Saturday, July 11, 2009

UFC, Scotch and Poker

While I am hosting the Couples Only Sex Party at The Lounge this evening, my man will be at home doing something completely different.

RC is hosting a UFC on the big projector, Scotch tasting and poker party for his friends in our new home.

When I told the teenager I was out of the house working and she would be home with the men, she chuckled. When I mentioned to my daughter, she was in charge of all the men and should she find strippers arriving, she should deal with it accordingly. Her response was "this is not something covered in my babysitting class".

I trust we will all have a great time.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Study: Ugly Men Are More Fertile During Sex

For you ladies out there who like to indulge your sweet (ahem) tooth with eye candy, don't expect to spawn much in the way of fruit from your loins. New research suggests that attractive men produce less sperm during sex than ugly men. Call it arrogance and egotism if you like, but scientists prefer to chalk it up to evolution. Scientists believe that like chickens and fish (yes, the comparisons may seem especially apt), attractive men are hard-wired to preserve sperm during individual encounters in order to increase their chances of impregnating as many females as possible. University College London researcher Sam Tazzyman says, "The more attractive a male is, the more females will be willing to mate with him, reducing the value of each mating to him. This means it is optimal for him to contribute fewer sperm per mating." This strategy, though some would call it an attitude, actually maximizes the number of children an attractive man sires overall. Tazzyman adds, "Less attractive males secure fewer matings but value each of them more highly, and by allocating more sperm to each mating make the most of their meagre opportunities."

Continue reading the rest of the article here

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Help us & Get Something for Yourself

The Vancouver Pride Parade and festivities are fast approaching. Sunday August 2 to be precise.

The cost of entertaining the city for hours, and drawing tourism dollars into the city is not cheap for participants.

It is a rather pricey amount of money to invest for an entry into the parade.

Libido Lounge entered the parade last year and has done so again for this years big event too. Last year, we even landed the cover of X-Tra West newspaper as the feature photo! It was spectacular.

This year, our plans are to wow the crowds again, gaining even more exposure for our events, membership and core belief in sex positivity and inclusion.

We are looking to raise funds to cover the costs of what a day like this entails. We have corporate sponsorship, and now we are reaching out to you with some private offerings....

Here is how you can help:

1. Donate $200 for a sex class with Jennifer of any topic of your choosing from this list and you and up to 6 friends may take it together at The Lounge. Classes are 2-3 hours long. Not Valid on Fridays or Saturdays. Pop and water supplied. A guest list must be provided to us ahead of time and every person must have valid legal photo ID and be 19 +.

2. Donate $250 and get yourself and up to 12 of your closest friends, 3 hours of play time at The Lounge. Pop & water supplied. You may bring in your own snacks. Not valid Saturday evenings. Event must end no later than 1 AM. A guest list must be provided to us ahead of time and every person must have valid legal photo ID and be 19 +.

3. Donate $350 and get yourself and up to 12 of your closest friends, 4 hours of play time at The Lounge. Pop & water supplied. You may bring in your own snacks. Not valid Sat evenings. Event must end no later than 1 AM. A guest list must be provided to us ahead of time and every person must have valid legal photo ID and be 19 +.

4. Donate $500 and Jennifer along with at least five of her sexiest friends will put on a titillating all girl live sex show for you or you and your partner. The eye candy will be more than you could hope for and you'll be thinking about the experience for years to come. 2 hours long. There is no sex between you and us, only between us girls as we are all friends. Your spot is to sit back at The Lounge and take in the sights, no touching the girls permitted, touching yourself is encouraged. Pop & water supplied. Not valid Friday or Saturday evenings. You must have valid legal photo ID and be 19 +.

5. Donate $50 and have our undying gratitude for supporting us in our worthwhile efforts.

All offers are valid for 6 months post Pride, till February 2 2010.

To make your donation send me an email to ASAP. Time is of the essence.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Skinnydipping Vancouver

Guinness World Record for Simultaneous Skinnydipping in North America

To participate in the event with the Wreck Beach Preservation Society on Saturday, July 11th, please be at the bottom of Wreck Beach Trail #6 by 10:00 a.m. to guarantee that you have signed the participant sheets which must be officially witnessed.

Participants must be in the water before 12:00 Noon so we can photograph you officially exactly at noon.

This is not clothing optional.

This is a nude, skinnydipping event but will only take a few minutes so please make sure you have signed the participant sheets volunteers will be carrying on clipboards or at the table we will have set up.

Please be on time as we must shoot the photos at noon on the nose.

Info at 604-856-9598 or at 604-308-6336 and ask for Judy.

Link to where this originated from

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


My home office is starting to come together. Boxes are being unpacked at a steady pace and the contents landing into their appropriate places.

Not one book is out yet and that accounts for about fifteen boxes stacked in the closet and in the corner of the den. It is starting to grate me the wrong way that such a large part of unpacking still remains to be dealt with yet there is nothing I can do about it.

You see, the office contains what amounts to a small adult boutique's amount of products and toys. Making everything fit, be accessible and laid out as I need it to be is critical.

I am more interested in setting things up once and correctly, then doing it over again from an improper failed attempt.

It's become obvious to me, and to RC, that I need a custom built book cabinet to hold all my literature within easy access and sight.

The den likely will not be all sorted out for another couple of weeks. I need to practice patience on this matter that's for sure.

All my toys and implements are organized but my desk is no where near ready for me to sit at. Lucky for me that the internet is cordless and I can work from anywhere in the house. Not the ideal, but at least in the short term I can still accomplish the tasks I need to.

I must admit though, that I have spent an unusual amount of time working from my bed lately. I will be so glad to have my office operational so there will be just one place where the piles of paper will be so I can always find what I am seeking.

This move has done-me-in and I am now confident that being pregnant and moving into a new house was not the most ideal in the planning department. One of these two things I will definitely never be doing again.

Can you guess which one?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Sex Applause

We were house guests at this fancy soiree and looking forward to the experience, as the hosts know how to throw a party. I was far from unknown, many of the well over a hundred people present knew who I was. I couldn't make it very far in the early part of the evening without being stopped and confided in, or asked questions of. I enjoyed the idle chit chat, the laid back atmosphere was perfect for my then mood.

Dinner came and went, our table had friends and lively conversation. The Emcee called out for me, and I won a prize. What it was, is much to embarrassing to even put in print. There was cheering for classes I had hosted from the many attendees, I was flattered and enjoyed basking in the moment.

After dinner, the man wanted a cigar. We sat outside in the warm night air on lawn chairs with long time friends for quite some time as he casually smoked and the conversations were lively amongst us all.

Soon it was time for the hot tub and as we headed that way my man decided to dance with me, quietly, just the two of us, far away from the actual dance floor. (the wine had gotten to him) We moved together for a short time, and I fell in love with him all over again. He couldn't keep his hands off of me, and kept telling me of how beautiful I am pregnant. Giggling at him, we went hand and hand to disrobe.

Out of clothes we decided to forgo the indoor hot tub and instead head to the outdoors one. What an excellent decision that was. The people we sat alongside were such a riot, one couple had been in classes with me earlier and another women whispered to me how she has a huge crush on me. As we all sat naked talking, the final traces of light disappeared from the nights sky.

We started to get a look that resembled prunes before it became obvious we were water logged. A decision was made to make our way towards the sex rooms. The beds were almost all in use, at least twenty five other couples were already going at it. Finally we scoped out a spot for ourselves and claimed it as our love corner.

Details are not so relevant at this point, RC and I know what we did. I will tell you that I squirted so hard that it went straight up my back and soaked everything. Orgasms for both of us, and an outlet for my special friend my Hitatchi. Oral for both of us, me for an unusually long period of time, the attention was certainly nice.

There was applause as our sex ended, how sweet. I was startled to realize how many people had been watching us go at it and we'd been going for some time. I was just lost in the him and me time. We laid on our bed talking with those around us for another half hour or so before we left to get ourselves a snack and cold drinks.

When my brain could not focus any longer, and fatigue had gotten the better of me, I drove the two of us back to our hotel. Since RC had been drinking, me driving was the only way we were going to get anywhere.

Out of our clothes yet again, me snuggled onto his arm and shoulder I fell into a deep peaceful sleep. I so love him.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Same sex legal in India

Found in the Province On-Line
(thanks Lisa for sending this along)

148-year ban overturned by highest court

News Services July 3, 2009

An Indian court has overturned a 148-year-old colonial law banning homosexual relationships, saying it was an affront to human dignity.

Same-sex couples with rainbow-painted faces kissed at Delhi's Jantar Mantar monument in scenes that would have been unthinkable in conservative India before the ban was lifted. The ban was introduced by British officials and describes sexual intercourse between people of the same sex as an "unnatural offence."

Government lawyers said same-sex relationships were "indecent," against Indian values, and if decriminalized would lead to an increase in delinquent behaviour and pose a health hazard.

Their argument was rejected yesterday by Delhi's High Court judges who said the ban denied homosexuals equal rights.

Muslim clerics and the Roman Catholic church spokesmen said they still regarded homosexuality as immoral.

Ahmed Bukhari, the chief imam at Delhi's Jama Masjid mosque, said: "This is absolutely wrong. We will not accept any such law."

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