Friday, November 19, 2010

No Mistle Toe Here

One of the two big Christmas parties that Jason's work hosts is happening as I type this. We had planned on attending and were quite excited about it. Sadly, we are not at the shin dig. We are at home. Being parents. Unable to locate a sitter we are staying in this evening.

For Jason there will be scotch, and for us both, there will be orgasms. We may have missed the holiday party but we can always create a sex party in our own bedroom to make up for it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coming Home

One of the perks of going away to trade shows is all the swag that is handed out to educators and all the new products we are given to sample.

This weekend has been full of numerous surprises from different manufactures and creators of adult items. I am always pleased to see creative new novelties making there way into the market along with time tested oldies being updated for a fresh appeal.

I am flying home this evening and am returning with one more full suitcase, then what I left with.

A couple of new books that I have to read are exciting me already, a new woman's arousal pill, a few unique vibrators, candles, a mans cock toy, an e-stim item, sexy clothing, some jewelry and a host of others are amongst the freebies thrown at me at the show.

I had planned on taking the arousal pill on the flight home tonight but then thought better of it. Jason deserves to be forewarned before such things take place and I am just too tired after four days off non stop teaching to go home and screw for days on end. Because apparently, the pill has a THREE DAY duration.

It won't be till late, but I will be back in my own bed, in my own home later tonight thankfully.