Saturday, March 26, 2011

On Stage Photos - Taboo Day 2

O'Behave in Surrey, a great little adult store, Sponsored my eight classes at Taboo. Here are a couple of photos', the one above is my readying for class and the one below is me right in the thick of a class. There was a ton of video footage shot as well, hours worth actually. I may just publish a wee clip of myself in action, should I get up the nerve.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Taboo Abbotsford Day 1

Shortly Jason will be driving out to Abbotsford where you'll find me teaching three classes this evening at the Taboo Sex Show. If you plan on being in any class of mine, show up early, as my workshop room always ends up as standing room only.

Can't wait to see many of you at the show and remember, small gifts of chocolate are always appreciated. : )

Monday, March 21, 2011

Request for Participants

My good friend Tim sent me this request and so I pass it on to you.

"Interviews on BDSM as a Therapeutic Method."

As a student at Goddard College I am gathering stories from individuals who have experienced sexual trauma and have, either successfully or unsuccessfully, intentionally used BDSM to cope with, treat, or otherwise re-direct their emotions around the issue. BDSM is a compound acronym referring to Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism among other variants in sexual exploration. For the purposes of this survey it is the term used to account for all "alternative" sexual practices related to the mentioned activities.

This interview is being administered under the assumption that you, as the interviewee, have at some point willingly experimented with spanking, being tied up, tying someone up, role playing, and other related activities that may not be detailed in this interview. If discussing these aspects of your experience is not acceptable please feel free to end the interview now. If not, we will begin with some questions to establish a common understanding and build to more personal questions.

With those willing, I would like to do interviews in person or over the phone as available. I will be making personal trips to the San Francisco, Seattle, New York and other areas to hold interviews if enough participants are interested. Phone interviews will be conducted for those unable or uninterested in attending.

The final purpose of this project is to assemble a collected work of stories and experiences that expresses some of the decisions and feelings involved in the various paths people have taken through this. The presentation will be similar to The Vagina Monologues, Pouring Tea, and other collected oral and written histories.

-Tim Murray


Sunday, March 20, 2011

SULTRY Bath House Party - Review

Clean event (March 19, 2011)

Last evening we were at our first event ever with Libido lounge or anywhere else. It was the Sultry bathhouse and it was a lot, a lot of fun. Jennifer is this little package of positive energy, she is present everywhere trying to involve everyone, talking to everyone and she makes everybody feel welcome and part of the fun.

Me and my husband we are in a loving passionate relation. We do love each other and sex is a big part of our relation. We are just a little bit kinky, more boring normal then kinky. We love being naked, we love Wreck beach and we are part of a nudist colony in the States. That was one part of the fun last night; the bathhouse is clean and it was awesome just to shed the clothes and take showers and enjoy the steam, totally, completely naked surrounded by totally, completely naked people.

One of my concerns for last night was that we are 47 and 53 and our bodies are more pumpkin like then god and goddess like; we are fat and old – but fun to be with. I didn’t want to find myself surrounded by young, gorgeous people that will make me feel embarrassed of myself. It was a great mix of people, young ones and not so young ones, good looking and less good looking but everybody treated everyone else with most respect and yes, of course, naughtiness. I looked around me and everyone was involved in some kind of fun: just watching the porn and talking, taking the steam in and this was just the beginning, as the night advanced more naughty games developed and some of the people were engaged in hot fucks while other watching. I was to excited to be able to sit in one place, I wanted to experience everything and thus, the only thing that I comitted to is a blow job to my hubby while listening to the noises of hot sex coming from around us.

So, my three big desires were accomplished: being naked, watch other people having sex and, my fantasy, last but not least, experience a woman’s body. I had this fantasy for a while and I never tried to act on it. My husband is an awesome lover, he loves giving oral and I get the most fantastic orgasms from this. And because I am not selfish I would like to share this pleasure with another woman, I would like to watch B pleasuring her, make her moan and feel the immense pleasure that I do while I kiss her and caress her. It was just a fantasy until last night when I experienced the first taste of it: me being touched by a woman and me touching another woman. Wow! I told B at the end, you, men, are very lucky. A woman’s body is soft and feels like velvet to touch. A woman lips are sweeter than honey. I got to kiss and touch another woman and it was heavenly – I cannot wait to do it again. Hope soon!

The night started with some games that Jennifer made us play: everyone in a circle and soap soap soap. Turn around and soap soap again. That had everyone started. But my most favourite (beside kissing other women – and I kissed at least three, yeah!) was the table game: one woman gets blindfolded on the table and whoever wants to join the fun can do it. I was unsure if I want it or not, like I said I am a virgin of these kind of activities, but Jennifer made me do it and wow, did I was glad I did. Hands everywhere, my legs, my tummy, my breasts – kisses, mmm, sweet kisses. And who was that couple that purred in my ear? that was really good and erotic and arousing, it’s something that I will totally include in my sexual repertoire.

It was an awesome experience; totally recommended for the adventurous ones and for the not so adventurous ones. The bathhouse is great, small but clean and it does smell good ( I am very peculiar about smells). It is the best way to have the first experience as part of a group of people involved more or less in touching and sexual activities, because it is clean! Jennifer is awesome, she is a bundle of positive energy and encouragement – she does what she loves and she loves what she does and you can tell. I met people that I would definitely love to meet again. Yes, it was a dream night, an wonderful adventure.