Friday, December 30, 2005

our little secret

put my daughter to bed at regular bedtime this evening and am now readying myself for my trip down to Seattle.

Allena, Jim & I plan on being at The Wet Spot tomorrow night for the New Years eve celebrations. What fun we will have, as we're quite the triad when out together.

We've even got a tradition, something special we do every new years eve together that the act of doing makes us all feel close.

You see, Allena & I pull up gurneys or beds, side by side in the medical room and one year up against a wall. With beds side by side, at The Spot in the main playing area, we disrobe, you know, get naked. One of us has gotten noise blowers for us both, and we are holding them in our hands.

Laying ourselves each on a bed, we settle in to comfortable positions before popping our horns in to our mouths. Looking out there are many people in the club whom we know and many other faces only vaguely familiar, most have their own play scenes going on, some are socializing and the few who make New Years at The Spot a tradition know what is about to take place.

Midnight has happened, and Allena has already toasted in the whole room and now this is our time. Our girl time together, to be naughty and have fun. Our Daddy Jim can be seen sitting or standing within viewing proximity and whose eyes will not leave us girls for some time.

Giggling like the little girls we are, putting away our bashfulness, we lay out flat, reaching out one arm to one another so we can hold hands. Sweaty palms meeting and fingers entwining so we can gain strength from one another for the act which is about to take place.

"Now" one us will say and then, legs will be spread and our vulvas will be opened in all their glory for our free hands to find.

With eagerness and great hunger our fingers will part our lips and together we will masturbate, while holding hands and blowing on our horns. [the closer to orgasm, the more intense the horn blowing becomes] it is a riot! And both Allena and I can bring an orgasm on close then hold it at bay and bring it back again over and over, the horns just make it so festive! Time doesn't matter, the only thing on our minds is the big O.

Now last year, our paper horns were blown so much [ok, we masturbated that long and that many times] that the cardboard end of one of the blowers went flying off it's curly end due to prolonged exposure to wetness. Some blessed person came along and provided a new horn quickly so our activities needn't slow down or stop. How thoughtful was that person hey?

Jim will have gotten closer & closer to the action with a perma grin on his face & a hard-on in his pants: he can be heard saying "those are My girls" with great pride to anyone within ear shot.

Allena and I can be found, hair amuck, short on breath, wiping up our girl juices off of the beds afterwards before falling straight into our daddies arms.

Happy New Year to all of you, I hope you all have traditions that make you feel good, safe, warm & loved. I know my family does.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

what I read

wearing my sex educator hat, sitting naked I read interesting articles in my down time at home, in the pursuit of good sound sex-positive information; which I then get to share with others in a teaching environment. [wearing clothes and sexy shoes]

please be forewarned that if you click on any of the photo link buttons, nestled inside the article, that the images you will find are very graphic

Penile Fracture and Associated Urethral Injury

and reading this was certainly eye opening and will interest you if you are a chronic pain sufferer or a BDSM enthusiast. Rein for Pain Lays Mainly in the Brain, Stanford Researchers Find

see something out there I should know about, please, forward it along to me.


new camera

tonight I plan on catching up on Libido Events e-mail. If you're awaiting something from me, know that the time is near when you'll hear from me. At least 25 e-mails that require dedicated, thoughtful answers. The simple requests I can send back right away, but the rest, well it takes time. Mailing list requests go to my other e-mail address so the address I'm writing about is my jennifer account. Residing in there right now is an obscene amount of mail and the oldest piece is almost 2 weeks old; and I have a personal rule about not having old emails past 2 weeks dated in my account.

For Christmas one of the things I was so blessed to receive was a new digital camera. It works so amazing and I'm elated at how easy it is to navigate, given that I'm one of those who is challenged technically. Soon, on the new web pages to be added to Libido Events will be albums where you can go and browse through the photos I'll be shooting of workshops and play events. (prior to doors opening and people arriving of course)

My daughter and I have just finished pizza and Greek salad and are now together in the livingroom on the sofa. Me on my laptop and her knitting next to me. Jim left early this afternoon and I'm seeing Doug tomorrow for a few hours. Although this year end has lot's of items still needing closure, healing and work on my behalf - right at this moment, at home with my child, I'm feeling peaceful and blessed.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I've yet to go to sleep and it's 9:03am. However, MAJOR site revamp happened overnight. It's not finished yet, but I'm feeling really good about how amazing the transformation already is.

Now to take care of me, sleep, blissful sleep.