Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sex Speaker at work

My classes yesterday went great, both of them. Cock Sucking and G-Spotting, thankfully with no glitches other than the head set disappearing between my first and second class, which were sadly five and a half hours apart.

With such a time spread, we had much time on our hands. We schmoozed and we shopped, both good. I was offered a new gig, another job in Edmonton next weekend, and I bought two really awesome male sex toys. Had the chance to meet some really cool people in the sex industry whom I'd only ever talked with in email or seen on - line, talking with them in person was super and networking was the bomb!

Trade show food sucks. My feet hurt. And the building we are in is The Stampede and it is freezing cold. Add to this that Amway is having a weekend gig right now, so the cross selection of people in the same building is oddly diverse.

RC held me up on the way home last night, as I was just emotionally exhausted. We went straight to sleep and now we are on our way out the door and back to the madness with only 11.5 hours away from it all.

Today I have a few of appointments to discuss sponsorship, touring and teaching, and work for trade agreements. I am pleased about this.

Hopefully the missing head set will have been located by the time we return.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nipple Clamps are a Weapon

Safely in Calgary. Though not without some bumps in the journey.

Getting to the air port was no problem. Thanks so much Dawn, your awesome!

Check in was a bit of a hassle. RC and I both checked one huge suitcase each into the checked luggage area. Easy.

Then we went to clear security. RC made it through, I did not.

I was taken to a small, small room, with no windows, by three security guards. Two walked me over, another carried in her arms, one of my two carry on bags. RC was outside of the room, they denied him entry. The X ray machine detected something amuck and they needed to "follow up".

I clearly stated my sex toys were in the bag they were about to open. Butt plugs, dildo's, strap ons, soy candle, plastic knife from a take out snack shack, nipple clamps, a small leather paddle marked SLUT, fur mitt, external vibrators, a set of cheap hand cuffs, Hitatchi Magic Wand, Smart Balls, a FeelDoe, a male masturbator sleeve, and about a dozen other necessities.

There was no way that I wanted to check my toys with the air line and have them lose them, I could teach all weekend if they lost my clothing, but it would be difficult to teach without my toys, so I took them as carry on.

Security pulled a number of items from my bag:

the plastic knife, white kind, you get from McDonalds or any take-out place
the nipple clamps
the soy candle
the leather SLUT paddle
the hand cuffs

Then they told me that all of "these" items were on the prohibited list. Yes folks, nipple clamps are prohibited, as is everything else they yanked from my bag.

I said, "so now what happens then? They said, we've called the RCMP.

Imagine me, trying to keep my composure. I did, but not without some good deep breathing and peaceful thoughts as I was in that little god forsaken room. (did I mention I am Ukrainian and Polish? YIKES)

The Mounties finally arrived and listened to Securities concerns, then asked me what I did for a living. I told them my short bio, my destination and then they looked over the offensive and supposedly illegal weapons that had been put to the side in a gray bin.

Of course, the bomb testing kit had already been pulled out and everything I owned was wiped to check for traces of bomb crap on my toys. No such luck, only lube on anything.

The two women RCMP then had a peek at everything and said not to worry they would get me on my plane in time. The plane was notified and everything and everyone went into administrative mode - paperwork was filled in, an incident report form was filed, my remaining checked luggage was looked into and people seemed to calm down. Hell, the RCMP even chuckled with me that nipples clamps are seen as a weapon as they could immobilize someone apparently.

Finally when all was said and done, I was sent back out to check in, where I was graciously asked and permitted to check my toy bag. The woman who tagged it was laughing, everyone seemed to know and found it absurd, but what the hell.

Then I ran like a mad woman back through the XRay machine and the security check point where I found RC still standing where we'd been disconnected: he was fuming mad, and I needed to calm him down.

Off we ran to the plane and we were the last ones loaded one, and then they closed the doors and we took flight.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Girl Love Memories

I need to zip out to get a manicure shortly, and also to do a deposit at the bank in the corporate account. It would be nice to find some sushi too, as most likely I won't be finding any decent Japanese while in Calgary this weekend. Must stop at the Post office as well, goodness there is much to finish off before I fly away. Happily I am certain that I can complete everything in time. Hell I should pack my bags as well, RC packed two days ago and I have yet to start.

Yesterday evening, the man who hosts our websites server was by for five hours, oh man did he ever have a job set out for him by my account demands. We were all so elated to see the work complete finally. I now owe him a beautiful bottle of scotch and something else rather special for all his humongous efforts.

I finally received her exact work and home address from a trusted source. The woman, whose an old friend, lover, who I have plans on visiting in Mission shortly. She is going to be floored to see me, but I have some things to say to her. SURPRISE!!! She knows I'm coming for her, sort - of, well she reads my blog & follows me on Twitter, so I am confident she's a smart enough girl to figure it out. Nothing quite like clearing the air.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three Some Sex

Getting e-mails from past class attendees that are so glowing, makes me tingle with delight. Hearing that I am helping others along their sexual journey is pivotal to my continued success as a sex educator. Praise is always nice.

Dear Jennifer,
I have been sitting on this for nigh on a week now and am finally getting down to writing to you. I wanted to share with you how utterly transforming your "Threesome and Moresome" Workshop was for me.

It was like a sun burst forth in my consciousness and split the granite wall asunder. I did not really realize this at the time...I was having great difficulty just sitting there and listening. However, with the help of my dear friend Alec, he practically chained me to the sofa to make me sit still and hear you. He also knew how very much I needed to listen.
What, you may well ask, struck me so deeply? Simply this. It was getting clear about Negotiating between parties AND speaking my truth...without which, I would never have realized such great wins for myself later on that evening, the next day and following day after that. I will not bore you with details. Suffice to say I have been shy ALL my life about coming forth with what is going on for me in the moment...particularly when it involves MORE than one person other than myself.

Jennifer, you are incredible gift to this Community and please do not ever think otherwise.
May you be abundantly blessed,

Warmest Regards,


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Choosing a Slave

I have a serious decision before me. Do I welcome a new relationship into my life? note: not a new person, rather a new relationship dynamic

A service bottom.

Someone has come forward looking to serve me, to be my bottom and my slave. This person and I have years of rich history. We are a good match in play and interests. I have no doubt that this individual would perform well where needed and when told.

It's been a while since I have entertained the possibility of forming such a relationship again. I have now been down this road a few times and each time the path has been filled with joy and obstacles.

Not one to take such a commitment lightly, I am giving this extended thought.

Certainly I have what it takes to use a slave. And without doubt I would benefit greatly from having this person do things for me and in my name.

To train someone to my preferences all the while honoring their individuality is a gift, and one that I believe I possess.

To put someone through the paces of service is time involved, I am fairly certain I could make the time.

Being an outstanding Top, has the reward of walking with an outstanding bottom.

This journey takes two and fortunately for me, I think I may have my found my match. And I am sure that I can add dimensions to this persons life that will make them thrive and have huge emotional gains.

I am not one to want to own anothers life, yet I would be an excellent guide. My past in serving others and in being served has given me more in-depth experience than you can likely imagine.

This person is a strong candidate for the next leg of my life's journey.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

More Crazy

It's evening and soon, sleep will fall upon me. Thankfully too.

The last twenty four hours or so have been crazy busy. We hosted our Naughty Party last night at The Lounge, and we really saw a lot of action. Hot scenes, super wild sex machine play, and lots of new members out. I was sure pleased to have the chance to assist a few lovely people with bringing their fantasies to reality. We even played Anal Ring Toss - go T & M - you two sure made our guests laugh!

This morning was Hatha Nude Yoga and then continental breakfast - Becki is such a wonderful instructor and super hot. Then this afternoon was Exploratorium and we all had great fun introducing attendees to new ideas and styles of play. Our volunteers are the best, we could not do what we do with out them all. and boy oh boy, do we ever have a most diverse group of friends in this genre.

We picked up take out and headed home to eat dinner, we were and are exhausted.

RC is my love, he adores me and I adore him. We are a perfect fit and for him I am so grateful. It's his love that makes me weak in the knees and also that gives me strength. With him, life is so good!