Friday, June 01, 2007

continuos effort

Tonight is yet another work-party gathering over at Libido Lounge. Fifteen of us are going to wash, polish and finish off numerous projects that are still underway. Two seperate mail outs explaining where things are at went out to the mailing list earlier, so now we've got a little more time on our hands to ready the interior. Thankfully too, as I am exhausted. I need a day at a luxurious spa to rid myself of some of the stresses my body has accumulated over the past few weeks ... er ... months. I feel ragged and rough, I've not spent any time on me in quite awhile.

The plan for later is to order in pizza and work for at least four hours. The spirit of the team helping me, is contagious. Everyone each day has brought such enthusiasm and skills with them, that it has made my job easier. That many of the people vary by day because they only donate a few hours of volunteering, there is definitely a core group that has committed days of their time, they all have left there mark on the Lounge already though. I am most grateful for their belief in me and suggestions for further development.

With the day I've already had thus far, and evening plans that will have me in around midnight, I should be fairly exhausted by the time I roll into bed.

Perhaps now that I am somewhat more calmer over the matter, I'll say these few words to you...


The EEP has been my latest headache & an issue not known or thrown at me till the bitter-bitter-bitter end.

Cost $1000. + taxes AND my time = invaluable


Are you a bartender (of course this will be for mixing non alcoholic drinks) and available this Friday and / or Saturday evening? If so please contact me ASAP at

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

we made it...

I am unaware of any time in my life where my professional talents have been challenged so often. I am doing all that is necessary right now to meet every ones needs & requirements, both individually and collectively. The weight of this is heavy.

Thank you to everyone who helped me shoulder some of the burden of today. (Keith, Craig, Hugh, Vicki, Allena) Without each of you, I would be broken right now.

It's almost difficult to comprehend or believe the amount of work that we accomplished today for Libido Lounge.

It was a looong day.

We made it though.

Monday, May 28, 2007

todays stress

Answer: $2200.00 + $350.00 = $2550.00
Problem: Missing Occupancy Load Number

Things Learned

Fire Inspection re: Assembly Licensing is lengthy
Egress is based on sq. footage
Panic Hardware is costly
Pioneering is taxing emotionally
Legal assistance is valuable

Sunday, May 27, 2007

spread thin

What I can fit into 36 hours is remarkable. Yesterday in Seattle at The Wet Spot I taught two hands-on interactive couples-only-classes. They were a lot of fun, Erotic Wax & Ice Play along with Sensual Play for Lovers. It was cool to even have a poly triad in class as well.

Bella, RC and I went out for dinner at some new restaurant, where we ate decadent food and had many laughs together. Then back to the condo to dress and ready for the evening pan party. I was feeling rather tired, but went along because it is always a great night out, when able to see all of my friends.

We could have played though I was not up for it. Just too tired. But seeing friends and having time to talk with each of them was a good time for us both. We were home by midnight and asleep by 1:00AM together.

This morning we awoke at 10:00 and had a slow morning. Much needed. Then back to The Spot again as I had to teach my Cock Sucking class from 12-2 PM. 15 attendees, it was a mixed class with 4 men, the rest women. By the end of this class, I was drained to empty for group work.

I enjoyed my next appointment of the day, as it was a Private lunch of Greek food in Fremont, with a poly triad and they let me bring RC along. They picked us up from The Spot, treated us to lunch and lively conversations ensued.

Back to pick up the car and then we were on the road, back to beautiful BC. No border waits or delays and home we arrived, earlier than anticipated.

A long cuddle and catch up with my daughter of the sofa, while RC grocery shopped. We had some family time and then it was lights out for T. RC and I are each working on our own laptops now, sitting here in the living room.

My Jennifer account had 64 new emails, the list account had 23 new emails and volunteer had an additional 26 in it. My personal email account has a whopping 44 needing attention and I'm trying to wade through it all, I really am. There is only so much of me to go around and right now I'm feeling just a tad bit, spread thin. It's a good thing that I'm finally starting to feel a little better and the chest cough is easing some.

Gaining back my health and getting more rest are things I'm very aware that I need to take care of. Finding the time to dedicate to myself is hard for me, as I'm forever taking care of someone or something else.