Thursday, March 22, 2007

why I am sought after

This person is drawn to knowing me as a Coach and Educator due to my passionate living as a sex-positive woman. We share a common interest as we are both Girl Guide mothers and have the ability to love both men and women. Often times I end up being a role model for women who have discovered a truth about their sexuality after they have become mothers when they are looking to share their discovery with others. My voice is loud and strong when it comes to female sexual pleasures and it pleases me to no end to inspire others to find what they need.

Dear Jennifer,

I'm interested in knowing you because you are a Girl Guide mother too! - just like me.

And because you are a parent with an alternative sexuality - just like me.

And because you are a hedonistic bohemian - truth, freedom, beauty and love.

And because you are so open and out and dynamic - not just like me.

Background - I think our paths might have crossed at XXXXXXX. My daughter's sperm donor is Patrick Cat. XXX and XXX are my children's aunts. Not that I have spent really anytime in Vancouver in the past decade, I do know part of that crowd.

More background - I came out a baby dyke in the 1970's; still in high school and easily absorbed into the lesbian feminist community and movement of XXX. Met XXXX in '84 (she was only 19) - we fell in love and mated - careers, cars, home and children - son in 85 and daughter in 1989. We broke up in 1995. Very hard but we survived well. I took that crisis to be the opportunity for me to explore my sexuality, my kink, BDSM, and men. And I did so to moderate extremes.

Now, I am partnered with a man. We live happily in a beautiful prosperous home with my 2 children and his children. Privately, very discretely, we seek to actualize ourselves and our relationship as Master and slave. It is kept secret from family and public. I admire how out you are and know how important it is that you are out.

To make a long story only one of medium length - I am a Girl Guide Mom too! So, given that we share this in common and that I have many matters to discuss with you re. sex and parenting - well, that is why I want to meet you.

cut here for privacy and length


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

life goodness

Turning off the blaring loud alarm I rolled out of bed this morning shuffling towards the bathroom and babbling out loud to myself something along the lines-of, "it's too early to even know what day of the week it is." My prince sleepily calls out from the bed "it's another day RC loves Jenn even more!" Smiling and happy my heart swelled, another day began.

Laying in bed later this afternoon we ate Haagen Dazs Extraas Sticky Toffee Pudding ice cream out of the carton till it was emptied, we snuggled into one another planning the next few months out - I most certainly felt like a princess.

My computers power cord died. One would think I was viewing illegal porn to make such things happen alas that was not the case. Ironically I was reading local behind the scenes sex-politics forwarded emails when the wire decided to combust.

RC remained calm which was good because I was not. As smoke made ringlets above my laptop, my stomach flipped. RC unplugged the cord and was promptly on the phone to Apple who in turn agreed to ship me a new power cord after making sure that both of us and the computer were all alright. Yeah for extended warranties!

Tomorrow is a sleep-in day and I'm looking forward to the chance to hang out in bed after a good rest. Then I have an entire afternoon of work to do before heading out to teach Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please - bedroom bondage basics. The afternoon of work will be done sans clothing laying on my bed, laptop next to me and piles of paperwork all round.

March 22 Thursday
7:30 - 9:30pm
Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please - bedroom bondage basics
presented by Jennifer
Venue: Little Sisters 1238 Davie Street Vancouver
$15 in advance by phone or pay at the door

Ever thought tying up your partner could be sexy? Or being tied up could be fun? Well you're right!

This workshop will talk about safety issues and show you some of the best ways to tie up your lover for an enjoyable bondage experience. The different effects that bondage can have will be shown, from blissful meditation and serenity to enhancing other types of interactive sex play. Emphasis will be on simple forms of bondage which can be performed easily, using common household items many people generally already have at home.

* There is no requirement to attend this workshop with someone else; attend alone or with a friend or partner.

*please bring a notebook & pen to class

Bonus: your ticket to the workshop is also good for 20% off merchandise.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fellatio class tonight


March 20 Tuesday
7:30 - 9:30pm
Cock Sucking: The Hand Job, Blow Job class
(women only)
presented by Jennifer
Venue: Love Nest 4687 Kingsway, Burnaby
$25 pay at door, cash, no reservations

Giving great head is an erotic activity that takes practice, time and the belief that a job worth doing, is worth doing amazing. Jennifer will spend the evening demonstrating oral sex techniques that you too will be able to master by nights end.

This class will cover: basic anatomy, hygiene and preparing for; a blow job & a full on hand job along with stroking & sucking techniques for the beginner cock sucker to the more advanced fellatio aficionado who also will learn deep throat skills and gagging help. Tips on toys, lube, positions and how to set the mood.

*please bring a notebook & pen to class

Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Break has arrived

With Spring Break officially underway in our home, it's confirmed that we will not live with a house hold schedule this week. Normal life will return next week, when my daughter is back to school and regular life hours will resume.

Locked away in a woman's condo in downtown Vancouver this morning, I spent three very fast moving hours alone with her doing private coaching work. G-Spot stimulation, arousal process, strap-on choices, wax & ice play, sensation seeking, communicating desires, bondage tips, orgasm building, sexual tension and a few other topics were all things we covered. Interactive, engaging, fueled by my clients interests and not my own agenda, she took so much from our time together.

I broke a sweat running through everything in such a short period of time and as I was packing to leave my client spoke of bringing me back again. My job is powerful, the chance to help people transforms their sex lives into something that is fulfilling for themselves gives me a great feeling of accomplishment professionally.

Now I'm home with my teen-ager who is on her Spring Break and I'm finally having a relax after such a busy day thus far. It takes much energy to do sex coaching, the focus is intense and emotions usually run so high. Stopped at Safeway on the way home and grabbed some groceries as RC will be here after work tonight and we've got a family night planned with a roast in the oven to enjoy along with all the fix ins'.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

folded laundry = happy woman

My daughter and I walked into the house early this afternoon to Nelly Furtado booming out of the stereo with MANEATER and RC dancing around folding a large stack of laundry. A sight to make me laugh and feel loved all at once. The child laughed for a good couple of minutes. Life is good.

Later this evening, I'm teaching Strap-It-On & Slide-It-In at The Love Nest in Burnaby.

March 18 Sunday
6:00 - 8:00pm
Strap-It-On and Slide-It-In
(open to men & women, couples & singles)
presented by Jennifer
Venue: Love Nest 4687 Kingsway, Burnaby
$25 pay at door, cash

If you have a strap-on of your own please bring it, if not know that we'll cover a section on how to choose the best one for yourself. This is the class where strap-on sex is explained in a manner that will leave you feeling at ease with the topic and eager to try out the techniques that abundantly fill it. We'll discuss prostate and g-spot stimulation along with orgasm building exercises to build sexual tension to multiple peaking points. Positions of ease for the person wearing the strap-on based on body shapes along with a brush up on anal anatomy will also be covered. There will be plenty of opportunity for individual questions.

*please bring a notebook & pen to class