Saturday, May 24, 2008

Moving Forward

RC and I awoke early today and managed to check off most everything on our To-Do List, though this required hours out of the house and running around at a nauseous speed in the heat.

Tonight's Guest List is rather impressive, both in numbers and in the whose-who aspect of it all. I am looking forward to this lot of Members partying together for sure.

The new door bell is now installed, with huge thanks to RC. We will no longer have to staff the door, rather now just listening for the bell to go off and sending some one to answer to it.

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In other news, I am looking for a Graphic Designer who can cartoon me. Someone to make a cartoon image of me suitable for web and print. Are you this person and able to do this job in the next week or two? If so please make contact with me and we'll discuss particulars.

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If you have a FaceBook profile and either are a friend of mine OR a member of Libido Lounge, would you please friend me "Jennifer Skrukwa". Then if you are a Member of LL, I will subscribe/join you to the secret FaceBook page that keeps our members connected with one another.

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I need to make all the signs for the Lounge. Professionally laminated signs with instructions regarding cleaning, equipment use, cell phones & cameras, safewords and house rules. This is over due, and I am so tired of the tacky photocopied signs, I want 'em shiny and slick now.

Friday, May 23, 2008


The Attendee List was rather large. We had nineteen people attend this evenings New Member Orientation class, it was a very busy night. Plenty of items to discuss, tours to do and paper work to complete. Our Member base is growing exponentially and I couldn't be more pleased.

The chance to sit back and view others as they see Libido Lounge for the first time makes me proud and ecstatic. People love the space when they see what we have created for them and are thrilled themselves to be able to share it with us. It always flatters me when some one is caught off guard by how easy it was for them to walk in our front doors and feel welcomed safely, right away. I work hard to do all of this.

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From today's Province News Paper

Every B.C. Adult and Child will receive a one-time only cheque for $100.00 each for the climate action dividend (from last year’s government surplus). If you filed an income tax, you will automatically get the cheque late next month, but you have to apply for your kids.

Here’ is a link to the form.

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My friend Trish is moving out of country, and so she is selling her car.

FOR SALE: 2007 Kia Rio 5, Grey Granite colour, 5 speed manual transmission, Convenience Package - Power locks, Power windows, Heated front seats, Air conditioning - purchased for extra $4,000 - Paint/Interior protection package - Sealen on paint - 5 year warranty - fading paint, bird droppings, car wash residue protected & Fabric guard - 5 year warranty - stains will be removed or seats replaced - purchased for extra $2,000, owned for just over 1 year - 28,000 kilometres still under warranty
PRICE $15,900.00 O.B.O

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Work Photo

This photo was shot of me at The Abbotsford Taboo Show just a few weeks back. I had a lot of fun and received a wealth of praise for bringing my positive sex education series out to the bible belt; the very city in which I grew up and went to school.

The blue speckle corset is just phenomenal, and fully boned. The craftsmanship is awesome and the color is unique, it makes me smile to just see a photo of it. Thank you to Beth, who made the corset custom to my body specifications and desires. You did such a breath taking job.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Air Conditioning

Reflecting a little in the quiet morning of the house, on the last day of this long weekend it's hard not to be rattled by all the happenings.

Friday was Wreck ..... a get naked with my partner and hang out down at the beach enjoying the weather, ocean and one another kind of day. Despite using sun screen SPF 30, we each managed too much sun on various spots on our bodies. Not at all pleasant to have ones skin hurting, I actually had to ask RC to hold me by the hips when we were in bed fucking, cause quite frankly, it was causing me great pain. And NOT of the exquisite variety.

Saturday was Costco shopping, right as they opened for Business Members at 9:30, I was there and loading up a cart. Zooming through the warehouse towards the exit with everything purchased from my list, and a few more add-ons because hey, it's Costco, and their selection and pricing is quite attractive. My bill was less than I had budgeted for and I was feeling good about how my day was going thus far.

Got to the Lounge, and brought all the groceries in, which was a feat in of itself, all by myself. Stocking up the fridge, which by the way, we got a new one of. A newer white model that is already well in use. As I was finishing filling the cupboards with snacking items I realized how unbearably hot it was inside the facility.

I decided to turn on the lights finally in the place, and the air conditioning so I could run about and set up for the evenings event. A large number of women are about to converge on the Lounge at 7:30 for DIRTY GIRLS, our play party.

The A/C would not work. It won't come on, it is only blowing hot air. Not something the place needs more of. Especially since we have no windows that open it is imperative that there be cool air, cold air. But Nothing.

OK so I finish setting up for the evenings party, turn off the lights and head back home to my computer and files. Locating a repair company can't be that hard right? Wrong. Every entity I found was charging outrageous over time rates on a scorcher of a Saturday, which was of course our long weekend. This was beyond anything I was capable of dealing with.

Professional help came early today, thanks to the Property Management Company and fixed the sucker so it blows cold air again, and not stifling heat.

At times from the outside looking in, I am sure my life looks so flamboyant, happy and stress free. I just wanted to pay homage to the fact, that my life sucks from time to time as well, and that I too have stresses. Usually I choose to forge on and keep the sucky news to myself, this time I shared it with you all.

Good news is now we have our kick ass Air Conditioning System in perfect working order, and ready for a HOT summer of partying and exploits.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sex Pleasure & Sex Changes

The photo that you see here, is the image of a women's mind during orgasm. Science says it is during orgasm that her mind is the most quiet. After looking at the photo a few times over, I still see and feel as though my head explodes during orgasm.

The Orgasmic Mind: The Neurological Roots of Sexual Pleasure

Achieving sexual climax requires a complex conspiracy of sensory and psychological signals—and the eventual silencing of critical brain areas.

Click on the photo to go and read the accompanying article, its from the esteemed Scientific America.

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There is an up and coming (to the mainstream world) notorious (to anyone on the journey of transitioning & their supporters) clinic in Montreal (yes that is in Canada for you Yankees) transforming people into the individuals they have always known they were.

In the last five years alone, I have had six friends change the outward face of their gender identity. Another three pals are on the verge of embarking on the process in the next year or so too. Both M-F (4) and F-M (3). And the age range of the people I know seems to be around 23 years to late thirties for those fully transitioning: Hormones, Surgery, Counseling and Life Re-Ordering.

This is a fascinating article and worth while read (on sex positivity) from CBC News.

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The other day my man showed up at home with a present for me. A Wanachi! Get yourself one, especially if you are as fond of the Hitatchi Magic Wand as I am. This toy comes in at a close second: its easier to hold and manage, smaller to get into tight places, flexible head, multiple unique speeds, more quiet as its battery operated and available in range of colors.

Did I mention the fact that its waterproof as well? Well, it is. And for those of you concerned about the product its made from, know that is is Phthalates Free , and powered by two simple AA batteries.