Saturday, June 03, 2006

fast pace

this morning I awoke at 6:40, right before the alarm was set to go off.

From that moment on things went really fast, kinda like a movie...

1. rolled out of bed
2. got dressed, made bed & got pretty in the bathroom
3. made breakfast & checked e-mail
4. awoke child and blessed child she is, was even friendly despite the hideous hour. Normally on a Saturday she'll sleep till atleast 11am, even after going to bed at 10pm the night before!
5. help child do numbers 1-3 for herself
6. drove to Burnaby Heights 8:10am
7. found parking for the Hats Off Days Parade
8. parked and walked in to the parade zone without losing daughter
9. 8:20am found our exact same spot to sit in as we have for either the last 10 or 11 years, we're debating this ourselves right now. But yes, the exact same spot.
10. Starbucks for hot chocolate (someone had given me a gift card as thanks, otherwise I wouldn't be in such a venue as I don't drink coffee ever)
11. watched Parade with much delight cuddled together on a blanket on the sidewalk
12. VCon who hired me to teach for their convention last year was in the Parade this year with fabulous costuming so it was GREAT to see them represented and Keith in that group as well. (thanks for the kiss while you were supposed to be in the parade)
13. bought cotton candy, blue, not pink, go figure, something different for me
14. ate a spicy hot sausage slathered in mustard on a bun at 9:30am because I wanted to
15. sadly we had to leave the parade early at 11:10am
16. got in car and drove 70 minutes to just on the other side of Golden Ears
19. dropping beloved child off at Girl Guides for an overnight campout (in the middle of no where but with like 60 other young girls and leaders)
20. turned around and drove myself all the way back home in bad traffic due to construction
21. found Jennifer to talk to about business for awhile on phone
22. found Linnea to chat with for a long while, until I
23. arrived home finally mid afternoon!

now, I'm sitting in my underwear typing at the kitchen table with all the doors and windows flung open for air. My jeans, sweater and boots are in a pile on the floor. This is me unwinding. My heart is beating rapidly, I'm a tad short of breath from the pace and my leg is swinging under the table, always on the go.

Need to grab a nap soon as tonight I'm off to Club Eden and then to teach a dozen women my Cock Sucking class at a stagette that I've been hired for.

Who knows what's going to happen for me at either of my evenings destinations, anything is possible.

the joys, of my life
and the woes of my life


I love my life. Tired as I am. I love my life.

Time to go heat up some burritos, sour cream & salsa, I need fuel to keep going you know?

Friday, June 02, 2006

can you imagine

Bird Flu Strikes Trailer Park in the lower mainland.

And NO, I didn't come up with this myself, a friend sent it.

Bad joke, cute picture.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

almost to bed

arrived home shortly before 10:00pm and with still enough time to happily tuck my 12 year old safely and snuggly into my bed. I'd been out at The Love Nest's Burnaby store, teaching a class so making it home in time for my daughters bedtime was important to me. She was so happy that I made it home for the end of day cuddle and kiss that is our ritual/routine.

Tonight's class was Take Charge-Womens Dominance and we covered a lot of ground in those 2.5 hours. Made some new friends and empowered a room full of women with a good starting point & tools for adding Dominance into their sex-play.

I'm most happy to be home on the sofa in my robe, soon to be curled up in bed with the person who makes me a mother.

When not busy being a mom, sex-activist or educator, this is what I can be found doing....

loving my Daddy!

hired again

my Cock Sucking class is being taught in Squamish at the local adult store as they have now hired me to go in at months end, Tuesday June 27 to teach for there community. Way Cool!

Get to Trinity Romance Shop at 38155 2nd. Ave and pick up your ticket ($25) early to this exciting womens only class on Cock Sucking & Hand Jobs. Or phone and reserve your spot 604-892-2266.

See you there...

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

intimate moments

captured by David Steinberg.

with thanks

to OJ for sending me this bit of mail that again, lifted my spirits on an otherwise difficult and long weekday afternoon..

I wish it were always easy for you to keep moving forward (because either as a direct role model or as a one who inspires us quietly you make a difference), But if it is tough some days, i am sure i am not alone in saying that, you are not without a whole gagle of altered souls who are cheering you on in your efforts. Besides you provide us with some really fun times.

Whats not to admire about you.

cute, friendly, wise, bold, firm yet soft, ....

take care.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

welcome home

Jim's back from Chicago and Shibaricon finally and I'm just now starting to hear the tales of all the trouble he got himself into at the conference. I'm happy to have him back and to hear of his good times.

Welcome home Daddy!

a photo show

my good friend and photographer David Steinberg, has an exhibit that just started.

I've had the privilege of sitting back on my home sofa and viewing the "Diva" series of photo's when David was last here presenting for Libido Events, and photo shooting me. WOW, is his work ever out of this world, the sort of images, that make me rethink what attractive and seductive are as words.

best of luck David with this show

Monday, May 29, 2006

birthday wishes

Robyn's birthday celebration was this past Friday night in Seattle. Everyone had a wonderful time eating and hanging out for hours together while I was teaching my scheduled A Little More Than A Slap and a Tickle - SM 101 class at The Light Body Temple and missing the festivities. (though my class went well and I loved seeing the new space I was teaching in)

Made a mad dash for the restaurant immediately after my class ended and had the chance to give Robyn her birthday card, hug & love. She's been in my life for over 8 years now, we've seen & been through much together.

You've touched my life in many ways Robyn, thank you for being you and for all that you do for others. Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

for a laugh

The link to this video is truly incredible. It's about a shaver that inspired a music video. You'll notice the er, um, sexual overtones however there is no nudity.

This had Bella and I belly laughing first thing this morning at her place in Seattle.