correspondence and have had it for years now.

I'm often amused at what the clerk must thinks as they stuff my box with the assortment of mail that arrives to me. By shape and size alone often my mail looks questionable, then add to that the business name of the source of origin and yeah, they smile when they see me coming in to unload the booty from it.

This week David sent me some pretty girl stockings and soon I'll post some photos for him just to put a smile on his face. Yeah that's it.

Two new sets of nipple jewelry from a Langley artisan who crafts non piercing nipple adornments and wants to try out his products. He made these two sets based on my personal nipple preferences and considerations.

A couple of checks. For upcoming work, deposits and payments in full.

A card of thanks for Private Coaching work I did with a South Vancouver couple a few weeks back. Seems they found the answers they were seeking during our time together and have now discovered a whole new groove.

2007 Catalogue of toys & costume wear for a new Canadian distributor. (they kindly sent along a Credit Note for me so I can shop for new supplies / toys for my classes, on their dime. Yippee!)

A new camouflage blindfold, with black sequins running around the sides of it. No return name or sender on the package. Hhmm? Thank you, whomever you are.

Monday, January 29, 2007

G-Spot class tonight

January 29 Monday
7:00 - 9:00pm
Finding & Stimulating the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation
(open to men & women)
presented by Jennifer

Venue: Trinity Romance Shop
Squamish, BC

More Information

Finding and Stimulating the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation

Are you a squirter or gusher, or aspiring to be? This is the class for you alone or with your partner.

When the G Spot is stroked, there is often a sensation or urge to urinate. By learning techniques to move beyond this urge many women can experience heightened arousal and for others ejaculation becomes possible.

After a complete explanation of the female genital complex & female sexual response, we will discuss as a group positions for optimum pleasure seeking with a partner as well as ways in which we as woman can stimulate our own G-Spot.

Then Jennifer and one of her lovely models will demonstrate some techniques for G spot stimulation, orgasm, ejaculation and further exploration.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


I'm a very happy woman right now. It's most likely I'll remain this happy all day.

I was made to feel really good. So good in fact, that it too will likely last all day.

There is a huge smile on my face. My emotions are raw, I am vulnerable.

My knees are wobbly and the music playing on the stereo is flowing through my body like liquid silk.

Everything around me looks sweet, I feel light and pretty.

My skin feels like that of a lovers, delicious I touch myself.

Dampness where I love and can still feel the pulse deep inside of a lust shared.

Trying unsuccessfully to catch my breath, I realize it's easier to acknowledge the obvious.

I want you, to return to me.