Saturday, March 10, 2007

pretty nipple jewelery

Non piercing nipple jewelery. Very pretty and almost weightless. Secured around the base of each nipple with a slide loop closure. Two sets were given to me as a gift about 6 weeks ago and I've yet to have the chance to try them on.

The other night RC pulled the barbells out of my nipples. (his first time doing such a thing) Then he put the swag on me and took these photos.

Whats cool about these is that they come in an abundance of colors and do not require the wearer to get their nipples pierced to have them adorned beautifully. The maker of these is so flexible that he'll even take special requests. Once placed on you get the benefits of having something making your breasts and nipples sway both for sex / pleasure and as eye candy for your partner.

Want a set, or two? Email

cost $20 set includes a case

**hey Lisa, can you say "awesome"

Friday, March 09, 2007

Women's Only Play Party

Lucky me, I get to spend my evening surrounded by beautiful woman enjoying one another in a way that few can even imagine yet alone draw an accurate picture of. Yet another job perk to sex-activism.

Womens Only Naughty Party
9:00pm - 1:00am
Brought to you by Libido Events
Venue: 11041 River Road N Delta
Tickets are pay at the door, $30 cash

Attend alone or bring along a couple of girlfriends.

You'll feel it the moment you walk in, the energy, the enthusiasm, the
raw female magnetism swirling through the air. As you sign in with the sexy smiling
hostess, you'll have your first glimpse of what a Libido Event: Women's
Only Naughty Party at the lush and lavish Club Eden is all about. Although you'll have come
dressed to impress and will, no doubt, expect to be wowed (the wonderful
thing about a no street clothes dress code is the ample eye candy);
nothing can actually prepare you for the sheer breathtaking beauty of so
many hot and delicious women in such a warm and inviting space. You see,
this is not your ordinary party this is a sex positive women's only
play party. This is a party for women to celebrate their love (and lust)
for women.

Downstairs, you'll find a comfortable social space that overlooks the
dance floor. In the corner you may spot women swapping massages on the
massage table with others stand nearby chatting. On the couches, you may
spy women with their lips locked in a flirty and hungry embrace
alongside women resting a moment and taking it all in after a long
session on the dance floor. The dance floor itself is a sight to behold
bodies undulating under the flashing lights, dancing around the pole and
with other women. Mesmerizing.

Just around the corner from the dance floor is a laid back kitchen area
that leads into a lounge with a definitely posh club-like feel. The
lights are low, the candles flicker and all around the room women chat
and flirt while getting a refreshing drink (note, the event is alcohol
free) and maybe a light snack to munch on. Out back, you'll definitely
hear giggles from the hot tub (which is clothing optional, of course)
that sits on a large deck overlooking a large and peaceful yard. And if
you listen really carefully, you'll hear the moans and shrieks swirling
in from the BDSM dungeon down the hall and the numerous bedrooms

You are free to do what you wish at this party the space is there for
your to use as you please (respecting, of course, others wishes for
privacy and/or non-involvement). Does the voyeur in you want to see some
sex play or maybe a flogging? Do you want to flirt with reckless abandon
all night long? Do you just feel like chatting with sexy women in a sexy
environment, feeding off the fiery energy in the air? Does the
exhibitionist in you want to come out on display? Do you want to dance?
Do you want to play? Give or get a massage ?

Towels, massage oils, safer sex supplies, and beverages are all included
in your ticket price.

Women's Only Naughty Party (a Libido Event) starts this Friday
(March 9th) at 9pm and runs till 1am).

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me

*Note membership to Club Eden is not necessary to attend this event.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

princess diaries

Life is going along really well right now. I'm happy and those whom are close to me are all drawn in tight. Being surrounded by such love is a good buffer against the sex-negativity in the world that causes me such grief personally. I do consider it personal and that is ok, because I don't hold it against anyone. Rather I'm on a mission to shift our world into a more sex-positive place for us all and in the mean time, I stay surrounded by love and those who support me.

This morning after beautiful late morning long slow delicious savory sex in bed together, RC announced it was time for my massage and rolled me over. I caught the clock it was 11:00 am and I was still in bed, now being kneaded by strong hands with a Kama Sutra oil and my pleasure as RC's goal. This is yet another reason why I feel like a princess.

Climbing out of bed at 3:00 only to make breakfast berry smoothies made the day in bed extra sweet with my guy. Our conversations have led us to discuss some heart warming topics that I wasn't so sure I would get the chance to have. We are very happy. (my daughter included) And apparently I'm beaming.

Tonight I came out to my mother about what I do for a living. She has not wanted to know before now and finally tonight she asked me and I told her outright. After a few days to digest the information, I'm hopeful she'll be more rational and supportive. (again see paragraph one)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

searches and being found

It amuses me greatly looking over the words & terms that people enter into search engines which then land them to my blog. This is a sampling of some of the more comical and often perplexing things that I unearthed. (of course I removed the 13 entries of people looking for me directly by name & an additonal 8 searches for Libido Events)

  • sexy jennifer's hot feet on his head NEVER DONE ANTHING LIKE THIS
  • free head shaving in vancouver b.c. WAS A MOST AMAZING SCENE
  • the comfy sex toy HUH?
  • remote control cock MANY OF US WISH
  • tied to table and balls tortured ONLY WHEN THEY SAY PLEASE
  • sexy activist WHO ME?
  • best nooner cock RC
  • needles in his cock NOT RC
  • vancouver bondage monday RNG
  • choice pivotal relationship change love POLYAMORY FOR ME
  • sleepy fetishist foot HUH?
  • spanking tantra parties SOUNDS LIKE FUN
  • bi-curious swim NOPE
  • male masseur nipple -gay HUH?
  • tied up predicament bondage A GREAT WAY TO SPEND A WEEKEND
  • wrist to ankle bound for spanking WHILE LAYING ON A BED, THANK YOU
  • italian hemp door covers HUH?
  • power boxmy cock HUH?
  • danier mens night 2005 WISH I WAS THERE
  • sexy jewellery for labia NOT ON ME, YET
  • ball bashing NOT IN MY INTERESTS
  • bedtime spanking groove strap
  • women coping with high libido ARE OF INTEREST TO ME :)
  • spanking crinolin EASY ACCESS
  • ikea commercial drapes HUH?
  • he asked to kiss my dirty stocking foot feet NOT HAPPENED TO ME, YET
  • stunning nipples THANK YOU
  • bondage bundle of girl ME
  • make your own nipple arousal cream JUST BUY SOME IT'S $5.95
  • tender boymeat LIVES IN NEW YORK CITY
  • acrobatics sexy HUH?
  • jen adrenaline vancouver THAT'S ME!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Not a martini dream

It took me three attempts this morning to leave Reives warm bed, strong embrace, get myself dressed and headed out of his place. I had to leave early as I had an appointment at Little Sisters Book Store, I ran a few minutes late because of him. It was worth it though, and thankfully he only lives two minutes from the store.

Monday, March 05, 2007

sinful Sunday

Not wanting to stand out loudly, I opted to leave my new camouflage cowboy hat from RC on the back seat of the car as I entered this holy place. Early Sunday I arrived to pick up my daughter up from the church where she had been on an overnight sleepover with her Girl Guides troop. As I came to her straight from a night at RC's I was still a tad disheveled. Bra less, panti less, in pvc green pants, t shirt and in my purse, a book on Strap On Sex and another on Vaginal Fisting, two large vibrators and a set of nipple clamps. I thought for sure that upon entering the church that the roof would cave in, but no. I'm so good that the roof stayed in tact!