Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pee & Pansies

RC enjoyed a fine bottle of...

Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush
it is a 2005 New Zealand White Wine made as a fund raiser for the SPCA.

In other news, my daughters best friends father passed away rather tragically just over a week ago and the memorial was today. The girl who lost her father and T were given a dozen bouquets of pansies and asked to distribute them amongst the varied guests.

The two girls handed out a number of the arrangements before they reached a couple whom they thought to bestow the next one upon. They walked up to the two men (a gay male couple) and with an outstretched hand offered them a bouquet and a quiet thank you for attending the service.

One of the two men, looks up at the girls and says tongue in cheek, "What are you implying, that we're a bunch of pansies?"

Both girls giggling and chuckling, apologizing with laughter in their voices. Even in the face of grief, sorrow and moving on, it is possible, to find some small comfort in, humour.

Friday, June 29, 2007


There has been no decision made
by Surrey City Council
at this time
regarding the business license for
Libido Lounge Ltd.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Although she finished her exams last week for Grade 8, this morning T left for school for the last day this year. To be precise, she went to school for her last hour, as she only had to attend from 9:30-10:30 in order to be given her final report card.

I felt so proud reading her grades and the glowing positive teacher comments she had obtained, an excellent achievement for her. T has a number of outside of school commitments she has put herself in AND she managed to make the honor roll this term, again.

In fact she was all three terms this year on the Honor Roll. PLUS Student Council, Choir, Girl Guides & The Activism Club. She was promoted to Grade 9 next year, with an advancement to English Honors.

I have raised an awesome young woman; one who is slowly taking the world by storm. The biggest joys I have found in life, have come from being a mother. I know of nothing more rewarding.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Double Flick

Last night we saw Sicko and damn it was another well done, make-you-think type of movie. Michael Moore is excellent at what he does and his ability to give people the space and audience to expose their situation is commendable.

Tonight we went to Metrotown and saw the new Nancy Drew detective mystery, with smuggled in junk-food in our bags. The three of us kicked back to watch this good wholesome rated G family movie together and it turned into a fun evening out.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

on maturity

Life can get overwhelming for me at times quickly, even as an adult. Perhaps not as often anymore now that I have gotten older, yet it still does happen from time to time.

I am one of those people who must be cautious not to allow myself to be swept up by ideas or feelings as this can happen fast for me. When younger I had a tendency to jump right into situations with out thinking ahead, now with maturity under my belt I am able to sit back and face a situation head on, reserving my personal knee jerk reaction till a more suitable time can be found.

At a mere youthful thirty four years of age and with an astonishing 13 years of parenting behind me finally I am able to stay grounded in the moment, in the here and now, to deal with things as they happen.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Shopping is not something that is ever high on my priority list - it happens to be an activity that makes me uncomfortable, it always has. I forever have a list of items that I'm in need of as we all do though. I loathe stores, hate malls and despise seasonal pressure to make just-the-right purchases. However with all that said, even I, now and then need to make my way out to the retail world to make new acquisitions or else I would starve or run around in no clothing all the time. (not just most of the time as is now)

Today was the day I am not so fond of. I managed to find a pair of sporty with a touch of dress up walking shorts and a light-as-a-sheet-of-paper V-neck sleeveless shirt. Layering of T's and tanks is foreign to me, well at least until this past Spring. The warm weather as of late a gentle reminder that I should own a few more summer clothes. There were so few color choices in the stores that I found appealing, I could have looked longer, or harder, but again...I do not like to shop. RC is incredible with a sewing machine - I think it is time to suggest he "fit me" for a pair of shiny PVC shorts, then assemble them one evening for me.

Off next to buy food, a necessary staple of life. Grocery shopping with T to a large box store, before heading to the butchers and then the produce market. I'm not one to make a big deal out of food either. It can be said though, that I have a sensitive palette. Salmon and scallops was the highlight of the tantalizing treats thrown into the cart. That neither T or RC are partial to seafood sucks as when I cook something, I am left to eat it all.

Given the choice, my personal preference for a retail expedition is first thing in the morning, right as the store is opening. It easier for me to navigate a store if it is empty of crowds and loud noise. Upon further reflection I also greatly dislike the fluorescent lights associated with malls along with store associates that feel the need to hover. Both of these, BLAH!

In an effort to ease my tension from the stress accumulated lately, I have booked myself in for a lengthy and rather pricey body massage later today. The girl that does me, is making a small mint from me these past few weeks. My neck and shoulders create most of the ache I suffer, its of course muscle knots.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

surprise twist

The party last night was a hoot, much fun ensued. The main play room had five couples engaged, though the room was by no means full, so there was still plenty of room for others to watch or play themselves. We had sex together for nearly an hour .... hedonistic pleasure for us. Sharing our orgasms with a couple of people for whom we were never formally introduced made our night out extra special.

Of course we found our way to the hot tub - naked, lasting in there for quite some time. RC with Scotch and a Cuban cigar, me with women flirting me up at every chance. The heated water was a sexy contrast to the nippy June evening rain.

A whirlwind of woman tumbled towards me, suddenly. Grabbing my shoulder she propelled me round in the water and pointed at the window. Look there! she exclaimed, at her. She wants you to watch her Jennifer, she tells me fervently. From my naked, seated position in the hot tub I sat back comfortably, looking through the glass, watching this unknown woman. She had my attention. The stare deep into my eyes, intently and deliberately, I found her bold and decided to watch on and see what other charms she had to offer me.

Now the whirlwind of woman, she was saying things like "my friend heard you speak, she heard your voice and just thought you and your voice, you were so sexy" and "she really wants to meet you Jennifer, she is there dancing for you." "Watch, watch!"

As I looked through the blinds from the patio, into the dance floor, I make eye-contact with the brazen one for a long few minutes. She slows her stripper like dance right down to a whisper of hip rocking motion and I've made up my mind.

Out loud I say to RC "that woman wants me". RC breathless from hot tubing, watching me interact with women all night long and of course, this hot little number prancing before us can only nod and smile.

Her dance ends and about twenty seconds later the brazen one departs the dance floor. I know she is making her way to me, on the deck.

Do you want to play? I say to her in my power voice as I step naked out of the hot tub.

Play? she says whimsically as she eyes my dripping wet body.

Yes play. I want to have sex with you, how about strap-on sex?

YEAH. Like right now? Her eyes were twinkling, and her virgin white lingerie was the only thing between us.

"Yes Now. Right here. On the deck." "You bent over the chair here" I say as I throw a towel over the chair before me and start lubing up my own cock.

Excitedly she smiles and says Yay!

Then I hear a voice. The sound of an a disgruntled man. The other half. "What's in it for me?" He said it to her, not me and I knew then that she and I would not be playing.

I don't do drama.

Lesson: If you and your partner visit a swingers or sex club ever in your lives, decided and agree upon your rules as a couple and individually BEFORE you go out to play with others.