Saturday, March 22, 2008

hot bi babes

There are a lot of adult stores in Washington and some of my favorites too.

Within thirty minutes of crossing the border yesterday, we were in the first store of the day. Of course I left with two different new fishnet shirts, a Wahl vibrator with the complete attachment series and a couple of other doodads.

A couple of hours later in another store in Seattle, bad things happened. I went overboard and made purchases that were impulsive, and sexy. I deserved everything though. A shiny corset in red pvc was screaming at me from the hangers, a pride flag was waving itself in my direction, DVD's were jumping out at me, and a few teaching aides were obviously meant for my curriculum. Must-Own-Items, that are all now MINE.

Out to dinner with Allena, Janice and RC for an excellent meal. They got liquored up, so I became the designated driver. Joy! It was a riot driving around all of us kinky folk. Ended up at a pool / dance hall till really late. We met up with Allena's guy and his new girlfriend to celebrate a birthday there, with another half dozen friends.

It could be said that I danced last night, with my guard down, and relaxed. Charming.

A few people found out who I was without my saying a word at the club. By nights end I had two individuals demanding my contact info, as they both want something from me professionally. Flattering? Sure. Something that I will ever get used to? No.

Even when I make my best attempt at flying under the radar, and trying to not be noticed, I still end up getting attention.

Last night was fun and laid back. I'd do another night like it, just perhaps in a different venue. Something a little less red neck.

The pool / dance hall, was really not a very sex - positive place to be. All the women that were dancing together, were just doing the whole pretend to be bi thing. (for the men watching and hoping for a free drink)

The girls danced side by side, strictly for the amusement of the boys/men watching and not because the women liked or even were attracted to one another. They men could have cared less if the girls were interested in each other so long as they danced close together and put on a decent show, involving the illusion of "two girls getting it on".

So wanting to not be noticed, I decided against strutting out on the dance floor, and getting it on with one of the *many* supposed bi babes out there. Instead, I stood at a distance, giggling at their stage show for the horny heterosexual men standing around looking at them like they wanted to be wanking instead. I was so glad to not be a part of that look.

Not needing to prove my Bi status, or to show my Queer card is a sign that I have matured over the years and thankfully finally have enough sex & people in my life that I don't need to advertise to an entire bar of my orientation or interests.


I fell asleep, listening to Bella and RC, laughing and having orgasms. Their sounds of bliss were comforting as I drifted off into much needed sleep.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

All over the map

They arrived one after another. Seventeen people were at Member Orientation tonight. What a great group of individuals to welcome to our new home and sex culture.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and much humor was intermixed as well making everything light, fun and fast paced for all.

Can you believe that we are over 280 members deep already? And still going strong. By years end, I can't wait to see where we are with our member base in terms of numbers.

I've been readying for the Abbotsford Taboo show next week. Those of you who sent in your SASE should have your FREE tickets by now, or Monday as I mailed them out a few days past.
If you plan on attending make sure you take in one of my classes or at the least come by and say hello.

It looks as though I have a new contract with a different large entity and may be ready to start making announcements some time soon. Once their deposit check clears and I know exactly what I will be doing I'll update you with the particulars. Really just information on what channel and when as I wouldn't want any one to miss me educating and inspiring the general public with what we are all so passionate about.

The attention is a tad nerve wracking though the exposure is more than I ever could afford out of my own pocket. So, on with the show!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rolling Around

I made another purchase.
Something a little different.
A great deal on it.

Health or Convenience.

It's on wheels.
Has a seat.
Two brakes.
Two handles.

You guessed right.

A wheel chair.

You can't believe it either huh?

Finally we own a wheelchair for medical scenes, or for bondage play.

How convenient that you can now move your victim around regardless of whether or not they are bound.

RC says the wheelchair may well be our most unusual acquisition to date.
(I thought the vote for unusual goes to our gyn. table or the seven massage tables, ha)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Going Green Vancouver

The first official day of Spring Break, begins today. Oh lucky teenager of mine, getting days of rest on end. She is very pleased for the chance to recover for this next while before needing to return to school for the final term.

Happy St. Patricks day to you. Our breakfast was eggs, bacon and died green hash-browns. Very festive.

Some time over the next few days, I plan on posting our Presenter Series on the Libido Events website. I can't wait for everyone to see who we have booked in to teach for us here locally.

Also needing to be posted would be the party dates and open play time for the next two months or so. There is too much to do, that I actually find myself going to bed at the end of the day, unable to complete my To-Do List. Despite my best of intentions. And sadly I can't squeeze any more action items into my day.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Public SM

A snapshot taken of RC and I last night as we entered Rascals.

Since we were still so bedraggled after last evenings exploits, we planned on not spending another full night out.

Though we were home by midnight, we did somehow manage to find the stamina necessary to play on the dungeon floor.

I bottomed to RC. Then he, to me.

Twas a wonderful night out.

Now excuse me while I head to pack for tonights Pussy Licking Good class at The Love Nest in Burnaby.