Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pussy Licking class Burnaby BC


August 26 Sunday 7:30 - 9:30pm
Pussy Licking Good

presented by Jennifer
The Love Nest, 4687 Kingsway Burnaby, BC
Cost $25 per person, pay at the door
Open to men & women, couples and singles

From the silky caress of your warm wet tongue lapping her labia, you'll soon feel more powerful and in control and she'll know you've got her pleasure in mind. With using but a few of the tips and techniques that Jennifer will demonstrate and share in this class you'll come away more confident in your cunnilingus and inspired to share what you've learned. Of course we’ll discuss a woman's arousal process and her clitoral, vaginal and G-Spot anatomy to empower you with maximum pleasure giving information.

*please bring a notebook & pen to class, this class is non participatory though includes excellent in-class demos for technique building

Friday, August 24, 2007

grumble, grumble

Despite sleeping a large portion of the day away while feeling very unwell, I mustered up the energy to dress myself by evening and head out to Dragon Fly's Den in Surrey.

RC had worked all day then come home and persuaded me to venture out for a short bit, what a devious man.

It was fun to hangout with everyone. Unable to stay long due to the gnawing pain in my belly it was still good to be amongst kinky comrades catching up on all the latest news and hearing war stories of friends conquests.

Unable to play, truly unable. Couldn't have swung a whip, had sex or even been playful if I wanted to. I felt that poor.

I came for one thing only, the social interaction of my peeps, oh and the gossip!

Since playing was not in store for the evening I wore a dress I've had for at least six, maybe even seven years. A beautiful black number that zips up the back with a full front and back side, sleeveless and with a respectable knee length. By nights end I realized that the dress was in need of retirement. It has some un-fixable marks on the backside that now make it no longer a part of my kink wardrobe. A shame really as I have had some fun times in it.

Being out did take my mind off my own discontent for awhile, RC was right about that much.

What I neglected to mention is that what really got my mind off of my belly ache was seeing RC all buff and pretty in new lace up PVC pants and a collar.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

looking over my shoulder

Be reminded as you read this than I do not drink coffee so it's importance is a tad bit lost on me. - said tongue in cheek

Earlier while cleaning I broke the final coffee maker in the house. It was accidental as the glass insert slipped from my hand, to smash against the toaster oven. Of course breaking it to pieces.

Within seconds RC appears in the doorway, doing a quick scan of the scene. Quickly he helped me clean up the broken glass after making sure of course that I was not hurt. The puzzled look and wry smile gave way to what I next discovered.

Twenty minutes later I found a letter he had written Bella and cc'd to me as well in my in-box. Seems I forgot about the last coffee maker I broke and it was not even that long ago. And now I have to be mindful of these two characters as they plot against me for these duo disasters and hold me responsible.

Hey sweetie,

I have news. It concerns both of our coffee makers. My Ritazza was broken months ago, and earned Jennifer a spanking. 5 minutes ago, YOUR BODUM suffered a similar fate. Now she claims that it was an accident, but it seems to me to be a systematic effort to deny us of coffee.

A sadly transparent sadistic act which is frankly beyond my limits. I propose that we do something about this blatant unconsensual attack together. Since it was your Bodum, I defer to you as to the consequence. However, remember that the punishment must fit the crime.

looking forward to your Bodum thoughts.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

clearing the air

Ordered dessert only, and it was a decadent thick chocolate slab of heaven. I ate it all myself.

We went to the Munch earlier tonight and found the most wonderful assortment of people there. As it's a drop-in event, one doesn't necessarily always know whose going to be in attendance. Never a shortage of friends or familiar faces to catch up with, we sat ourselves down and joined the group.

The only noteworthy things to share that came from our evening of talking amongst community members was

After hugs, lots of laughter, and more truth baring, I knew that attending had been worth the effort of the drive out to Surrey.

(the munch is an on going informal gathering of people, meeting as a drop-in group, bi-weekly, that gather to enjoy a meal and/or drink while in the company of other like minded BDSM focused individuals or couples. Free to attend, though you pay for what you order to the host restaurant)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Me and my....

This is me wearing a Feeldoe, the ultimate dildo.

My PC muscles are so strong, that I am even able to make my boy bits bounce up and down on command.

Exciting, very very exciting!

Monday, August 20, 2007

mummified & electrocuted

A picture really tells a story. I'll let your imagination run wild this one.

Suffice to say, the toys used to bring this man such intense play were...

  1. vibrating butt plug AND a bullet under his testicles
  2. thumb cuffs to keep his hands together
  3. pallet wrap to secure him, tightly
  4. chopsticks & elastics to contain his cock
  5. tens unit on his taint and inner thigh region
  6. electric fly swatter / bug zapper
And on the creative end, I um, used my hands and mouth a lot as well!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

where in the world...

Can I find what I thought would be a couple of simple items.

First I find myself looking for Astro Turf. You know the stuff, the fake grass that can go indoors/outdoors. Specifically two pieces, each about 8 x 10. Went looking on-line for local stores for such an item and came up empty. Have you seen it anywhere?

Next I need a pedicure, and one that is moderately priced, has female service help and is local to Burnaby, North Burnaby being the best. Does anyone have a referral for a great shop to get this treatment completed? I'm not in a huge rush as I'm wanting it for next week. In other words, I don't necessarily need a walk-in place.

Tonight I'm teaching a bondage class. Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please - bedroom bondage basics, locally here in Burnaby. My gear is all packed already, and soon I'll be out of the house.

With today as a laze around day, it really has been most peaceful.

T left yet again this afternoon, this time for the rest of the summer and now it is RC and I on our own. That she is old enough now and has chosen to be so involved in so many activities, well... it blows my mind at times.

The hedonism begins.