Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm in Seattle.

We arrived hours ago and already have settled in our luggage and gotten much accomplished out of the house.

Coming down south for me, is like coming home. Then again, Bellas is my other home.

I love Seattle and my community here just as much as I love Vancouver and my home peeps.

We'll be back in a few days though.

Now, we are off to a Mexican dinner.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Taboo Abbotsford

Does the naked happy dance!

Taboo just hired me for a whopping NINE classes at the Abbotsford show in March.

I already knew they wanted me, but the contract is now done and complete!

I am very pleased with this. And feeling on-top-of-the-world.

Given that I get a few hundred FREE tickets every year, I thought it would be nice to share them with you my readers, not just to those who attend classes and parties with me.

So, if you live out in the Valley, and plan on going to The Tradex on March 28, 29 or 30th to see The Taboo Show, then send me a self addressed stamped envelope, and I'll send you back a couple of tickets at no charge.

PO Box 28578
4050 Hastings Street
Burnaby BC
Canada V5C 6J4

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get back to me....

I slept like the dead last night, a long overdue catch up on needed rest. My body is still weary from the flu and I am lacking my usual energy levels. Definitely not back to 100% yet.

This afternoon I had plans to start the horrid process of updating the Libido Events calendar with the March class listings and the Member Orientation Dates. Not a task that I enjoy doing at all AND one that I never got around to completing. Tomorrow is another day, right?

There are a few things that I could use you my readers insight for right now.

When is it ok, to reveal something true that has happened to you at the hands of another? If someone caused you harm and continued to interfere in your personal and professional life, would you see the value to knowing the story along with its truths? Or, would you consider it gossip, and not useful information?

Drop me an email to my professional address please and let me know your thoughts on this topic.

Libido Lounge is starting a new monthly Rope Bondage Night for those that want to be tied up and those that want to tie people up. For the novice to the advanced bondage enthusiast. A weeknight. Members only. This event needs a catchy title, something that jumps out at you. Any ideas, as I am at a loss?

3HT is the best seamstress in town. (ok, I don't need your help with this, I am just really saying thank you to T for another magnificent job well done)

SULTRY has been booked again. Our third one now. Watch the calendar for the new date being uploaded some time shortly. If you were at the last SULTRY on February 16, and are well written, would you do me a favor?

I need a few paragraphs describing the night from your point of view. Something that I can use as part of the advertising package to draw new couples out to our steamy and sexy event. 3 - 7 paragraphs painting a good visual of the night would be awesome. You can send this to my professional address.

If you live out in the Valley, I need your help. I need you to simply email me the names of your local adult sex stores that you frequent along with any contact info you may have for the store and telling me also what city it is in. I don't need your name, just the names of the adult stores out by where you live. I am looking to know about Surrey to the Kootenays please.

Libido Lounge is looking to Hire, a Yoga teacher. Some one skilled at leading groups and a person comfortable with sexuality as well as the instructor will need to teach in the buff. This class is to be a Nude Yoga class, open to our members. A bi-weekly group. If you, or some one you know wants this position, then drop me an email and introduce yourself and your work, ASAP.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Nipple Piercing

Valentines Day had an adventure attached to it, that is worth sharing.

I awoke on this special day, to a brightly wrapped in red paper, gift. And RC smiling at me all giddy like. He got me a high end personal sex toy. Not an SM toy, not a toy to use on others, but a toy all for me, and my personal orgasmic pleasure.

I sat across the kitchen table from him half an hour later, and gave him his Valentine's Day card. Not the traditional Hallmark type either, one in fact that honored and made mention of one his sexual turn ons. Then I told him to hurry up and get ready as we had an appointment at 11:15 to pick up his gift.

After making the drive to Richmond, we parked the vehicle and I led my guy into the appropriate place of business. At the door, as my friend greeted us, I could feel it in the air, when RC realized what was about to happen.

I had brought him to a piercing studio, and was about to get his nipples pierced for him. His hesitancy was felt, not uncertainty over the choice to be pierced, more about the moment of clarity that is was truly going to happen. Today. Now.

He had expressed the interest almost a year ago, but it was not the time then to do it. Body Modifications should always been done by an experienced person and when you are certain you are ready for the experience.

made the experience a good one. RC made the choice of barbells as his jewelrey, and ironically we found out he has 6mm nipples.

I am quite certain that Elwood won't be forgetting our visit to his office very soon. While RC was in the chair, all sterilized and marked with ink for points of entry, I looked out the studio window and saw the vehicle going down the street.

I RAN OUT OF THE OFFICE, with no jacket screaming "it's moving, it's moving"! Ran straight out onto the street and chased the Jeep down the sidewalk. At this point it hit the vehicle parked in from of us and was pushing it too down the street.

Jumping in the driver door, I realize the Jeeps starter is trying to turn itself over, over and over again. People are coming out of neighboring business following the vehicles down the sidewalk and road telling me to turn the vehicle off.

There was NO BLOODY KEYS IN IT. It was moving on its own with no keys, so I scream this small fact back to the worried bystanders, who are now joined by a shirtless RC and the piercer Elwood.

Not believing what I have just said to them, they pull open the passenger door of the vehicle to look for the keys, only to see NONE.

Elwood and RC get some tools from some neighboring business, and with me with a foot on both the clutch and the brake get the damn thing stopped. Though the starter is still turning over and with the hood open, apparently sparking.

They disconnect the battery and the starter stops and I can finally take my feet from pushing so hard onto both pedals.

It took three men to push the car off the sidewalk and one of them turned out to be the owner of the car that our vehicle was pushing down the street. He actually saw the whole no keys things and even said, if he had not seen the whole thing take place he never would have believed it to be true.

But Elwood said, and it is true that there is never a boring moment when I am around. He could not believe what had happened right in front of his studio.

And RC, he believes that the vehicle was trying to escape from the horror of being pierced.

After catching our breath, and finishing our laughter it was time for RC to return to the chair.

Shirtless back in the chair, he had both nipples done in under eight minutes. The chair vibrated with his nervous energy like a small plane taking off.

Two large screams, some deep breathing and it was all over.

We sat around talking for a few minutes while awaiting BCAA as I enjoyed the chance to watch RC's eyes go from round as saucers and looking zoned to the squint look of a dull ache.

What a wild Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anal Ring Toss

Two things.

First. Last nights SULTRY was an absolutely unbelievable event. Everyone had so much fun, and so did I.

My evening at work consisted of: food, sex, massages, showers, steam, girls lots of girls, orgasms, whipping cream, body salts & loofahs and a game of Anal Ring Toss. (yes you just read that correctly and YES, it was as much fun as you think it was you pervert)

Second. Another email came in that was very touching to me, from the Contest I offered the other day. From a very different perspective than the one I posted yesterday.

Hi Jennifer,

I know it's late for your contest, but I wanted to tell my story surrounding our first meeting.

The first time we met was at one of Teri's G-Spot classes that you hosted about 2 and half years ago. It was the first time I ever attended a sex-positive event of any type. It was a bit surreal at first, but I soon became comfortable with environment and was able to interact with others. About a week later, I had a private coaching session with you.

This marked the start of my journey of allowing myself to express my true sexuality. I've always accepted myself for what my sexuality is, but always kept it hidden from others for fear of being labelled with such terms as pervert, freak, queer, etc.

At the start of our coaching session, I was hesitant to reveal too much about myself. I didn't know you very well and was very afraid that you would be mortified to learn that my sexual desires included such things as being flogged, caned, being forced to submit and forcing others to submit. During our coaching session, I still kept a lot to myself and you needed to prompt me a bit to reveal bits of myself. I was reminded of this during the other days member orientation session when you commented on the differences in your approach in your coaching sessions with new people and with those that you have known for a while.

That coaching session was the first time I ever told anyone that I wanted to explore kink and BDSM . My wife suspected a lot of this, but I never openly talked about it with her. Since then, we've have explored many new things and are able to openly talk about our kinkier sides. While I still have a long journey ahead and my wife and I are at very different places, it's good to know that there is place where I can openly discuss and express my kinkier side.