Friday, July 11, 2008


Build it and they will come.

Sixteen more people eagerly arrived for Member Orientation this evening, and are now Members.

Libido Lounges Member base is growing so fast, its just incredible.

Huge weekend ahead of me. Huge! I have to go and ready for it.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

City Stroll

You ever have one of those blissfully delightful days? I had one today.

It started with the orthodontist removing my daughters braces this morning finally after two grueling years of treatment. Then I shuttled her and her girlfriend to the BC Ferries so they could board a boat for Victoria.

The girls went alone to see their first rock and roll concert alone! Wow, am I ever feeling.... not really old ...but certainly worldly. They won't be home till late tomorrow afternoon which gave RC and I the entire rest of the day together.

With the top of the Jeep we bombed through the city doing things we never seem to have the time to do otherwise. Our first stop was kinky clothes shopping in the infamous Gastown hitting all three of our favored shops which also happen to be with 1/2 a block of one another. I found a really sweet white leather armless tank style top, zippered in the front that fit me like a glove. It is now all mine.

Ice cold lemonade in hand we drove down to the West End. Our plan was to spend time hanging out together outside and we did just that. For six almost seven hours we walked, talked, ate and shopped more. We meandered both sides of Davie, from top to bottom, and stopped everywhere something caught our attention. RC bought a lot of dress up clothes for himself. He is such a metro sexual.

We headed along Thurlow over to Robson and then walked that route, all the way down to Denman. We had so much fun. There were people we knew that we saw, a great meal for us and plenty of sun. Excellent way to spend time.

We had a pre booked meeting at Pump Jack, the gay bar at 7 pm, but when we arrived the place was over run with big furries, leather men, and their allies room for us or our meeting. We headed over to Blenz coffee where we spent the next two and bit hours hashing out stuff with the rest of the group we were meeting.

By the time we got home the sun had left its mark on us both. Sun kissed and tired here I sit on my computer, while RC is enjoying a fine cigar. I have to tend to my email account now before bed, or I'll never be able to catch up tomorrow. It has to be emptied daily or it piles up fast and I get overwhelmed.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Keeping Secrets

Certainly not every detail of my life ends up on this blog. But it can be said, I do put forth a fair bit of myself here.

Now and again I hold back. I don't disclose big things going on in my life in this public forum for a huge variety of reasons.
(Privacy, Idea Theft, Lost Opportunities, Discretion just to name a short list. )

A few weeks ago, a new man entered my world. He wasn't even on my radar before this.

Imagine my happy surprise and sheer delight when he made the bold first move. Literally out of nowhere he came at me with who he was, and all that he could bring forth into a relationship with me.

A man capable of seeing an opening and creating an opportunity for himself. I love it.

I had a woman relationship with K for years, and miss many of its service elements. This man is filling a big void and its feeling pretty damn good from where I'm sitting.

Thanks Dan for popping into my sex positive corner of the world. And the fact that you and RC get along smoothly is certainly yet another reason for celebration.

All I can promise you, is a wild ride.

Enjoy the experience.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

over the weekend

My weekend has been jam packed with productivity. The chance to complete this much only happens every short while. Thankfully I took advantage of the time and resources available to me and made use of them extensively.

A full day was spent on Saturday organizing the rest of the July and August Libido Lounge, and Libido Events. All the volunteers were secured and new dates were added to the planning schedule. With the house to my self I motored along stark naked working for about nine and a half hours with out a break.

Saturday night RC and I went out on a date, and though it ended early it was so nice to be out with him. Sunday was a sleep in day for me, and much needed too! I spent yesterday in bed again and doing yet another six hours of computer work.

We had some pictures taken of us over the weekend, but I'm too lazy right now to upload them here. I promise to download them soon, as they are so cute .... our teenager took the photo of us as we were heading out on Saturday evening to an adult event.

I am so loved by many people. Recognizing this has been hard for me. My presence and activism has had such an impact on so many others and on local sex culture and for me the reality of this is challenging. My drop in the bucket, is actually gallons upon gallons.

Happily I sleep at night as someone content with who and what I have become and with where I come from.

Off to bed I go. I suspect that if I lay out in bed with the lights on low, that RC may just come along and give me a full body rub down.

My life is charming!