Saturday, November 11, 2006

crotchless body stocking & heels

Before I start typing about my kinky world, I wanted to make mention of Remembrance Day and all the soldiers in our Country and in the United States both past, present and to those of the future. I love you and respect your courage and strength, what you stand for in freedom is the cornerstone to my life. Thank you for being our soldiers.

(To my readers from the Burnaby George Derby Centre, welcome and hello!)


It's Sin City tonight and I plan on attending. I spent the last hour soaking in a lavender filled tub relaxing my muscles, plotting tonight's shenanigans and generally primping myself for a night on the town as a high femme woman on the prowl. Yes you heard right, I'm on the prowl and looking for some hot dish to consume.

In my drawer I found a black lace, printed body stocking to wear then added a pair of high HIGH heels to complete the look.

Sin City has a rule about keeping one's genitals covered, I'll have to wear a tiny thong under my body stocking to keep my girly bits out of sight since it's a crotchless number it leaves my labia and clit visible and accessible.

I'm torn between thigh high boots, black in a 6 inch heel with NO platform so they are very hard on my feet on the concrete floors of Sin or wearing open toed strappy pvc 6 inch heels with a platform for comfort. It's hard to concentrate on beating someone when my feet are killing me, perhaps, the shoes then??!!!?

There's still a toy bag left to be filled with implements to torment
nipple clamps
ball gag
leather strap
thumb cuffs
canes x 2
cattle prod

but otherwise I'm ready for the party to start and good times to follow. I plan on having a great time, make the most of your Saturday night too!

Friday, November 10, 2006

United Church of Canada ad

The United Church of Canada hopes an ad featuring a can of whipped cream and the question, "How much fun can sex be before it's a sin?" will fill its pews as Christmas nears. Read the rest of the article here.

Here's the photo...

What do you think, will YOU be filling the pews because of this piece of advertising or are you still not interested in church and religion?

I practice my own faith and don't require a church to believe or to know peace, though attending church sporadically over the years has always left me with what I was seeking.

Whipped cream makes me think of being naughty with girls and breasts and not about God, prayer and church.

I've come up with a new prayer to be recited naked on my knees

"Dear God, please deliver to me many naked woman with bouncing breasts and I promise to lick them clean of any whipped cream."

Thursday, November 09, 2006

nipple jewelry

This evening it took a pair of pliers and a second set of hands to help me change my nipple jewelry.

I've had the jewelry months now and finally tonight thought to sit down and take on the task of changing things for a new look.

It's done now. Gone are the barbells of the last few months and now I have small silver shields covering the tips of my pleasure buttons.

No more bitten nipples in sex, no more pinched nipples to tease me with for awhile and no nipple clamps. I can't decide if I should feel relieved or disappointed at this.

My nipples are securely & safely encased in their new covering and will remain there until I find the next pieces to adorn them with.

Pretty hey?

If you really knew me

If you really knew me you'd know...

I suffer from anxiety.
I long to have another child.
Loud voices frighten me.
I lost a hero recently to death.
I breast fed my daughter till well into her third year of life.
I thrive with routine, direction and support.
Traveling for work is difficult as a single parent yet necessary.
I'm polyamorous and still I am lonely at times for companionship.
I have the capacity to love many people & the ability to share this love.
I masturbate multiple times daily for pleasure and stress relief.
As a child I had head gear, retainers and braces and was teased, a lot.
Queer is how I identify myself.
I watch the news daily and am scared of the direction of our world.
I'm a visionary who has big things up her sleeve. more soon

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

pain & relief

As I lay curled in the fetal position in excruciating pain, he looked down at me and smiled tenderly. He asked me a few short questions and walked out of my room quietly & swiftly. The clock said 4:30 a.m.

A nurse dressed in blah green scrubs void of curves and not some sexy shiny short skirt outfit with cleavage spilling out walked towards me holding a syringe.

The Doctor has ordered a shot of Demerol and Gravol, roll over and expose your right hip please. I obeyed of course and promptly.

That needle slid beneath my skin and in less than 10 minutes there was relief finally. However that single shot left me out of it for 10 hours. No wonder they don't keep that stuff on the shelves.

Medicine and hospitals I like neither, yet need both from time to time.

Grateful to be a Canadian with health care and coverage available to me at any time. And really grateful that I was at home when this happened and not traveling out of country.

Monday, November 06, 2006

finding Jennifer

a quick look reveals what people were entering into a search engine, when they ran across my blog.

Let's check now for accuracy...

pvc and heels oh yes, I own a lot of these
triad poly yes I'm part of a poly triad
kama sutra it's an area I'm hoping to learn more about over time
sadism and dominance the core of my sexuality
acrobatics sexy pit no clue?

vancouver bc swingers club eden teach AND host women's only sex parties here
razor shave bald women I've done this a couple of times now
dominant whip seattle cane that's me
luschious box between my legs
collapsible whiteboard stand would like to own one
tongue washing cock sucking nipples sounds like a good time
upper thighs mine are hot

cock stroking techniques teach these in my Cock Sucking classes
sexstore mn shopped in sex stores when last in MN & will again in April
bondage pallet wrapper adore mummification
alone initiate 07 no clue?
bodybag bondage I own two
homestyle two bites brownies yummy, a favorite

teri spread labia yes Teri and I do this together
libidoevents duh
dissolving stitches with tape my left breast, post lump removal
dildoes recommended by women Ask the Women of The Love Nest
bondage tied up sleepover I haven't done this since Barry did it to me
ball bashing my foot has firmly slammed some sensitive scrotum, yippee

deadly couture vancouver Jenni's clothes rock
pne plushies only my daughter won one this year
overextended labia all labia are uniquely shaped & present in varying lengths

vancouver sex clubs I can be found teaching & playing here
testicles broken by feet poor guy
caddle prod definition Sex Toy
kinky coupon book make your own
the realm of fantasy play party calgary I teach for them, cool group

Sunday, November 05, 2006

smiles in Disneyland

Photo's were taken of me by my daughter while we were in Disneyland. (I've never posted a picture of my daughter and I never will, nor will I use her name here)

Autopia car ride, Paddle Wheeler boat trip over to Tom Sawyer island and of course a stop over at Pooh's place. Collected an album full of memories but most contain my daughter & I, or her alone.

We rode every ride and our favorites multiple times over. Used the Fast Pass Program and an early morning admission along with 5 days to spend touring and yup, we did it, both California Adventure & Disneyland. Both Parks.

We bought every thing that made us smile, both of us, what incredible fun to splurge like this. We arrived at 7:00am and left at 11:30pm happy, exhausted, wide eyed & together. Love.

Talking about where we'd like to holiday next, my child has informed me of her interest in Hawaii! It's where I suspect we'll next visit together.