Saturday, November 12, 2005

another mans bed

Woke up this morning in a strange bed and left wearing yesterdays clothes. All signs of a great evening out the night before. It was my date with B and he picked me up on his way home from the airport. Arrived in to his house, heels slipped off & food ordered. A bath by candlelight is suggested and the next thing I know I'm rolling around in bed with one sexy man. In the wee hours of the morning we fell asleep exhausted and content finally. Wrapped up in the warmth of a male partner who is not my bottom nor my Daddy, simply my date and someone who makes me feel really good. I've been told we're going out again. Date trois! Lucky girl I am.

And now this evening I'm off to Sin City to take it by storm. I've got a whole new whack of advertising leaflets and also business cards to take down with me, plus a few gifts for some people behind the scenes who are always doing much work for our sex positive city.

Packing a toy bag seems the way to go, with out taking one, I could lose the chance to play with someone that I find hot. However packing a toy bag means that it has to be carried around all night long by me and thus somewhat cumbersome. Maybe I'll find a bottom who offers a massage of feet or back to myself BEFORE they offer their bodies to me. One can wish yes?

I've no idea what to wear tonight and seeing as I'm going sans date, the only clothing preferences that matter are mine! Life is good today. With my daughter away for the whole weekend it doesn't even matter what time I get in this evening and a sleep in is possible tomorrow.

Sitting eating Chinese take out right now at my desk naked. Broccoli and beef on rice and when done this, it's my plan to walk over to my bed, part my legs, pump some lube on my mons....allow it to do the slow run down my labia, before I start stroking my slick lips as my vibrator settles nicely into it's routine of round and round my clitoris. Remembering to breath often, I will have a massive orgasm that will wash over me and leave me seeing stars. It's good to be able to take care of oneself well!

off to be productive



Monday, November 07, 2005

thank you note

A man whom had some questions about his sexuality spent some time talking with me about his situation privately and also attended the Vancouver Sexpo in October. This is an email I received from him the other day and after a name change here is his kindness

Hello Jennifer,

It is polite to send thank you notes when someone does something nice for you, so here is mine. I originally contacted you about a month ago because I was having difficulty orgasming and this, either as cause or effect, was effecting many aspects of my life. I can say now that I no longer have that problem, and it is thanks, in part, to you and your organization. Your advice and suggestions, as well as the Sexpo, which forced me to be more open about my sexuality, have given me a new confidence to pursue the life I desire. I cannot thank you enough, you do people more good than you could possibly know.

My sincerest gratitude,

it's emails like this that make my sex activism so rewarding!

sex activist

Sunday, November 06, 2005

returning home

I just returned from Seattle where I spent the weekend with my daughter. At the The Wet Spot on Saturday afternoon I taught two classes Women's Dominace class & a Women's Only Masturbation class, what a great afternoon I had as did all the women who joined me. Thanks so much to all of you, you rocked!

Someone emailed me their blog link with a write up about their experience at the Vancouver Sexpo a few weeks back, check it out.

Here is the Wicked Womyn website as well, go and have a read.

I'm in love with the most amazing people. Jim, Allena and kara are my chosen family and the family that keeps me feeling grounded, safe and loved. I love many others but these people are the ones whom I feel the closest to and whom I'd always go the extra mile for.

Time for me to go and unpack the suitcases now. One is filled with our clothes from the weekend and the other with all the sex toys that I brought down for my Between Our Legs: Masturbation for Women Only class. Thankfully the border in either direction was not interested in looking inside my suitcases. I feel sorry for the ones who open my bags then get all embarrassed. Don't most people travel with 40 odd sex toys in their own personal pink Tinkerbell suitcase? I'm blessed, I suppose.

My cell phone has died and with it all of it's phone numbers inside of it are gone as well. If we talk on the phone, would you mind emailing me your number so I can get you loaded into my new phone once Fido ships it. Email those numbers to