Saturday, April 07, 2007

princess notes

Happenings of a Princess...

1. Finding a select few pairs of seemimgly perfect womanly shoes to try on in a downtown store brought a smile to my face. Instead of waiting for the sales assistant to offer me help or even allowing me to do it for myself, RC drops down to one knee where he removes my foot ware in a very sweet manner. Then still on his bent knee he placed each new shoe on for me, strapping my ankles in securely so I could parade in front of a mirror till a decision could be made as to which ones made me happiest.

2. With the intention of pampering me RC had set up the massage table earlier in the evening because he said I needed and deserved a good massage. A 90 minute full body massage, where RC worked my entire naked body free from stress, then put us, to bed.

3. Flowers in all colors two weeks in a row, glorious large arrangements that make my dining and living room look so bright & lavish, then the third week a vase filled with orchids.

4. Me: sprawled out in the large lounger in the living room, naked with a cold drink in my hand. On the TV, girl-on-girl porn, yummy. On the floor between my spread legs was a cushion and perched upon it RC could be found for some time, pleasing me. Wild wet orgasms ensued.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007

play time

Fond memories from last night...RC emitting low muffled agonizing screams mixed with rounds of him giggling uncontrollably while being tortured. He was naked on the bed, face down buried into all the pillows with hands clenched to the sheets and his ass exposed. Me and my body weight straddled over him, sitting in the small of his back, ordering him to be very still in my stern dominant bedroom voice. Blade in hand, I carved a letter J into his posterior, a little ragged in places, but not because of my hand, no no. Where it looks rough is due to RC thrashing around despite being told to, stay very still.

All in all, excellent handiwork.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

feedback on G-Spot class

Hi Jennifer,

I really enjoyed the G-Spot class last night. It was both
informative and fun, which is how I feel learning should be! You
really have a wonderful style of teaching and I'm grateful for the
friendly and warm, yet very professional approach you used to engage
us in our learning about female sexuality. I'm looking forward to
another class with you soon. This time I'll bring my partner!

Thanks so much to you and Allison for your generous open-mindedness.
I'm quite sure it will lead to increased pleasure for at least one
more beautiful and sexy woman this week..... :-)


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I never even noticed

Today in my mailbox was a small envelope that I'd been awaiting on pins and needles to receive, the contents though minute in size was most valuable to me.

Recalling last week.... RC, the teen-ager and myself sitting at the table enjoying dinner together and the phone rings.

I answer, only because it is Bella. (Allena)

Bella: "So honey, did you lose something last weekend when you were here?"

Me: thinking deeply, "Nope, nothing, why?"

Bella: "Are you sure, because in my bed I found a bead....."

Me: at the dinner table, pulling up my top and pulling my breast free from the bra to exclaim "holy crap, you're right! I did leave something behind." "Wow, thank you for finding it and can you believe it is still straight through my nipple in perfect place without the bead securing it there."

Teenager & RC: looking at my one breast sans bead to hold the barbell in place and smiling oddly at me in shock, laughing at my predicament to one another, while continuing to eat dinner.

Bella: "I found it in my bed honey, likely lost during my birthday celebration."

Me: thinking in my head, I likely lost that during our three-some on her birthday morning wake-up. While saying out loud "can you mail that to me ASAP in a padded envelope so it doesn't poke out and get lost for good this time."

Bella: "Done"

Later after dinner RC taped a piece of medical cloth tape over the piercing to hold it in place till the bead arrived as I didn't want to have to remove it.

The bead came today and is now secured again on to my left barbell where it belongs.

Monday, April 02, 2007

G Spot class Burnaby

tomorrow night I'm teaching my G-Spot and Female Ejaculation class, plan on being there...

April 3 Tuesday
7:30 - 9:30pm
Finding and Stimulating the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation - with live demo
(open to men & women, couples & singles)
presented by Jennifer
Love Nest 4687 Kingsway, Burnaby
tickets$25, pay at door

Finding and Stimulating the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation

Are you a squirter or gusher, or aspiring to be? Want to help your lady enjoy her G-Spot? This is the class for you.

Join Jennifer and one of her lovely woman friends for a hands-in demonstration on techniques to please for G spot stimulation & ejaculation potential.

Clitoral & G-Spot Anatomy from both an internal and external view. Choosing a toy or your own hands? Getting you both ready for the often transformative experience. When the G-Spot is stroked, there is often a sensation or urge to urinate. By learning techniques to both understand then move beyond this urge many women can experience heightened arousal and for others ejaculation becomes possible.

*please bring a notebook & pen to class

Sunday, April 01, 2007

meeting the family

An astounding 23 women were in my Cock Sucking class at Kiss & Tell in Victoria earlier this evening and another 14 in my next SM 101 class, it was a great day trip to the island. Our ferry came got us in at 1:30 and my first class was at 3 and the next at 5:30, with just a half hour break in between. The pace works well for me, one after another up to three in a day. It worked out so smoothly, that when my last class ended at 7:30, RC packed me and my gear into the car and off we headed to make the last sailing back to the mainland at 9:00 pm.

Following a day of classes on the road, these things have become obvious

  1. I need another 12 penis for classes, with balls & 6 inch + only
  2. I need an artists easel / teaching white board that folds down into a briefcase.
  3. I need a small folding square very light weight table. (think poker table)
  4. I need another suitcase on wheels, smaller than my extra large and bigger than my small.
  5. I need clear zippered pouches / bags of varying sizes. (often new linens come in them)

Can you imagine....In my Cock Sucking class was RC's sister whom I had never met, not even before the class. This was her first introduction to me in person, until now she had only heard about me from her brother and gotten stolen glimpses of me from reading this blog. The class was her chance to size me up while I taught. It was very difficult for me to not tell stories about her brothers cock in class, or my getting him off. Keeping the class more general was challenging, it stopped my normal conversational flow a bit. None the less, it was a great class and I'm confident that everyone learned many new things.

Must sleep now, RC and I have a 9AM appointment at the new space to check in on some things with the buildings owner. By tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to be in need of a serious nap!