Friday, September 21, 2007

Play Party - downtown Vancouver

Located in downtown Vancouver at the corner of Hornby and Dunsmuir
Streets for those driving OR easily accessible bus and by Sky Train
as we are one block from the Burrard Street Train Station for those
relying on Transit.

This is your opportunity to partake in carnal
pleasures, meet new friends and watch others enjoy themselves.
Join us...

September 22 Saturday 8:00pm - 1:30am

PLAY PARTY- a sex-positive event

brought to you by Libido Events

The Hornby - 3rd Floor 595 Hornby Street Vancouver BC

Tickets: $25 Woman / $50 Couples & Single Men - pay at door, cash
Libido Events

*No membership required, must be 19 years +

*Life Time Members to Libido Lounge FREE

The elevator doors open into a red-carpeted room lit with light
bright enough to see by yet dim enough to create an inviting mood. A
smiling volunteer offers to check any coats and bags you won't be
needing for the evening ahead of you. Then after making your payment,
you are finally permitted to see what is behind the screen blocking
your view of the rooms and noise beyond.

A full pay bar sits at one side of the main room (you can leave your
credit card with them), which holds chairs and candle-lit tables with
light snacks for a casual socializing atmosphere. Further on, there is
a massive room, 2500 sq. ft set up with BDSM furniture (suspension
frames, spanking benches, tables with anchor points, intermixed with
massage tables and other naughty sex pieces) and beyond them is a
no-voyeurs room for couples only sex play with seven full beds and
1000 sq ft. The space has music piped in and contains a stocked area
of safer sex supplies, fresh bedding, massage oils and cleanup
supplies. Even if you are early, you may see someone already at play
in the rooms -- people here are keen to have fun and make the most of
their night out.

A Libido Events Naughty Party has an atmosphere distinctly different
from a fetish night. It shares the no-streetwear rule: wear your
fetish wear, sexy clothing or even nothing at all (the temperature on
this floor is set to "naked"). No jeans, sweat pants, boxer shorts or
flannel pj bottoms. Dress to impress. However, the main difference is
that sex and kink are not kept separate. You are as likely to see
someone tied to a table and receiving oral sex as you are to see
someone bent over getting a spanking or flogging. Swingers,
kinksters, voyeurs, exhibitionists and people of every sexuality are
welcome. Come see for yourself what a Naughty Party is like.



Jennifer's Tips for a Successful Experience at a Libido Events Play

1. Be friendly, make eye contact and introduce yourself to everyone
you meet or sit next to. Smile.

2. Be complimentary of the people you meet, there is an attractive
quality in or on everyone, find it and make that your compliment.
Watch what happens when you make someone feel good about themselves.

3. Keep a respectable distance when watching people play and offer no
comments, positive or otherwise. Make no deliberate eye contact with
people playing, it's a mood breaker that violates others sacred

4. Invite or offer play once to the person youre interested in. If
met by a no, accept it gracefully, dont take it personally and move
on; do not make a request of someone twice. Smile

5. If invited to play by someone that doesnt interest you, be kind,
yet firm, when saying no, and remember it took a lot of courage for
that person to put themselves out there. Smile and be grateful for
the attention.

6. Have no expectations, then what does happen, will be a bonus.

7. Watch whatever you like and turn your back on anything that isn't
of interest to you, but never offer comment.

8. Buy someone a drink or exchange e-mail addresses, make a new
friend, two or three.

9. Thank the volunteers that help make this event possible and make
your experience a positive one. (makes them feel good and helps you
get comfortable talking to people in sex-positive space)

10. If you have a problem with a person, an activity going on, or
understanding something, find a Monitor (wearing a PINK armband) or
Jennifer to help you figure things out.

11. Remember to treat the venue with respect & tidy up after
yourself. This includes putting garbage in the proper containers
supplied in each room. Changing your sheets in the sex room after
using a bed and putting the soiled sheet in the rooms laundry bin.
Spraying down a piece of equipment in the Play rooms after playing on
it; use the sanitizer and paper towels provided.

12. Be prepared to talk about yourself in some way and at the same
time, listen to who you are standing in front of. This is for those
that are hoping to play with the person. Smile

13. Treat everyone well. You will want to be known as that type of
person. This will make you more comfortable, thus making others
comfortable with you and opportunities to present themselves.

14. Never touch someone without their full consent & welcome.

15. Adhere to our House Rules posted at the Naughty Party. Smile.

16. If you are a man attending and plan on attending alone, know that
your chances for finding play in any form go up exponentially if you
arrive with a date. You dont need to play together, but arriving
with someone makes you appear safer to others looking at you as a
potential play partner for the evening.

17. Remember that you can attend the next Naughty Party and meet
other new people then. This may be your first party but it's not
ours, Libido Events is not going anywhere. So do not make snap
decisions thinking that this will be your only opportunity, know that
you can meet that person or opportunity here again and nothing will be
lost. [only enhanced with want & time]

18. Libido Events supplies the equipment but you must bring your own
sex toys. Clean up & safer sex supplies along with linens are all

*bringing your own sex toys means items such as: favorite condoms,
favorite lube, floggers, canes, handcuffs, rope, chains, paddles,
house coats etc

19. Remember Naughty Parties have a dress code of sexy pajamas or
fetish attire, absolutely no street wear of any kind. Those in street
wear will not be permitted to enter. Smile.

20. If you're uncertain of what to wear, try something from this list
of suggestions:

PJ's bottoms, Nighties, Lingerie, Silks, Lace, Bra and Panty sets,
Nude, Sheer, Rope Harnesses, Chaps, Leather, Latex, PVC, Vinyl,
Rubber, Wetlook, Body Paint, Saran Wrap, Liquid Latex, Corsets,
Feathers, Thongs, Stockings, Spandex, Heels, Boots, Cabaret, Tuxedo
Jacket , Uniforms, Smoking Jackets, Kilts, Cross-Dress,
Furry, Vintage, Victorian, Gothic, Gender-bend, Fetish Glam, Porn
Star...or any other risqué costume you can dream up! Dress to impress
and let your own personality shine in your choice of clothing or

21. Leave your valuables at home. There is a bank machine in the
building (though not on our floor) and the full bar does accept
credit cards. Bring a small tote bag to put your street clothes in at
our coat check once you arrive.



Queen & King Sized Fitted Sheets. Bring them to the party and deposit
to the bin at front registration. Thank you greatly they'll go to
really good use as you can well imagine.



Massage Information

nicole is a local sensual masseuse who is delighted to add some

sensuality to your night. She uses a combination of swedish massage

techniques and acupressure to gently coax the stress out of your

Come get a massage to relax you before you start a scene or to calm

you down afterwards...

1$ per minute or $20 for 25 minutes

**please bring cash, OR there is a bank machine in the building

Want a little bit more? Add $10 to the price of your massage for some

super sexy topless body sliding.

Vendor: Sheet Information

The Sensual Sheet

lingerie for your bed...

Sick of sleeping in the wet spot? Want to turn your bedroom into a

boudoir? The Sensual Sheet, with a reversible satin and fur finish

and a waterproof core, allows unlimited mess-free pleasure in and out

of the bedroom.

Uncork that bottle of champagne, pull out the toy that makes her

squirt, or drench yourselves in massage oil. Whatever your pleasure,

The Sensual Sheet is guaranteed to protect your bed and to make you

feel outrageously sexy!

Price: The Sheet retails for $220.00. This fall I'm feeling playful

so if you come over and love it, make me an offer.



Hanky Panky Adult Home Parties was founded on the idea that pursuing
sensual pleasure should be fun! We've brought together a large
selection of erotic toy technology and coupled it with a wealth of
sex-positive information. We're here to help you celebrate your
sexuality ~~gone is the shame and guilt~~ bring on the orgasmic
bliss!! I'm pleased to be attending the event this weekend and I hope
you'll stop by the table to say "hi"! ~~~Cheers~~~ Shimmy

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wined & Dined

Last night the guy and I headed over to a friends home for some late night dessert and equipment talk. T & M, sweet sweet couple. Young and of course, just finding their way in sex culture. How cool that I met them a few months back at one of my classes. Now we're friends who plot and plan together.

After three separate times of filling my plate with sweetness, it became obvious that I should stop. There was plenty to nibble on though, while seated enjoying some stimulating conversations.

Then we looked over the new suspension frame and the adjustments that were made it to it. **does naked happy dance** Everyone will love this piece, it is just beautiful and solid as hell.

Today was another story. We left the house at 8:30 this morning and were off and running at full speed right away. By 2:00 we were back home and together we were desperate for a nap. After an hours sleep, it was time to get up. I sent out a notice to the mailing list about this Saturday's Play Party and I did some house clean up.

With only a few minutes to spare I had a shower and then RC and I left to go to dinner. We had been invited over a few days back to K & T's in Ladner, so we made the drive out after stopping to pick up a dessert wine for every one's pleasure. After checking out their in-home dungeon, we made pizzas from scratch. Then sat around eating and shooting the shit for a few hours - all in all, an excellent night out.

We did make a fairly early of it, arriving home by around 11. As T had stayed home from school sick today and just slept, we headed back to give her another dose of Cold FX, some love, and of course to tuck the poor young girl into bed at nights end. She was so happy to see us.

The accomplishments today are items that are going to make YOU all very excited. I've been desperately trying to arrive at this point for quite some time now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

give away

Anyone booking a flight on Northwest / Continental Airlines in the next short while contact me for a $70 amenity coupon due to expire October 31 2007.

It was "awarded" to me after a very painful flight with that particular airline.

Equipment Purchase

Just a couple of minutes ago I made a purchase.

A large purchase.

An item that is for events.

It could be called a piece of equipment.

Did I mention it is large?

And new.

And beautiful.

And will be at this Saturday's Play Party.

Later today, as it is delivered to the storage locker, I will snap a couple of photos and upload them here for you to drool over.

I am very happy right now.

I know that you too will be pleased with this item. This weekend there will likely end up being a line-up of people eagerly awaiting the chance to play on it and it may soon become the favored equipment piece for our party attendees.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

blissful life

From 1:00-3:00 RC and I spent the time in bed alone. Then today was family day. Well after 3pm when T returned from school. We all hung out together at home. I had made stuffed peppers from scratch for our dinner, it took me quite some time. Everyone ate heartily.

The house is clean, the fridge is full. We all have our good health.

Life is amazing. This, the result of karma.

I found this nugget of a video, it's been on my desktop for awhile. Seems like a good time for me to share it. Enjoy!

And Yes, it is work safe, no foul language or nudity

I still have TWO VOLUNTEER Positions available
for this Saturday's September 22 Play Party. You would
need to be available between the hours of 9pm and 2:00am
and able to do a two hour shift. You MUST have volunteered
at one of our Play Parties before.

email me

Monday, September 17, 2007

email difficulties

A gorgeous day and my sweetie was up and out with me to enjoy it. Seeing as he was going from a day shift to an overnight shift you can imagine my surprise and delight to be savoring the day alongside him.

We conquered household chores and even ventured out of the house to take care of some business. It makes doing life's not-so enjoyable tasks more enjoyable to not have to do them alone anymore. Sharing the responsibilities with another adult is very freeing on so many levels.

I've had my share of e-mail stress and woes the last two, three years now. I have had problems with my ISP, difficulties with the Host of my website, mail program disasters and an assortment of other absurd web related problems, but nothing beats the most recent screw up.

Blogger, which is the Program I use to publish my Blog, is considered now to be Spam. All of Blogger, not just my Blog.

Read more from my handsome web support guy...
The reason that some of your messages (and replies to those messages) are being blocked is simply because your emails contain the address of your blog. Mail scanners scan your email for links, and then check those links against blacklists. Because Blogger addresses are included in the Spamhaus blacklist, any email you send containing the address of your blog will be blocked by any mail server that uses the Spamhaus blacklist. And then, if someone replies to a message you've sent that includes the address of your blog, their message will also be blocked -- although people whose ISPs are using Spamhaus probably won't receive your messages anyway, so they are unlikely to be replying to a message from you unless it's an old one.

To mitigate this problem rather fast this is what's been created, rather inelegant (quoting handsome web guy), but it works

the new link that will go in all my mail- outs. We have a site turn over in November and when this happens, my Blog moves to WordPress (off of Blogger) and will be hosted on the Libido Events and Libido Lounge new sites finally.

This answers many things for me and helps me to understand why so much of my mail was apparently not reaching it's intended destination and clients emails not arriving to me.

With this glitch dealt with, I'm about ready to get back to other more pressing adventures. Like having sex & getting spanked and yes......opening Libido Lounge.


Waves at David in Calgary!!! Hello, I received your envelope in the mail, I will email you in a day or two. Thank you for thinking of me, I am reminded of you as well from time to time.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Electrical Sex

If truth be told I finally gathered the strength and motivation to get myself out of bed at the ghastly hour of 3pm. Don't get me wrong, I did awake a few times over the day thus far. I woke once to pee, another to answer the phone and once more to check the computer briefly, before heading right back to the world of deep slumber. When RC moved in, with him came a new pillow top bed, sleeping on it is dreamy. Oh how my body and mind need sleep, and again today, the house to myself.

Last night was Rascals and we made it there shortly after they opened. Apparently my ensemble garnished me such compliments as classy and sophisticated. Me thinks this has to do more with the shoes, purse and panties matching in brilliant purple, and allowing one to be noticed rather than melting into the depths of darkness.

Our community has a love affair with black, it is the color that the doom and gloom crowd wear as there staple. I like black, but enough already, I can play and be Dominant or play and bottom and wear pink, yellow, purple, or polka dots, it does not change one bit how I play.

From the moment we walked in to the place, we were swamped in people saying hi, grabbing hugs, giving kisses, making offers of play, it was as always simply overwhelming just making it through the doorway and into the main area through all the people. We had not even put down our bags.

We talked briefly with a few people then I saw an opening. We hit the dungeon floor fast. There was a long low bondage table available that looked just about right for what I had in mind for RC.

Once he was naked sitting up on the table, and I had his cock taped with leads to the tens unit, I started to get excited. He, not so much. He was looking nervous. Time went by fast as it tends to when one is having fun. It didn't take long in the scene for me to feel RC losing control. It was intense physical sensations for him, and in public.

With the tens unit of his perineum and cock, there was still a great amount of sensitive flesh covering his lower abdomen or love trail as some call it. I took that skin and clamped in down with clothes pegs, in two solid rows of eight. Then I closed six more pegs around the head of his cock [the corona] and finally we were ready to start some action.

There is a lot of energy in a 9 volt battery. RC's boy bits found this out fast. I of course quite enjoyed holding the controls to this little box of fun.

I flogged and strapped his back some, but it wasn't cutting it for me. What was missing was his face, I needed the connection with him, to see his journey. Coming back round to face him, I found myself staring in the eyes of someone who was trying hard to retain his composure yet who was losing control of himself fast.

Within minutes of adjusting the dials to pulses not before reached, and my boy was levitated off the table. He went over the top, losing himself to the scene and the moment. Before I even saw what has happening his hands had flown between his legs and he was ripping the leads off of his cock and throwing them to floor.

Triumphant in his feat, the electrical torture ended and what followed was exactly what was needed. (well after I removed all the clothes pegs from him) We packed up our gear, went and caught our breath, then left and drove straight home to bed with one another and a good loving cuddle.