Friday, October 08, 2010

Sex For Lunch

I had a "nooner" today. With a girlfriend, a client and two sex machines.

My life is charmed.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Richmond Girls

Music vibrated off the walls and the front door hung open wide. I knew this was were I was supposed to be. Without knocking, I just walked straight in.

In front of me was thirteen gorgeous, very young, women. They turned and looked at me with a look of anticipation and curiosity all rolled into one. With a smile, I announced, "I am your special guest".

I thought they were going to tackle me --- boy was I ever popular.

Each woman was tiny, think sizes two - six. Each was perfectly outfitted in the most current fashion trends. Their make up jobs were fresh and their smiles and eyes bright.

The laughter was outrageously loud. They had the bling down just-so. A few were drinking shots, some were sucking it back from a bottle while a few others, sipped drinks.

Appetizers that were ordered in covered the tables. The penis cake was sculpted out of rice krispies.

One woman was turning 21 and for her birthday, she hired me to come to her place to teach her and her friends how to suck cock and give head. What a cool chicka. And all her pals were between the ages of nineteen and twenty-one. Boy was it ever eye opening for me. I work with all ages of people, yet not so often with such a gaggle of so young, hot diva's.

Girl energy was exploding out of the living room. There questions were coming at me fast and furious. I gave them what they wanted, plus a whole-lot-more. Doing demo's on some of the women was a sizzling experience of debauchery as well.

What did happen at this particular private function that I was hired to teach at, was something eye opening for me. I was reminded that there are different ways to teach classes, and remembering this when empowering youthful sexual explorers is critical to the education being powerful and meaningful for them.

Because let me tell you, after how this posse of girls waded so effortlessly through the cock sucking and hand job exercises, I am more than confident that we'll be seeing one another again.

In fact they have already asked to hire me again. And of course, I said yes.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Kidnapped & Tortured Vancouver

Last week it was a good friends birthday. So to honor her, another friend and I kidnapped her, hooded, in a mini van. We drove to an undisclosed location where by her mug shot was taken whilst she was cuffed and blindfolded. See above photo for proof. Then we took her to a house of torture, where she was subjected to various procedures. And finally the evening ended with us all talking about sex and relationships while laughing over Chinese food. We three are just so bad-ass!

Monday, October 04, 2010


Privately I seem to be in great demand right now. Change of seasons, people seem to be ready to spark the home fires again. This means, if you want to see me I suggest making contact sooner rather than later, because I am booking weeks out right now. My calendar is almost (but not quite) booked solid through the end of the year now.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Double Fisting

Curiously enough, I had a most unusual experience Saturday night at our Naughty party.

I have never before been asked by two women, to fist them both, at-the-same-time.

One was a virgin to being the fisted and the other woman had tasted the delights of this erotic skill before.

They laid naked before me, giggling with anticipation, on different massage tables, side by side. With just enough room in between them for me to stand right at their crotches.

I gloved up.

Was generous with the lubricant. And slowly started creeping my fingers around the slick folds of their sex.

Within minutes I was crawling up their hot wet love tunnels until their g-spots were right under my finger tips. I worked them over with great attention to detail.

Then the gentle momentum of finger then fist fucking two different women at the same time took over me.

I had to slow down on one, so I could go hard to push the other over the top. I did this a few times over.

People watched. We were a beautiful sight. A vision of loveliness these two creatures before me were, with legs spread wide, the smell of their hunger hung heavy in the air we breathed.

Panting. Laughing. Lubricant. Stroking. Friends. Orgasms. Possibilities. Endless. Joy. Pleasure.