Saturday, April 02, 2011

Danier Leather

I had to laugh.

It's funny for a commercial. If it were real life, this would certainly be mean spirited. But as a commercial and a commercial focused on leather, I found it to be intoxicating and amusing all at once.

Check this out, and yes, it is completely work safe too.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Army & Navy Show Sale 2011

No April Fools day joke here. I don't laugh about issues this serious.

Mark your calendars now, book time off of work and start saving your money.

Arrive early, really early. Bring your own bags to pack your purchases in. Wear flat shoes and comfy clothing.

It's the Army and Navy Annual Shoe Sale.
The prices are ridiculously cheap for designer names on all women 's footwear.

It starts Wednesday April 27th.

If you want to come shopping with me, drop me an email, it would be fun to go with a posse of women.

As my Jason knows, I suck dick for shoes. So the next three weeks leading up to the sale are going to be filled with lots of blow jobs.

I'll be there, with lots of money in hand (thanks Jason) and a serious desire to buy shoes.

And for the record, if you want new shoes, you can't blow Jason for the dough. Instead, you are responsible for blowing your own man as my guy will be kinda chafed, and broke.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Virgin Vancouver

SATURDAY APRIL 2, 8:00 - 12 AM
Cost $30 / guests $35 (non members must pre pay)
Open to men, women, couples and singles

Please note that you must also have your $25 cash renewal cost on you if your member number is PRE 825. And your renewal is good for 12 months.

Virgin: adjective without experience of; not previously exposed to:

You may be shy and uncertain.
You may feel hesitant and apprehensive.
You might have never been to a play party before
You may have never even been to the Lounge before.
Perhaps your first time didn't do it for you and you want a “do over”.
You are not sure what to do once you arrive.
You don’t know what on earth to wear.
You want an environment that doesn’t feel rushed or seem to have a theme or ulterior motive.

This may be your first time stepping out to an event or perhaps you've been to a few events in the past, yet still feel new. Come to Virgin, Libido Lounge’s newest event for the newest among us. A place to dip a toe into the waters of sex culture, to have thoughtful conversations and learn about the infinite possibilities of sensuality and kink in your life.

We have invited some of our more experienced members to attend and mingle. They will be dressed as they would for any play party. Talk to them about what to wear, or where they purchased what they have on. They are great people to talk to about different events you may be interested in, or if you dare, tell them what about fantasy. Ask the experienced members your burning questions and follow their lead.

You can wear anything that makes you feel sexy, it can be outrageous or your simplest lingerie. No blue jeans, no business attire please. We want you to feel like you’re out for an evening, not as though you’ve just come from work.

There will be plenty of spaces set up for cozy conversations, intimate areas for making out if you feel bold and a tucked out of the way place for full on whatever you wish. Go for it, dare to frolic and make your wildest dreams come true.

You will find snacks and appetizers on the dining room table. There will be on site (at an additional cost) massage for those who need some help unwinding or just wish to be touched so purposefully.

We ask everyone to arrive before 9:30 PM so that you have plenty of time to mingle and talk with everyone, before the more adventurous take off to play.

Non members must pre pay for their tickets

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Community Activism

For a number of years now Libido Events and Libido Lounge has been a paid and proud participant in the Vancouver Pride Parade each August. In fact, I even landed topless in the paper marching in 2008

Volunteer Now with Pride!

It’s not too early to register and become a volunteer for Pride this summer.

Are you looking to meet new people?
Would you like to have a great time and be a part of the biggest LGBTTQ event in Vancouver?

Pride's Volunteer program offers opportunities for everyone. We’ll give you a t-shirt, food and drinks, and even throw an appreciation party just for you!

Sign up online.

~~ The Vancouver Pride Society Team

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pornography vs Art

Uncle_M produces a lot of fetishy images that land young damsels who are dressed pin-up style in rope bondage that then get's photographed.

Uncle_M does not like it when I say he is a pornographer. He says he is a pleasure artist, not a pornographer.

Uncle_M believes that since his models are clothed, that his work is then not pornographic.

Uncle _M was on BC Ferries yesterday and he sent me this message

"I'm on the ferry coming back from Victoria and hooked into the wifi on the boat. Did you know that is blocked as being a porn site while pinup bondage is not? Even the government classifies my stuff as art."

I can just imagine his extreme glee at discovering his website as being viewed as artistic, rather than pornographic. He's never going to let me forget this either.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Women Of Color Wanted

Women of Colour Wanted for Goddess Photography Project

Your beauty does not belong to you. It is a gift that should be shared and shared generously to enrich your fellow human beings, in whatever forms your splendor manifests itself. - Ricardo Scipio, 2010

I am a world-class photographer working on my third book of tasteful fine art nudes.

Goddesses are wanted for this project. Can be any age, race and body type.

Must be willing to be tastefully photographed nude.

Please reply with a recent photograph of your face.

Examples of the work and newspaper reviews will be provided.

Serious inquiries only, please.

Ricardo Scipio ~ photographer

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tackled by Women

An American woman (who is also a Lounge member) came to Taboo and took a couple of my classes this past weekend. She wrote about being in class and posted her experiences on her own blog.

Check out what the Lesbo has to say about my Masterful Cock Sucking and Wild Sex classes ....

That same Lesbo and another sexy Lounge member M, saw me lay on the stage after class complaining about cramps and exhaustion. The two jumped me, climbed on my person and furiously started to massage my body in an attempt to make me feel better. Though my body still felt like shit, my mood greatly improved after their womanly ministrations - who wouldn't feel awesome being roughed up by hot chicka's?