Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vibrators & Lubricant Abbotsford

After nine hours of sleep, I'm awake again to face another day.

Taboo Day Two starts for me in a couple of hours.

This email was awaiting me as I turned my computer on. Making a positive lasting difference in the intimate lives of others is what I strive for.

My wife and I really enjoyed your seminars tonight.

You have a wonderful way of making everyone feel comfortable.

We attended both and came away feeling excited about we learned.

We're planning to try some of your technique suggestions Saturday. I'm looking forward to the bullet and lubricant you recommended and that we bought.

Thanks for being so genuine.

G & S

If you've got some time available this afternoon and can get out to the Fraser Valley, stop by the Abbotsford Tradex at the airport, take in the show and come see one, or all three of my sexy inspirational, informative seminars too.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sex Classes Abbotsford

The security and police presence at Taboo tonight was overwhelming. It made me uncomfortable when I realized that the Abbotsford municipal police force and the airports Tradex center didn't think that the show goers would be decent law abiding folks. They were polite and all, everyone in uniforms, but there was just so god damn many of them that it was a tad bit unnerving.

More people came out this year on the Friday night than there was last year, that's for certain. And a good thing too, as attendees are what keep the energy level up within the show.

Last year, few were dressed risque in any way, this year, there was people baring skin and looking sexy everywhere I turned.

My two classes, Oral on Him, and G-spotting and Female Ejaculation were great hits. There were plenty of folks who've been in classes with me before and even some familiar faces too. It is always such a treat to be greeted so warmly by such a large group of people.

I was offered two new work gigs tonight and both will be set in motion in the next day or two, this makes me both proud and very happy. My networking skills are phenomenal, then again so is my reputation as a speaker and as someone who does the job well.

It's late and I need to get some sleep as I have to be back at the show in twelve hours. And it's about a 30 minute drive from home back, not much shut eye tonight.



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Abbotsford Taboo Sex Show 2009

For days now I have been bed ridden, unable to do much of anything. Don't get me wrong, I leave the house for a few hours each day to deal with clients and appointments, then promptly return home and crawl right back into my bed. Four hours of standing up work and interacting in the world renders me useless for the rest of the day.

Exhausted, my body is unable to do any more. My eyes water, my chest hurts and congestion gets the better of me.

I nap for a short while, then awaken abruptly to another fit of lung distress and heavy rattly breathing with yucky coughs included.

It seems like this should be wrapping up about now, yet instead it lingers on like an unwelcome visitor.

The only upside to all of this is that I have been able to complete a number of projects that were officially over due.

Tomorrow is day one of three for me, teaching at The Abbotsford Taboo Sex Show.

Must rest now or tomorrow will be hopeless.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bed Head

Day three of the head cold, and it has certainly taken hold. The damn thing has knocked the wind right out of me and tested my energy levels to the maximum. I have been popping day time non drowsy caplets in the hope of any relief to the blasted symptoms, but really they have not helped me out all that much.

Suffice to say, I am not very happy about being so unwell, but still I have managed to meet most of my commitments.

My body is so weary and my head is congested. Yesterday I was scheduled for some fillings and dental work and that appointment needed to be canceled. Sedation and head colds don't do well together.

Bed early tonight and then tomorrow coaching sessions that were booked weeks ago.

I have not been sick in well over a year, despite the fact that each of my family members has been multiple times over. I guess this time just happens to be, my turn.

If I owe you an email or a phone call right now, know that my phone list stands at 22 and my emails out-standing are 77. So, yeah, I am wee bit behind as I attempt to get myself better and ready for The Taboo Sex Show this weekend and my seven classes.


Good night

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AIDS, Condoms & The Pope

Every now again something happens in our Big Old World that scares me half to death. The Pope made some horribly negative and damaging comments last week in Africa about the AIDS crisis and condom use. Read on to discover how misinformed he is, and then join me in signing the on line petition, its your voice, let it be heard.

Last week, on his first visit to Africa, Pope Benedict said that "[AIDS] cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems".

The Pope's statement is at odds with the research on AIDS prevention, and a setback to decades of hard work on AIDS education and awareness. With powerful moral influence over more than 1.1 billion Catholics in the world, and 22 million HIV positive Africans, these words could dramatically affect the AIDS pandemic and put millions of lives at risk. Worldwide concern is starting to show results and a willingness by the Vatican to revise the statement - sign our urgent petition asking the Pope to take care not to undermine proven AIDS prevention strategies:


This is not a religious dispute, but a grave public health concern. Personal beliefs of Catholics and all people should be respected, and the Pope's advocacy for a culture of fidelity and respect could be helpful in prevention if condoms were not discouraged. The Catholic Church engages in a vast amount of social service work, including the care of those living with AIDS. But the Pope's claim that condom distribution is not an effective AIDS prevention mechanism is not supported by research. It's untrue, and if it diminishes condom use, it will be deadly.

The fact is, HIV and AIDS are prevented by condom use. There is no easy solution to the spread of this tragic disease, but condoms and education are the best known prevention combination and have not been found to increase risky sexual behaviour. That is why even priests and nuns working in Africa have questioned the Pope's statements.

We may not be able to ask the Catholic Church to change its broader position, but we are asking the Pope to stop actively speaking out against prevention strategies that work. It's important that people of all beliefs, especially Catholics, call on the Pope to exercise care in his leadership on this issue. Sign below then spread the word to your friends and family - this petition could actually save lives:


Monday, March 23, 2009

Toni & Guy Vancouver

The salon chopped off seven inches of my hair.

They layered it all.

Gave me bangs.

And put in large chunks of gloriously bright, synthetic red color, mostly through out the front, then fading into the back.

I feel great.

Except for the fact that I am developing what appears to be a cold.

Damn it all.

Cool new hair do, and instead of showing it off, I'm at home popping over-the-counter, get well sooner pills.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sexuality Speaker Vancouver

It has been such a busy weekend. Work, work and more work. I've been in bed for hours already with my laptop making headway into the lengthy list of To-Do items that are before me.


I spent some time on the phone with my advertising content guru a short while ago and he is working on the completion of some seriously kick ass new pamphlets for The Lounge. We'll be launching this new campaign starting at The Taboo Sex Show next weekend in Abbotsford, where I will be for three days, teaching a bevy of classes.

My in box is at a more manageable level thanks to some dedicated time sorting then replying to many. This task makes my head hurt at the best of times. There is still a lot that needs done but the more pressing emails and queries have been tended to.

My home office is in a decent state after my spending an hour of time filing papers, writing checks, shredding confidential information and uploading the most important stuff to my computer.

Prior to going to bed, I MUST, simply MUST complete a long term professional speakers proposal for a Federal program that has head hunted me. Let me find the strength to do this before my eyes roll back in my head and I find myself lost in a deep exhausted sleep.