Saturday, July 16, 2005

seeing me professionally

Jennifer, I'd very much like to book a private consultation with you. Can you tell me more about these appointments?

More and more I'm getting questions like this in my in box so it seems only fitting that I explore this option today, in case, you are like one of the many who is trying to make their way to see me privately, yet needs more information before making the first appointment.

To start my time is booked in two hour time slots at an hourly rate of $50 per hour. Most people email me with the topic or issue that they'd like to discuss in advance so I may do any prep work from home necessary before making my way to our appointment well informed and up to date. Usually I can be seen within a week of your contacting me.

What do people want to talk to me about? Or better, how do people use me as a Resource? What can I offer you?

People often book me to sit and talk about sex positive culture, local resources specific to their sex interests, lifestyle, coming out and partner issues. Play based events, social sexy events and alternative sex education. Polyamory, multi partnered relationships, group sex, kinky sex, bondage, fetish, swinging, BD bondage & discipline, SM sadism & masochism, bi sexuality & bi curiosity. Women's masturbation, submission for men and women, Dominance for Women and Men, role playing, introduction to sex positive culture, navigating public play and ethics in a sex positive community.

Many others just want someone who they can tell their desires to and I'm a safe person for this. Some people just want to know how to bring a little kink into their bedrooms without having to leave the privacy of home. A growing number of couples are seeing me before they start exploring the cities sex positive communities and they use me to help them prepare for what they will expect and how they can best prepare themselves for a positive experience. People use me a guide or perhaps a coach, I'm in a unique situation, there really isn't a name for me. I'm Jennifer an activist for sex positive culture.

We'll sit and talk about any of the above topics for two hours and while talking I'll compile a list of the Resources and Links, and my personal notes that I will be sending you, specific to you and your life, once our time is complete and I return to my computer. Tell me what you are looking for and I'll let you know if it exists in our Province and if so, where to get it. And if not, where the next best place will be for you to find something to titillate or educate you. With over 45 local Resources at my fingertips at any moment and friends throughout the province running groups, surely together we can match you up to a Resource.

Meeting in a local restaurant and having a meal together or a drink while we talk is most common. Should you need to see me at my studio, you can also book me privately there for a small additional cost. Some times I see people in the studio when they want a class taught to them privately. Perhaps you and your partner might like to take a bondage class privately or my Genital Play class. This can be worked out as not everyone wants to learn in a class group setting, so I do teach classes privately. You can read a list of classes that I teach here. Certainly not limited to these workshops only by any stretch, but these classes represent those that are the most frequently asked for at this time. Check out the current calendar for a few new workshops that have not yet made there way over to my Erotic Arts Curriculum yet.

I'm paid at the start of appointments, when we first sit down, thank you kindly.

If when you book me, you think you might like a third additional hour, (often useful when I'm working with couples) please let me know at time of booking. I will not tack a third hour on to an appointment if it was not booked as such.

Email for appointment times. I'm fairly flexible time wise and book appointments from 8:30 AM onwards.

When we meet in public, I will not be in my tank top that says Rope Slut. Rather, I will arrive dressed appropriate to the venue and weather. Nothing shocking to give away who I am. No pink brief case with written across it, sorry!

Privacy, where does what you tell me go? It really goes no where, I share with no one who I meet with and guarantee that for you. I understand how important matters of privacy are when dealing with sexuality and people and share your concern for keeping us all safe.

I've been an active, out, vibrant part of Vancouvers sex positive culture for almost 8 years now. I play at public events and enjoy a variety of sexy activities some you can see at public events and some you get to read about here as they can only happen at home or in a dungeon. My life is very real and so whatever your interests, know that you won't be shocking or alarming me. I know so many diverse people doing so many amazing things with their lives and sexuality that the probability of you actually shocking me is quite small. I'm tolerant, open minded and able to initiate and help lead a conversation that I understand you may believe will be difficult to get underway. It's what I do and I'm really good at it.

It really is my pleasure to help make your entry to Vancouver's sex positive communities both a smooth and safe one.

Sex Activist

Friday, July 15, 2005

rainy Friday

This morning I slept in. Thankfully! Woke up at 6 AM, had a drink of water, and climbed right back into my queen sized bed by myself. Stretched out naked under the sheets and duvet with my Tinkerbell blanket and fell promptly back asleep until 7:45 when I awoke actually feeling somewhat rested for a change. I'm enjoying having my bed to myself, free from poly partners and my daughter.

I'm sitting naked this morning at my desk blogging before my day starts. I do not ever drink coffee, so what usually gets me going in the morning is a good orgasm at my own hand and then to work on the computer. To each their own right?

Finished putting up the Bondage Party info to the website:

July 23 Sat 8:00-1:00am
BONDAGE Play Party
Tickets $15, Pay at the door
Venue: upstairs 2280 East Hastings St Vancouver
Come to tie some one up, or to be tied up!
Mummification excite you? Pallet Wrap. Rope Bondage? Hemp Rope. Restraints? Cuffs in stainless or leather, what will you bring?

No experience necessary, just be a bondage enthusiast. Participation not required, you do not have to play, you may be a voyeur. Attend as a couple, or attend alone and meet new people who also have a passion for bondage. Bring your own bondage gear, if you've got it. We supply bondage furniture, beds and suspension points. House Rules in place to keep everyone safe and a Floor Monitor to watch over the bondage play.

When I got home from work late last night, Midori and I managed to figure out her second class for her Vancouver visit. Midori will be presenting Aural Sex 1: Seductions By Voice along with her Military and Interrogation workshop which both promise to be inspiring classes. And given that Midori is trained / ex military this should be titillating. The pricing is now up for her classes as well as for Dine With The Diva, go and have a peek.

When I return Midori to SeaTac airport on August 7 I will also be making a stop at Seattles Sex Positive Community Center The Wet Spot and teaching two workshops that afternoon there for them.

I was flattered to receive in my inbox offers from stunt bottoms, personal assistants and aides when The WetSpot sent out to it's membership through it's mailing list about my coming classes. Both men and women who've attended my past classes emailed to offer themselves to me. Damn I love my job and I value so much those who endear themselves to me. As an activist, this truly makes me feel supported, the support of individuals offering themselves. Thank you to all of you who emailed with offers of help, I ended up choosing two men and one woman.

The two classes that I'm teaching in Seattle are:

August 7 Sun 1:00-2:30pm
Bi Curious? Where To Start For Girls Who Want To Date Girls presented by Jennifer at The Wet Spot, Seattle WA
Tickets $15, Pay at the door, membership not required
workshop write up

August 7 Sun 3:00-5:00pm
Erotic Wax & Ice Play for Partners - a fully interactive class
presented by Jennifer The Wet Spot, Seattle WA, membership not required, Tickets at the door $35 for two partners, $20 for an additional third partner
workshop write up

BOATS!!! Boats with Bowsprits.
Wooden. Does this make sense to anyone? If this makes sense to you and you own or have access to a boat with one of these, then please email me privately as I'm looking for this boat for a photo shoot for August.

Today I work from 11:30-6:00PM which I'm not minding so much seeing as the weather isn't so great. Then home to finish conference building. It's a lot of work and of course VERY rewarding. Are you interested in volunteering at the Libido Events Vancouver Sexuality Empowerment Conference? If so, then email me with your skills and interest to What a great chance to meet personally some of our cultures icons behind the scenes as they prepare for this groundbreaking conference.

Have a great day, blessings,


Thursday, July 14, 2005

past few days

My daughter left for some time away with her dad last Saturday and is not due home till this Sunday. Now do you see why I've not been doing much blogging this past bit as I've been bouncing from one thing to the next as a person with no one else to responsible for.

What things have gone on of interest? Well it was my Daddy's birthday so we created ourselves a bubble of love, sex, domination and submission up in a beautiful condo in Whistler for two days where we only managed to leave once for a short walk. It was the best thing we could have done to have gone away. No internet, no phones, just each other. I'd promised to offer myself up to him and to be at his disposal and whim. It's safe to safe his wants were met by me and Jim had a good birthday as I was a very very good girl. I won't be laying in bed completely comfortable for another few days but it was still my pleasure to be used by him.

Today I'm working from 11:30-6 then heading off to a private consultation with a man from 7:30-9:30, the day will be long as I'll not walk through my front door till about 10 tonight which means that my In Box will be over flowing and in need of attention.

Early this morning Midori and I figured out one of her two classes for here Libido Events visit in August. Midori will be presenting Military and Interrogation Scenes on August 3. Some time later today or tomorrow I'll get the second class posted which will be happening on August 4th. Don't forget that Dine With Diva will be happening again. This is where you can pre purchase a ticket that allows you to be one of twenty people to have dinner with Midori in a restaurants private group room and meet Midori personally, talk with her and listen as she reads selections from her new book Wild Side Sex: The Book Of Kink (meal not included in ticket price) Remember this is the woman who teaches class on Aural Seduction, prepare to be mesmerized.

Last night on my way home from the workshop I stopped in to my postbox and what did I find but something very exciting from two top-selling sexuality authors. Dossie Easton and Janet Hardys latest book Radical Ecstasy. These two women are powerhouses in writing and they've been co authors together a long time. I'm thrilled to get yet another of their books to add to my collection and to guide me. Radical Ecstacy is another must read for me as Dossie is presenting a workshop based on this new book at the October Libido Events Vancouver Sexuality Empowerment Conference. Learn how to achieve transcendence and exaltation in Dossie workshop.

I'm writing this sitting at my desk in my office area cross legged in an office chair, laptop in front of me. Pink cotton panties, laced in black, that Allena gave me about two years ago now and across the bottom they say in bold letters sex kitten and on the front, over my mons is a little girl wearing fishnets, gauntlets and cat ears, looking somewhat Topish. Cute comfortable panties and they match the very faded pink t-shirt I've got on that has my navel piercing hanging out from underneath it. I'm thinking that very shortly I'm going to HAVE to go and get dressed as I do have to work today.

Allena was up on Tuesday and we had a really good visit together overnight and into Wednesday. Tuesday when she arrived, I'd bbq'd a salmon with dill and red peppers and we spent a few hours catching up and eating. Finally food settled, it was time for Bella and I to have some alone time as women in love. And for Allena, as a woman who is my bottom, an opportunity to play.

We played hard and long till it was time for me to turn out the lights and put Bella to sleep in my bed. I'd already picked her up off the floor twice, so moving her to the bed was easy. Lube, man did we ever go through the lube. And I realize that a little goes a long way, but wow, did we ever make sticky a whole lot of things that were not used or even inserted.

Strap on sex with my cock that I got from Tickled Pink Toys was more fun than I'd hoped for with Allena. I have the Flame Strap-on Harness set and it even comes with a vibrating bullet so that my clit gets a nice little buzzing sensation as I'm pounding on my girl. Imagine how elated I was to discover upon opening this cock from it's package the first time that it also comes with a cock ring which is so handy for keeping the condom on.

The Electric Fly Swatters, the ones that Allena had sent me? Well I used one on her toes, knees and inner thighs inbetween running a neuro wheel along her body, while she lay blinfolded on the medical table. Then shortly later, blindfold thrown to the floor, Bellas hair grasped hard & taught, tightly between my fist and pulled back hard as I drive in to her and we both watch ourselves and one another in the full length mirror in my room next to my bed. Orgasms followed shortly there after.

Allena left at 9:30 in the morning to return to Seattle after her night her with me. We slept little YET we loved and played hard. For being so good to me and letting me have my way with her, I surprised Bella with breakfast of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast, juice and fresh fruit IN BED before she departed. It was nice closure to our time together.

Bed sheets needed to be removed and treated with Spray & Wash. (I use the pre-treat stick and the spray)