Thursday, June 14, 2007

Suggestions Please...

Do you, or someone you know happens to teach Belly Dancing?

And what about Pole Dancing, I need someone to teach this as well?

Since I am at it, what about Yoga, someone to teach this, got any names?

Who by chance is most charismatic for Burlesque classes?

What about your favourite sexologist or sex-therapist?

Send along your suggestions, with any contact info you may have for the individual to me at


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Position = Taken


Difficult to believe, but true none the less, this evening I hired myself a Personal Assistant to aid me in getting through the tedious amounts of work that I must complete regularly.

I'm feeling really good about this new persons job and title and look forward to formalizing our new arrangement.

For point of my blog here, I think I shall refer to my assistant as PA. I am going to leave any reference to gender or any thing more specific about this person free from my writings to allow my PA privacy and peace while doing there job for me.

My life is rolling along at an incredible speed these days. Go me.

Tomorrow is my meeting with the head of the city, the Inspector. We are meeting in my office at Libido Lounge. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

feedback - Libido Lounge

Subject: The Ace of Space

Hi Jennifer,

It's hard to stop you for thirty seconds to tell you what an awesome thing you've done! First, I was shocked (but not surprised) when I saw today how you have transformed the place, even from how it looked on Sunday. I know you've had help, but any project like this requires a leader, and you've provided leadership in spades.

Second, I was amazed at how comfortable the place feels. It could easily have turned out to feel like an illicit, back-alley, warehouse kind of a place, but even before you've finished it almost feels like an extension off of someone's home.

Finally, apart from the physical space, the whole concept is... it would be too easy to throw out a vague word like "awesome" here (and I've used it once already), so I won't. I know that you've said that being a pioneer and a trail-blazer is hard work (and I don't doubt it), but I hope it is rewarding for you, because it is rewarding and rewarding *for* those around you. I am glad that I was able to volunteer a small part to help.

And no, I'm not just saying these things because of our very nice goodbye kiss this evening. ;)

I await your lead vis-a-vis ---------, as the timetable is yours and certain things have to wait for you to be ready or make decisions. There's no rush from my point of view, and I only mention it to make sure you know I'm here when you're ready.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Bright and Awesome

A couple of photos to appease your curiosity. This is what two rooms of Libido Lounge look like thus far...

the first photo is a shot of the Workshop / Play room, it's one of 4 large multi use rooms
this second snapshot is of one side of the Social Lounge, Cuddle Puddle Room and our front lockers

Sunday, June 10, 2007

saying hello

Family and rest were the only two things today to get any of my time or attention, it was glorious. I could not have done any more if I tried, but I didn't, nor did I want to. My day was perfectly relaxing. Tomorrow I'll tell you the highlights of the last week, it just flew by with activity. It's been so long since I wrote last, the changes have been monumental around here.