Friday, February 24, 2006

article in the paper

In this weeks issue of The Stranger, Mistress Matisse did a little interview with Jim, Bella and I entitled Table for Three. It's was due out last week and made it out now, not bad in newspaper time. Have a read here.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

value of education

this morning first thing had me in a meeting at Little Sisters before they even opened, then to grocery shopping, returning home by 11:00. It was a morning filled with accomplishments. Little Sisters gifted me with a new product to try out and some fabulous business news that stroked my professional ego.

This evening my daughter had a friend over, they're completing a school project, on Egypt. When her friend left, I was cleaning up the living room and I noticed that my copy of XTra West was turned upside down. Being somewhat obsessive-compulsive, I know I put newspapers down face up. So why would Vancouver's lesbian & gay biweekly be upside down on the coffee table?

Turning to my daughter who was doing something else, I casually say, "there is no right or wrong answer babe, and it's no big deal, but I'm wondering if you turned my copy of XTra West over when your friend was visiting"? "No" replies my daughter, "I turned it over before she got here." Shows what I know!

There's been this nagging little issue popping up in my head that needs resolution, perhaps you can help me.

Would you show up to a Libido Events workshop or party, without any money? Then when asked to pay, just before the workshop starts, would you stand before me and ask if your attendance in the class was free, or could be free. "No" I say, rather bewildered by the question and quite frankly the absurdity of the whole idea. "Well then could I get in for free?" rolls of this person lips effortlessly.

Calmly & slowly, I asked why I would let them in for free. I know the person, and have known them over time. Not as a friend, but rather as a friendly acquaintance and this acquaintance, told me of being broke today and unable to pay. Not a volunteer of Libido Events, not a supporter at any other events in the last year, not a phone call or e-mail request, but suddenly I'm good enough for a $25 event pass, on the house, at this exact moment? With a smile, I say ok, sure. And before I can say another word this person leans in towards me and says, "so I need to know if I have to pay you back?"

What the hell, of course you have to pay me back I'm thinking to myself. This is just turning into one big flaky conversation that I'm not at all enjoying. Someone undermining my work and it's value when it comes to paying me, yet considering it valuable enough to show up for.

Yes please attend this evenings workshop and enjoy yourself, learn much at my expense. I've much work to do at this moment and don't want to be dealing with the issue of $25. Tomorrow though is another story, I plan on phoning this person and making sense of it all.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

first photo

last nights Hands-On Hand and Foot Bondage class with Midori was fabulous. Great event and certainly not the highlight of her Vancouver visit with me this time round. The highlight would be, Midori and Libido Events announcing that we will be doing a Rope Dojo together this July here in Vancouver. (obviously, more details will be forthcoming) Now that is sexy news.

On another note, this is the first photo that I've uploaded to my blog after getting the new camera for Christmas. I even managed to find a way to tag it with my URL, I'm feeling quite proud of my little independent self just now.

Time for me to drive to pick my daughter up from her after school class, followed by a quick dinner and then straight to Girl Guides. This after a private 3.5 hour long coaching session today. Another rewarding day...

Monday, February 20, 2006


My partner Allena put up a blog a short while ago and she's now starting to write regularly. You can read Bella's writing here. This is the woman who has most directly shaped my activism and who I "came out" for to the rest of the world. Prior to Allena, although having had experience with women sexually, I'd never called myself bisexual before. Falling in lust then love with Allena made me aware that bisexual was a label that fit me, if labels were going to be used as identifying factors either to myself or the outside world.

I am a bisexual woman who enjoys attention, love & sex with people of either or any gender.

Midori arrives in to me this afternoon, staying here for a few days while she's teaching classes for Libido Events. Tonight's class is Erotic Foot Pampering for Couples what an evening it's going to be, couples playing & learning alongside Midori.

Spoke with David Steinberg a few times over the last couple of days and we're readying for his visit to Vancouver to present for Libido Events in March. Even more exciting for us is that while David's in town, we're doing a photo shoot together. I get to be photographed intimately by the Erotic Photographer who changed the way I look at erotic art and it's beauty.

I've got to give thanks again to Little Sisters Books store for their continued support of sex-positive education. The store is very good to Libido Events, selling tickets to our events and keeping me supplied with all of the books that I need to remain an up to date sex educator. Thanks Jim for all you do, thus allowing me to pass on the seed and enthusiasm to others for a more varied rich sex life.

Washing a yucky pot last night in the sink, when I realized the scrubber I was using was dead. What does a sex activist do when she runs out of pot scrubbers at 10:30pm at night? Well I went into my storage room, opened up the bin that I keep my Wax & Ice play supplies in for classes and grabbed a fresh, new one. Does this make me a pervert?

Jennifer over at Tickled Pink and I were talking yesterday and she's got a bunch of new items over at her store worth checking out. Shopping at Tickled Pink means that you're supporting a local to Vancouver, woman owned adult store, that's also sex-positive.

Time for me to ready for another day of work. I'm so pleased that what I do for work is something that I enjoy and am passionate about. Part of what makes my job so cool is the varied people I meet and the opportunities & education that each brings with them.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

bowling then Rascals

what a Saturday night I had. First my daughter had a bowling fundraiser for her Girl Guide group. Along with another 100 plus people we (a small group of us mothers & daughters) put on this fundraising event to help offset the cost of sending our children to Guelph this summer for 12 days. The evening was a sell out and the silent auction a huge success, my daughter even having the winning bid on an item that had caught her eye.

Left from the bowling alley early and drove to Rascals where I marched straight into the women's restroom to change from Girl Guide mother to woman on the prowl. Stockings, heels, skirt, the whole girly bit and off I went to find myself some action in the dungeon.

Would have found a play date sooner but there were just so many people to say hello to. Before I even had my bags down, there were friends I'd not seen in forever, people from classes I've taught, others whom I've worked with privately, new people to be introduced to and then the Tops in the room who caught my eye.

Wanting to bottom and looking to be done, I was delighted when my old friend John came along and offered to whack the hell out of me. What fun I thought as I bounced over to the cross. Stockings around my ankles, garters tucked into my panties that were up the crack of my ass.

Floggers rained down my back and made me dance all over, fingers trailing creating in me waves of energy building, then the pound on the bottom of more...ooh that soothed my masochistic hunger. Single tail CRACK lands in the air, never quite on me. Feed my hunger I think to myself, then tell him, HIT ME, and he does laughing, over and over. CRACK CRACK CRACK and it looks just like the words all over my body, loud and bold. We hugged, I laughed, it was a good scene, it's rewarding to have friends who understand my wants.

There was a woman, on the floor at the feet of her Daddy, hands cuffed. I knew them enough to ask him if I could just take her and play with her. (jokingly of course, and only really to get a little rise out of her as she's sitting on the floor, never thinking a yes would be said) Low and behold, he says yes. We all negotiate and off I go with a woman who I'd never thought I'd play with but suddenly grateful for the opportunity to add this new experience to our relationship with one another.

Watching people float and drift is an awesome experience, making someone do it is powerful. Saw parts of my friend I didn't know I'd ever see and gained a respect for the level of relationship trust she and her Daddy share, and allowed me temporarily apart of.

Then there was my old friend, who pissed me off just to see. Made me want to drop the person to the floor and at the same time, give the most welcoming embrace to someone long absent and missed. How do you move on?

Was home by 12:45 and sitting cross legged on the living room floor back in my jeans and hunter green angora sweater typing and eating cashews and Hersheys kisses filled with caramel.

My daughter is in my bed sleeping, awaiting for me to crawl in next to her, draw her in tight and drift off myself. And that's what I'm going to do right after I find some pjs to wear because for the next few days, I need to keep my body covered as it heals.