Wednesday, December 07, 2005

hurtful words

Gilmore Avenue and Parker Street
4 way stop

Jennifer at fault and yet I was the CALM one in the accident.
What a way to start my work day at 8:30AM!


My daughters Principal called this morning to tell me how she's fixed the issue my daughter and I brought to her office last week during our appointment. It seems my child has a teacher this year, that likes to call her entire 31 student class "idiots" and other times "stupid idiots" to their faces while they are sitting in their desks.

She talks through ALL announcements on the PA system and despite the fact school gets out at 3:00 her class is never out before 3:10.

My daughter is a REALLY good student & young person. Student Council. Peer Mediator. Community Social Planner, Path Finder and in band. A really good child, well behaved, well spoken, polite and sincere.

She shared with me what her teacher was doing in actions to her class as well as how she talks to them. Supporting her in finding some immediate changes and help for this situtation with her teacher took us to a visit with both the Principal and Vice Principal.

I could have gone to talk to the teacher myself alone but thought it better to allow my daughter the chance to express her concerns to those with the power to change it. I was also hugely proud of witnessing my daughter make effective change not just for her own well being but also for others.

The call this morning said that "my daughter is very brave and strong for coming forward." The teacher confessed so to speak and even had a number of excuses as to why words like stupid and idiot are being said to students - but alas her excuses fell on deaf ears.

No one was interested in hearing anything from her but how she plans on implementing change. I've told my daughter she never has to be anywhere where she is ill treated and not respected and I've reiterated this to the Principal.

I won't pull my child from the class over it, but I would go a step above to have the teacher moved from the class should she not be able to handle herself with young impressionable children. {in future}

I've spent a lifetime telling my daughter how intelligent, smart, shrewd, creative, and expressive she is and what wonderful attributes those things are. I'll be damned if one teacher in one year of her elementary school experience is going to ruin for her what we've built together and what she know's to be true.

It's her confidence and it's the most important thing that she'll carry out in to the world and into high school. No one, not even a teacher will be permitted to rip from my daughter her feeling of safety, confidence, intellegence or creativity.

my daughters mother

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

wish list

Wishing out loud, upon a bright star this holiday season, these are a few of the things that would please me to no end to receive. Some things that would make my teaching life & activism easier are....

1. sex & sexuality books, videos, DVD's - new/used, current
(no erotica or fiction)
2. CD's/music: to make love to / seduce by / relax with / scene to
3. portable collapsible spanking bench for my car trunk
4. straight jacket
5. violet wand with attachments
6. portable, collapsible white board in it's own case with a stand/easel
7. inflatable people - 2 men & a woman ; )
8. collapsible (folding) double beds x 3

What a unique list of wants & needs to have; there's nothing on this list that won't be put to good use and all in the name of "sex positive education."

Happy Holidays....Jennifer xoxoxoox

radio interview

Tomorrow Wednesday December 7 from 8:00 - 9:00pm I will be on CiTR radio 101.9 FM as their evening guest speaker interviewed on the topic of Polyamory.

Juice Box Radio: JuiceBox is a talk show dedicated to developing your relational and individual sexual health.

happy listening


Monday, December 05, 2005

a day in the life

A list of things that I accomplished today...

drove my daughter to school
picked up my daughter from swimming lessons
hired two out of country presenters
booked two new venues for events
gained a new play partner for when I'm in Seattle
cleaned out my Libido Events Jennifer account
cleaned out my Libido Events list account
made countless phone calls
flirted with the woman in the car next to me at the red light
took countless calls from business associates
cooked a nice sit down dinner
had a long hot bath & facial
visited with friends for 45 minutes
returned a favor
removed the final Christmas items from the storage area
masturbated to orgasm twice
worked on Christmas plans with my mom
washed dishes
made my bed
updated the Libido Events website
put air in my front tire
bought groceries at Safeway
went to the bank
checked my Post Box
stopped at the Recyclers
toured a local swimming pool with my daughter {for her b'day party}

and before I head to bed, I plan on going out on the porch and fixing all the burned out Christmas bulbs. Turning off all the house lights save for the nightlights we leave on in this house, I will climb into my bed and curl up laying on my side; falling asleep with my hand resting comfortably, warmly over my mons.

Another day in the life of ME.


Sunday, December 04, 2005

now she's asleep, tucked soundly into my bed with a small mountain of sheets and blankets keeping her warm until I crawl in next to her with my body heat. When she's laying still I find great peace in being alongside her whispering about life's mysteries in her ear while she sleeps. In less than 3 weeks, my daughter will be 12 years old. Oh, how we've grown up together really.

I was reminded today by someone that as a child I faced some traumas. I'd like to think that with all the labels I allow myself to have put on me, that victim has never been one of them. I've overcome many obstacles to be a survivor and a conqueror; to achieve the success today that I have.


afternoon movie

this afternoon, my daughter and I braved the snowy weather conditions and drove to the local theater. There we sat and watched "Yours, Mine & Ours" a short movie, 80 odd minutes about a man with 8 children who marries a woman with 10 children and how they transition into a family. [turbulently] We had a good time seeing the movie and eating the large bag of Sour Patch kids that we picked up from the concession. Since I've worked much as of late, it was good for my daughter to have some special time with me and it was good for me to be present with her.

Grandma sent money in an envelope the other day, $30 and said to put it towards photo's but since we'd already paid for and ordered holiday photo's we thought Grandma would enjoy knowing we did a family activity together with the money.

The Christmas tree is up and we hope tonight while watching Extreme Edition Home MakeOver to have it completed so this week we can get to the baking and the gingerbread house making. We have wonderful holiday traditions in this house and it pleases me to know my daughter looks forward to these times.

Friday I promised my daughter she could sleep with me tonight, and she's been reminding me about it all day today happily. :) We love our cuddling time and she's most definitely the product of a home where a family bed exists and where love flows freely.

Today I feel the need to be held by an adult. To be rocked for awhile with no noise around me, just silence and an awareness of my own breath and heartbeat. Someone else to steer me and point me in the right direction once I can find up again.

33 years old and still searching for answers to big life questions. When does it get any easier?