Saturday, February 04, 2006

passing time

by 11:00 this morning I'd finished sending out the February newsletter to the Libido Events mailing list, this only possible because I was in bed at 10:30 last night. Curled up with my daughter, we drifted off to a peaceful, most necessary sleep together while listening to the wind roar through our city.

Now my child is laying on the sofa sans clothing, reading books as I work and shortly we'll head out to do some shopping. Tomorrow is Jim's Suspension Bondage class (which there are still tickets left for) and I need to head out to pick up the platters of food for attendees as lunch is included in the ticket price.

Tickets are now is stores for the March 3rd Naughty Party as I dropped them off yesterday. If saving $5 per ticket is a good deal for you, you'll be wanting to stop by Fetwear or Little Sisters to pick up your tickets.

Quite excited about my up coming Cock Sucking; the Hand Job, Blow Job class that I'm teaching later this month & also about a few new classes that are going to be released shortly for you all; these new classes are based on YOUR comments, suggestions and interests. As always at Libido Events it's my pleasure to bring you cutting edge workshops & events to meet your needs.

Later today if time permits, I'll write some about my experience yesterday with a tow truck, my broken car with both front wheels pointed and locked suddenly in opposite directions in the middle of the road at Georgia & Thurlow which left me sitting on my hood, directing traffic calling directory assistance.

Hello? I need a tow truck, NOW....

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Here is another example of how BDSM and sex have hit the mainstream markets in an obviously profound way and that someone from this company's ad agency has perhaps some suppressed desires. hmmm?

Watch this till the very end, (clicking when told) and then click on each snowflake as it appears over the car, to see what will happen next.

Incredible yes? Further, has anyone run into this woman while shopping to buy a mini? Imagine her as your sales woman! See, I'm not the only woman who runs around in shiny clothes cracking a whip. I on the other hand, favor a person at the end of my whip, to a car that is.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006


my morning started with an appointment with a man again for some one on one coaching. We spoke of his gaining the skills and confidence he feels necessary to take his sexuality to a new level. When I have the chance to listen to another's story, it makes me that much more educated and compassionate about the vast range of issues we each face as we sometimes struggle to learn more about ourselves sexually and to come in to our own.

After our time together, I headed straight back home to sit at my desk, write a mail-out and send it out to the Libido Events mailing list. A couple of things, if you are on the mailing list and received that mail-out.

1. the Suspension Bondage class does not have tickets for sale at the door, only advance sale from local stores, Little Sisters and Fetwear. Tickets are limited so go get yours now!

2. my new Cock Sucking: the Hand Job, Blow Job class is for Women only, sorry no men

3. thanks again to Storm Brewing for sponsoring last Friday's Naughty Party and helping to make it possible

4. Andre, the foot massage was incredible, that you always make the time for me, makes me feel honored; I value this and our encounters

5. Midori's Erotic Foot Pampering class is for couples only, no singles of any sort. If you really want to attend, grab a friend and bring them along then

with dinner over fast tonight, it's shortly time for me to drive my daughter off to her Pathfinder meeting.



Tuesday, January 31, 2006


the surgeon walked in to the room where I sat void of clothing from the waist up, clutching a paper sheet over my front side to keep myself from being chilled. Looked me in the eyes and said everything came back great, no cancer. Yippee!!

She pulled the sheet down from my breast, tenderly looking at the area under the dressing while showing me a couple of the stitches that have yet to dissolve. A scar along my left breast, just over an inch long and of course closed over, yet still needing two more weeks covered to heal "pretty", now marks my body.

This morning I'm heading out the door shortly to meet a man for a private consultation. Two hours of us sitting and talking intimately about his sexual interests and my pointing him in some sound directions while being a sounding board as well.

Sleeping for a whole day, it would be divine, however not very realistic. My weekend was so full, the Naughty Party was Friday night, Saturday was clean up from Friday, Sunday had Clitoral Revelations and with Jim up for the weekend there wasn't much sleep going on for me.

The most beautifully crafted spanker was made for me last week and I must say, it's sleek, pretty and a wonderful addition to Libido Events, thank you so much I. A spanker that folds flat, requires no tools and is not to heavy. Damn it's good to know talented people.