Wednesday, December 27, 2006

family dinner

With Allena, Jim, my daughter and myself all settled together so comfortably both time and food disappeared quickly. We had a feast of course as it was our family Christmas dinner together.

Turkey, stuffing, the works, all done in my kitchen for us all and Jim brought the tripod so we even caught some good dinner shots with the table all set and everything.

We had traditional crackers at our table, and when popped open, Jims message said

How does one human embryo talk to another human embryo?

It uses a stem cell phone!

We found the joke to be very modern, funny and just a tad bit disturbing in a good way. Imagine the poor family that such a joke would offend...and at the Christmas dinner table when the extended family & friends would even be around.

After dinner, we played Sudoku for a couple of hours, then ate delicious ice cream cake. The day couldn't have been any better.

Oh yes and another of my coolest gifts was The Creature, it now has me captivated by it's volume and range.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

days turned into weeks

I've found it to be hard to write lately with so much going on in my life. Bringing to fruition my dream facility for 2007 has been draining, difficult and expensive lately. Writing has been hard as my focus of course has been dwelling elsewhere.

In the last week my daughter has celebrated a birthday and I became the mother of a teenager. She had an ice skating party, but more memorable to all the girls I think was there time spent here at our place hanging out for hours playing games while devouring party food. It seems like just the other day that I was nursing her at my breast for the first time.

I spent an evening on the top floor, the 34th that is, of the Coast Plaza Hotel downtown with an incredible couple. Private work has it's rewards. I'd been brought in secretly by a man as a gift to his wife for her 50th birthday celebration. What fun we had together, she was delighted to find me in their suite, especially after having been in a class of mine just days before.

Mustang came to lunch the other day, I cooked for the man as we spent a few hours talking and exchanging Christmas presents. Again he brought me the most beautiful lavish festive floral arrangement, brightening up my living room now.

Spent two nights on the island with my daughter. My folks really enjoyed having us over, I only wish it was easier (less time involved) and cheaper to get over their way. The grandparents, my daughters great grand parents and my folks along with my daughter and I went out for a big family dinner one night and another did the gift exchange. A dishwasher, they got me a dishwasher, I feel like the luckiest woman alive right about now. Seeing us all together, all the generations, is warming, it's times like these that I'm thankful for the youthfulness of our family.

Party night at Dragon Flys was awesome and the secret Santa gift exchange left me with a new sex toy! Due to some light, (ahem chuckle)bottoming, by myself to Mustang at nights end I left covered in scratches all over my back. Pretzels should not be used as an implement. That's all I'm going to say about this.

I need a personal assistant and am not sure where to start with figuring out where to look for said person AND what the job description & responsibilities will be.

The Taboo show has again come knocking on my door and for the fourth year now I'll be teaching on their stage. It's in January I'll be there each day of the show. Go Libido Events!

Friday I'm going to the ballet, to see the Nut Cracker as G's date, he asked me out last week in the most sweetest way. He's very old fashioned in certain ways, courting rituals being one of these. G is a real catch, one day a woman looking to be married is going to be smitten with love.

Tomorrow morning Tuesday, Boxing day, December 26 is Christmas morning in my house this year as my daughter only returned home this evening from her dads this Christmas. (it was his year and I got the birthday this year, next year he gets birthday and I Christmas) As I type the tree is filled underneath with wrapped gifts and filled stockings, my daughter asleep in my bed. We read Twas the Night Before Christmas just a few hours ago and I'm really excited for the morning to get here for her, and I both.

December 27 Wednesday Jim & Allena are arriving for a couple of days with my daughter and I. We'll be celebrating Christmas together then as a family and having our big turkey dinner. I'm ready with the bird and all the trimmings.