Saturday, May 12, 2007

Leather Reign

Housekeeping just left our room, it feels luxurious to have someone come and tidy the bed and bathroom. I had just removed the Do Not Disturb sign from the door when she arrived. Now I'm laying on a fresh made bed checking in on e-mails as I lay here in the Sheraton Bellevue Hotel.

Late yesterday RC and I drove down to Seattle to Leather Reign a conference happening this weekend. They have me teaching two classes, one this afternoon on Personal Safety for Perverts and then tomorrow my Bottoming Skills class. At the opening event last night, they put me on the auction block as an educator and sold me to a couple for $200 for a private one hour class in addition to the two already scheduled.

There was a play party last night, but instead of going down to check it out, RC and I stayed in our room together and were in bed sleeping by 11:00 with the alarm set to wake us up at 11:00 this morning. A solid 12 hours of sleep was most necessary for my happiness and RC's mental well-being, good thing we have a King Size bed. (he gets weird on little sleep & I simply can't function)

This trip has so far landed me with some shopping goodness. Let's see I bought a pair of red and black adorable burlesque style panties...a new pair of fence-net stockings, a fun male masturbator toy for classes and a tank top that says Girls Lick Pussy Better. The tank is perfect for me to wear when I'm teaching my Pussy Licking Good class. And finally, RC got me a new pair of extra special black, shiny, sleek knee high boots with a heel that goes on forevvvvvver!

My promise to RC is that I am not allowed to beat him with these new boots as I did in fact beat him with last pair of footwear that he bought me. (only because they hurt my feet so they should hurt him to) Apparently meeting his mother a few weeks back warranted my getting treated to these pretty boots.

We've not even checked out the vendors here at the event and goodness knows that they will have some devious device that I just must have. Before my class today I plan on checking them out, perhaps by then RC will be back from the gym downstairs.

Friday, May 11, 2007

drawing help

Today I come to you looking for an Architect or an Engineer.

Are you available Monday or Tuesday for a few hours by day or night and able
to donate your time to this amazing project?

I need a precise floor plan of the existing venue measured to the 1/4 inch and then again with furnishing added and the City says it HAS to be done by an Architect or Engineer. Since I am neither I need your help to complete this task for Libido Lounge. Of course, it needs to be completed on the spot.

Please e-mail


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Membership Drive

Dear Friends,

There's less than three weeks to the opening of the new pan-sexual, sex-positive space, and lots has happened since I first told you about it.

First, for those who haven't heard it yet, yes, the club has a name. And that name is...

***** LIBIDO LOUNGE *****

The name makes me very happy and was chosen at the end of reviewing three pages of over 70 suggestions.

Second, Libido Lounge is a go! It's on track to open on schedule on June 1, 2007. And this is all thanks to your generosity--yours as well as many others.

We're at the end of the initial fundraising period, which was to raise the funds to secure the venue, but even before today, the contributions that have come pouring in--much of it just in the first 48 hours--have done the job of clinching the space. This has allowed the renovation and furnishing of the club interior to begin ahead of schedule. It's all going very well. THANK YOU!

So, with Libido Lounge a go, I invite and encourage you to join as an Annual Member or as a Lifetime Member. Libido Lounge is about inclusivity. Everyone is welcome: straight, gay, lesbian, bi, male, female, transgendered, singles, couples, triads, other poly relationships, swingers, and there are no body type or age restrictions (other than being 19 or over).

Here are just some of the perks of a Lifetime Membership:

* Free admission to all events. Attend as many events as you like--classes, workshops, parties--without ever having to pay the per-event fees.

* 2 hours use of a club space of your choice every calendar month. Choose from the dungeon, the theatre, the meeting/social space, a bedroom--and that space is your private space just for you and your partner, or invited guests. (Have a special day in mind? Let me know as far ahead of time when you want a space.)

* Invitations to Lifetime Members special events. For example, a social mixer evening with educators or presenters coming from out of town--get the opportunity to chat with them outside their class or workshop.

All advance members, both Lifetime and Annual, also get:

* Invitations to the Pre-Opening Parties. There'll be more than one, for advance members, and for everyone who contributed, whether as a donation, a credit, a loan, or a donation of items or services. You'll get to see the club before its official opening and get to meet lots of wonderful, generous people just like you. The date will be announced soon.

* An invitation to attend a free class: Introduction to Sex-Positive Culture in Vancouver. This class will be offered monthly (attend any month you like), and covers topics such as regular and recurring local and in-house events, existing groups, vocabulary and language, safety tips, party etiquette, and more.

* Access to the Libido Events Sex-Positive Lending Library

* Discounts at affiliated clubs and stores.

Annual membership is just $25 a year, and for this limited time, pre-opening, I am offering Benefactor Lifetime Memberships for $1000 for an individual, and $1600 for a couple. Regular Lifetime Memberships will go up significantly once the club opens on June 1. (Tell your friends so they won't miss out.)

To become an advance member of Libido Lounge, email me, Jennifer at, and let me know which membership you want. Here is a form you can use.


Dear Jennifer,

I would like to become an advance member of Libido Lounge as:

[ ] an Annual Member ($25/year)
[ ] a Benefactor Lifetime Member ($1000)
[ ] Benefactor Lifetime Members, couple ($1600 for 2 people)

[ ] I am sending a Money Transfer from one of Canada's 5 major banks to this e-mail account. (

[ ] I am sending a Gift, as a donation. Any amount of money, from $5 or $10 to whatever your generosity permits that you are able to donate will help. All donations will be received with gratitude.

[ ] I am sending a cheque, made out to Jennifer Skrukwa, to your mailing address: PO Box 28578, 4050 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5C 6J4.


I feel very grateful for your generosity that has allowed the opening of the club to go ahead, and am excited that I can offer these perks to our members as a result. I look forward to seeing you at the pre-opening party and at Libido Lounge again and again in the months following.



Wednesday, May 09, 2007

no time to sit

Two woodworkers, one handyman and another who is quickly assuming the role of my personal assistant spent 5 hours today inside Libido Lounge with me getting things ticked off the To-Do-List. What a grueling non-stop afternoon of labour (in the heat) and of course right on the heels of a full morning of phone calls and e-mail answering that needed my full attention.

In order to dine with my daughter who has been short on mom time as of late, we decided to order sushi to go and ate it in the car, out front of the drop off point for her evening's Girl Guide meeting. The meal was my first of the day, I was famished both for the food and T's warm loving company.

My phone has rang over 24 times today, no joke, it's insane the amount of people trying to reach me. After three years of owning a cheap Fido cell phone with no features, I just today got call display so I can keep up with all my calls. Last week RC gave me a very sweet unexpected gift. A new fancy, shmancy cell phone, with a cool camera in it and more features than I've ever known before. My ring-tone is Witchy Woman and now I can even tell whose calling me. The present was extra special because I really disliked my old phone but made do with-it because it still worked, so why bother buying a new one. Now I have a new one and the old one has been retired.

My life is blessed, made rich by the GREAT number of friends that I have made through my sex-activism. To all of you who are reaching out to me right now through The Big New Venture, THANK YOU, for your trust, your gifts and praise. From back in the days when I started BIO in June 2000 through today with Libido Events & Libido Lounge I have always been here to serve the sex-positive community of Vancouver and BC. Your belief in me shines so bright right now, it brings tears to my eyes.

**I can't wait to unveil the gallery of framed Vancouver sex history archived items containing documents that detail the factual history of the last 20+ years. Wait till you see the truths, births and realities of ventures, ideas and individuals chronicled by newspaper articles, interviews, web articles, photos, magazines and receipts. Fascinating Factual walk down memory lane. This will be housed as part of our Libido Events Sex-Positive Lending Library - non removable items for all to enjoy, view and learn from.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

one after another

Appointments, appointments, appointments. 8:00 a.m., (in-between these hours I came home quickly crawling into bed with RC for an hour long cuddle) 10:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. Then off to the Post Box. Then the Bank. Then home to make a dozen phone calls to City Hall, finding everyone I needed to. Pack the teaching bag for Butt Sex & Anal Pleasures. Make dinner for daughter. Drive to Bellingham WA. Have dinner with friends then give my class to a group of perverts. Drive home arriving in at 11:30 p.m. Work on the computer till late.

Head and body, collapse into bed. Exhaustion, sleep.

Things are a whirlwind right now.

I am tense, needing a really thorough massage.

Monday, May 07, 2007

claiming my own

Today I came to an important realization. Something has been bothering me. I am not able to share a desk with RC. I need my own desk back and he needs his own back. Space for all my paperwork, computer, files and wires for all the necessary gadgets I own. Tonight after class we're picking up his desk from his soon-to-be old home and moving it back to our house.

Separate work spaces are a must, especially given that RC and I are running Libido Lounge together. We may share a bed, a life and long term goals, but I draw the line at desk sharing. I require my own personal desk free of others belongings.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Logo Design, Identity

Libido Lounge is set to open June 01 2007 on schedule so you can imagine just how crazy things are around here. I want to thank you in advance for any of your help and assistance with logo / graphic help that you can give me right now. I need it fast.

Logo needs....

Name Libido Lounge
Colors: vivid reds, royal colors, rich
Should feel sexy and yet still be subtle
I like the double L in Libido Lounge
Neither a feminine or masculine feel
No flowery font

The logo is for clothing, business cards, web use, and as a graphic. Important to know that there is an outside awning that is going to need either the full name on it OR the double LL's and this graphic/logo on it to make the club identifiable for all.

What can you create? Throw things at me, I want to have lots of choices to choose from.

If your graphic /logo is chosen you'll get a free membership for a year plus 4 free event passes.

If you have any further questions please let me know otherwise, I'll be closing this contest on Friday May 11 at noon.

Send your submissions to

blessings and thanks.......good luck as well