Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Saturday till Tuesday

I rolled in to home in the wee hours on Sunday morning after a steamy night out at Sin City. At the sex toy party & social for bi women that I was at prior to Sin, I had taken a bag and changed there as I did not want to head home between events. Feeling Dominant and very much like I was on the prowl, I had a woman lace me into my custom fitted black leather fully boned corset, put on a studded black leather thong, a pair of 6 inch black leather heels and my new flame strap on and I was ready for bright red lipstick and 10 minutes of girl time in front of a mirror before being done.

Funny I hadn't given a whole lot of thought as to how I was going to get from the party to the car and then again from the car to Sin City. (and this becomes important dressed as I was and wearing a strap-on cock) I had arrived in a pair of khaki capris and ended up wearing them over my bottom half. But here is where it goes wonky...my cock, wouldn't do up in my pants, it was to big and stuck out. So from the party to the car and from the car to the doors of Sin City I had to walk with my bag in front of my genitals so no one would catch sight of my cock sticking out of my half zipped pants. All this excitement and adrenalin pumping and I hadn't even gotten inside yet.

It was a wild night as always and I found this very cute young man and asked him if he'd bottom to me. (this moments after a lustful woman asks if she could give ME a blow job - the night was off to grand start) As soon as his mouth said yes, I had him moving towards the downstairs dungeon, negotiations done in short and soon had his pants down and was spanking him on the first piece of equipment that I could see was available for use. I enjoyed tormenting him as he was bent over the spanker and it was a good scene. Over the course of the night I played with a couple of women as well doing an assortment of things to them or allowing them to do nice pretty things to me. Good sex energy, great people, good use of the three storey space - along with music, dance and porn and a night out in Vancouver that hits capacity every month. Seeing as I don't drink I'm always ok getting home and eventually did just that.

Jim was here Sunday night and it was the season finale of Survivor, so we spent it on the couch watching it together (with child) Jim had been at a party in Seattle Saturday night with our other partner Allena and so he was tired too.

Monday rolled around and Jim left for home as Allena was coming up for a night with him at his place and I was teaching A Little More Than A Slap and a Tickle - SM 101, with Kara there as my assistant. Tuesday today and I'm getting ready for tomorrow nights Genital Play class that I'm presenting and also making the genital play treat bags-homework bags that I send home with everyone.

I'm also desperate to remove a desktop covered in yellow sticky notes that contain so many things to tend to and today is my day to do it so that tonight my daughter and I can curl up on the sofa for a quiet night at home together. The rest of the week is packed with things to do and this weekend my daughter is home and we have some special plans.

Time to send out a mail out to the mailing list and start attacking the sticky notes before they take over.