Saturday, May 05, 2007

What to call it?

At 12:15 p.m. I met a new friend. We found one another through the Libido Events mailing list, making first contact due to my recent announcement about the new club. Talked for an hour in his car, out front of a Starbucks in Burnaby. He sent me away with an envelope of cash for The Big New Venture campaign and a gift for myself. A gift certificate to an upscale restaurant for dinner for myself and a date, what a kind gesture. I felt most flattered.

I've received a fair number of chastising emails the past few days reminding me that I had promised to release the new club name last week. Tsk tsk tsk, your friendly neighborhood sex-activist has been very busy and late with the unveiling. So without further ado, let me announce to you, the name of the new club.....

Libido Lounge

The name makes me very happy and was chosen at the end of reviewing three pages, over 70 suggestions.

Friday, May 04, 2007

getting close

I've been laid out on my bed for the last four hours or so, working non-stop on the computer and phone. To be honest, I am exhausted. I am also vibrating with excitement. All tasks that need completed to bring a project of this magnitude to fruition have been completed on time and with ease. The pace has been hectic, and there's been no guide on how to take on such an undertaking but I've persevered, put myself out there and finally now am weeks from unveiling a center that will be a destination point for so many.

There are definitely some smart perverts sexual explorers out there amongst you. The $1000 Life Time Membership, Pre-Opening Offer is going really well. Realizing of course these people are investing not just in the club but in their own interests. A place where you can walk in the door, free of charge to events, year round with-out worrying about handling money. A place where for two hours every month you get a private room for play. Behind the scenes opportunities for Life Time Members to attend special events and meet notorious educators in human sexuality. And my gratitude, for a very long time. Act on this quickly if it's of interest to you as I'd hate for you to loose such an affordable opportunity.

Tomorrow I need to earthquake proof my hot water tank, fix a wobbly sink then frame & erect an easy short partial wall surrounding the new "Cuddle Puddle" area. That is it in terms of construction. It is so pretty, the whole club, really you are going to fall in love with it right away. It's an attractive place, where you'll feel safe relaxing and discovering your surroundings.

9 bedrooms (peeker, glory holes, singles, doubles)
1 theater room
1 group room
2 large play rooms (high ceilings & suspension points)
3 bathrooms
shower room ( 2 showers)
1 office (soon to be 2)
1 sex-positive lending library
1 kitchen space
1 locker room
Gallery Space
1 massive lounge / classroom or living room (depending on event)

Legal Capacity: 100 +
(exact number this Wednesday)
the whole place is fully accessible as well!

I am in need of two brand new Fire Extinguishers and two Smoke Detectors. Does anyone have either of these items before I head out to source and then buy them? As well a fully stocked, Industrial First Aid Kit is necessary right now. I would of course prefer to get them at no charge, FREE, or at a significant discount.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Couples Only class Sunday

May 06 Sunday
2:00 - 4:00pm
Erotic Wax & Ice Play - couples only
presented by Jennifer
Club Eden 11041 River Road North Delta
RSVP To: 604-589-2582
$25 person

Erotic Wax & Ice Play; a hands on, fully interactive class

We will have plenty of erotic fun and play with group sex-energy. Everyone attending will only be paired off with the person they came with.

Temperature is probably the most fascinating sensation to incorporate into erotic play. You can use temperature to focus the attention of your partner on erogenous zones all over their body. Your use of temperature can create a sense of well-being or extreme excitement.

This workshop will cover how to use temperature and incorporate both hot and cold sensations into your sex play. The tools will include wax, ice, and chilled metal items.

There will be a short demonstration followed by an interactive portion in which everyone will get to practice with the sensations taught in the course.

*Highly recommended: wear under clothing that is suitable for lying on the floor with and which will not be damaged if a small amount of wax happens to get on. Everyone must wear underwear and tank top or underwear only.


"Vancouver's Sex-Positive Resource, Libido Events is a production company which teaches sex education classes, hosts educational, social, and play-based adult events, and promotes other events celebrating alternative sexuality in our culture."

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

taking stock

I am PROUD to be friend to so many WONDERFUL people. You, yes you, you know who you are. Thank you for showing your belief in me. The Big New Venture campaign is going well.

This is some of what I know to be true at this moment...

1. no time to shave my legs these days
2. was put to bed because I was no longer coherent working late into the night
3. tomorrow is final city inspections, yes more than one, 4 in fact
4. donations / loans & memberships fill my postbox
5. continuously I'm moved by the generosity of both strangers & friends
6. by making my intentions known, I've met some incredible new people
7. desk no longer enough, the Big New Venture Campaign has taken over the family dinner table
8. this is a journey that I am proud to share with everyone I've come into contact with
9. all my relationships are strong and everyone in my life is on board for my success
10. I feel valued, supported, appreciated and admired - it's like floating on a pillow of love

Time to put on my work-clothes and make a bee-line for the Club. After a quick stop to Home Depot for a round of cleaning supplies. How glamorous and sexy for me eh? Usually when I say work-clothes, I mean 6 inch heels, an accessory or two and a corset, perhaps a pair of panties along with some stockings. These days being the fashion icon that I am, I am sporting Doc boots, holey jeans and a t shirt with the proud slogan "Kiss My Wings Tink".

The name of the club will be released in the next 24 hours, I can't wait to share it with you.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lawyer wanted

I find myself in need of legal help for the new club.

Are you a lawyer who is local to Vancouver or surrounding area and able to donate a wee bit of your precious time to help with The Big New Venture campaign?

Wow, what an incredible contribution you could quietly make right now. The need is here, and now.

As you can imagine, I am now swamped with paperwork, much of it foreign to me. I'd like to ensure no mistakes are made, all the bases covered and have someone skilled to look over all these documents accordingly.

If you would drop me an email to jennifer@libidoevents with your contact phone number/s so I may give you a call I would be so ever grateful.

This entire undertaking has been made possible by people like yourself stepping up to the plate and lending a hand along the way.

If you know someone who could potentially help here, please have them read this, forward it along where appropriate.

Thank you.

Monday, April 30, 2007

job well done

Subject line: Thanks, Wed. G-spot class

Hi Jennifer,

Jane and I wanted to let you know how much we both enjoyed your class on

It was a privilege to be there, and the knowledge we left with was

We really loved your style and personal attention, so we'll be sure to
watch your event calendar for classes our schedule will allow us to

As well, you also mentioned that you are available as a personal
coach......this is something that Jane and I are interested in and would
love to explore further, if you have any ideas on what it would look
like please let us know.

Thanks again,


Dick & Jane

Sunday, April 29, 2007

all in a day

Awoke at 10 this morning after returing home from the dungeon party at almost 1:00am, we played hard and sleep was so necessary. RC, Bella and I fit quite nicely in bed together. Fabulous way to wake up on a Sunday, in a cuddle puddle like that.

Then for me a two hour coaching session this afternoon was right following my Women's Dominance class, it was 4 hours of jam packed intense focus for me.

RC picked me up from the Wet Spot in my shiny clean car which he had just finished polishing for me and back we headed to Allena's for some dinner and a much needed shower and rest for yours truly.

Later on we returned to The Spots Try It You'll Like It Party, where much fun ensued. We arrived back home to Burnaby at 10:58pm without a single border delay. Not even tired from the drive, just on top of the world right now.