Friday, February 09, 2007

man love

Tonight I've spent the last 3 1/2 hours talking to the two most currently important men in my life. Each of them has left me speechless.

RC and I have time planned together and then Reive and I have some time together.

These two really know how to make a woman happy.

I feel remarkably blessed to be in love with one and quickly falling for the other in a way that I've never done before.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

DNA & Sex

Powder blue matching bustier and panties with sleek 5 inch blue heels on. He arrived at my door, looking suave and handsome and caught by surprise at my outfit, I thought. Pleasantly surprised of course.

Sitting on the sofa in my bedroom, I told him to remove his clothes while standing before me. I wanted to see him get naked and watch the show he'd become for me, oh sweet eye-candy.

Shirt, shoes, pants removed and underwear remained on as per my instructions. Turn around, once, twice, oh my let me get a good long look at you. With his back to me I had him remain standing looking at himself in a mirror with me between his legs from behind him. Trailing my tongue up and down his inner thighs and watching his head roll slightly from side to side, his faint gasps enough to make all of my skin come alive, I am in lust.

Truth be told, in a matter of minutes, he was handcuffed, underwear removed, cock hard as he bent over the sofa in the living room with a very large knife running along the length of his shaft, between his legs. Still very still he became, with a huge smile on his face. The panting was loud and sweat dripped off of each of us.

My purple leather flogger rained down on his back for awhile and now and then I'd consume his cock briefly just to remind him that I'd not forgotten about him. Clamps on his nipples, I pulled on them , with a swift tug; the grimace on his face, excited me greatly.

Plugging his nose while kissing him, spanking him warm red and in that oh so perfect sweet spot, the captivating view of his balls swaying from the impact to his ass.

He caught me inside his arms, locked inside his handcuffed embrace. I ripped off the blindfold, clamps tossed to the floor, the force of energy roaring out of him was breathtaking & beautiful to witness. Kissing, sharing air and gasping together. We rocked for a long time, pelvis to pelvis, grinding. Eyes locked we did deep breathing, until, I came.

We shared orgasms and I ended up with DNA in my hair.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


You won't and don't hear this from me very often, but here it comes.

Today was a fuck-up of a day. The amount of things that I try to make work and balance is a task that I'm ready to fucking share the burden of finally.

Suffice to say, if you feel the same way about my fuck-up of a day, or your part in my evening of it, please drop me an email

What's worse is that once I get today's fuck-up of a day over with, I am tomorrow now faced with an extraordinary series of personal questions that need answers. Time is of the essence.

Butt Sex & Anal Pleasures class


February 6 Tuesday
7:30 - 9:30pm
Butt Sex & Anal Pleasures
(open to men & women, couples and singles)
presented by Jennifer
Love Nest - 4687 Kingsway, Burnaby
$25 PAY AT DOOR - cash, no need to register

Fear not, anal sex advice is here in a practical class to prepare you
for the experience of maximum anal pleasure. Whether you want to dive
in deep or be the one to bend over know that this class will discuss
anal hygiene & anatomy, positions for play, ideas for seducing our
lover to enjoy this treat, products to enhance anal pleasure & orgasms
and also cover ways in which you can slowly add butt play into your
regular sexual repertoire.

The roll of oral-anal stimulation, finger

play, butt plugs and finally the cock for those slow to warm to the
idea of butt sex will be discussed as a journey. Bring your questions
and as a group we'll discuss our collective experiences with this
powerful form of intimacy.

Please bring a notebook & pen to class.

Monday, February 05, 2007

BDSM negotiations

There has been a man in my life for over 9 years whose held a prominent position. One of my oldest and longest lasting kink relationships. Over the years we have travelled down many windy roads together. One of these days I'll post some photos of us together in our younger years. (and tell you the beginning of the story)

Our friendship has seen both joyfully good and negative bad times. We've been fused as one for years in deep friendship unable to make a move without the others approval, adversaries for a few more years that hurt us deeply but where necessary growth & autonomy happened and now we're just friends, equals and mature adults.

Finally over the last while we have each gotten to a place in life where we are looking at one another with a fresh glance and only the future in mind, having grown and become more secure in ourselves.

We're negotiating play together. BDSM and sex. As seperate entities, not combined. I'm not really startled that we're talking about it, just amazed at how long it took us to get to this point of honesty after all these years.

There is a hunger for unity again and more than friendship. A friendship is not enough at this time. We have to go up a level of intimacy. We know this. There is a need to be wrapped up in the other in power and SM.

I want to share who I am with this person who thinks he can contain me then create pain & pleasure in me enough that my masochism and womanhood will be grateful and thankful. He knows of me what he remembers from long ago, a girl before her blossom.

Oh how we have, I have grown since our youthful time spent discovering ourselves side by side. I wonder if he realizes how my masochism and ability to submit has deepened with age. I can summon the place in myself that surrender comes from and this ability to surrender has gone up exponentially having been exploited in play for years.

Should I surrender to him? Should I submit to him? Should we even play together? I thought it would be easy an easy yes or no. We've been toying with the idea for some time, it's been months since we first started kissing, like 8 atleast and it feels good as does he. At first I was worried about how this would impact us as friends and then I realized that I have nothing to loose. Only things to gain. A better understanding of myself, him and perhaps a chance at some play with someone whose been lusting after me for years and needing to let out that pent up sex energy all over me Rrraaa!

On the phone a few minutes ago, I finally asked "when?" When can we have a play date? It appears my eagerness is fondly thought of, though he prefers to take me out on a couple of dates first before he does mean things to me. Lunch mid week to discuss play and what a scene between us will look like, then a couple of dinner dates.

How to be sexy with someone whose been family to me? It's going to be a challenge however I'm confident that we'll just click once we get into scene together. To find my place in play will likely be a challenge, he's going to have to work to aid me in staying in bottom space. His will have to exude his Dominance for me to follow.

He's had me on his mind, thinking about our conversations and flirtations with play. Talking to his partner about me and making sure everyone would be OK with our plans.

He told me he's been fantasizing for years about us being together. This should mean that he'll have a crafty plan with what to do with me.

I must admit I want to switch with him, to do things to him at some point. I have a feeling that I'll end up being able to do this. I believe that I can offer him something big enough that he'll just have to let me Top him. Just once. Though I am not bottoming to him so he will for me. Enough said.

Now I wait and in waiting for our date, I start thinking. Negotiations will be important to me, where we lay out our boundaries together and mutually agree on them.

What am I willing to give him of myself? (at what level do I submit, just as a sensation seeker or as someone looking for a journey and willing to follow, even if it is down a scary and dark path)

What do I want from him in our play? (how do I not want him to interact with me)

What do I need from the scene/play itself? (masochism, spiritual connection, cathartic release, role play, orgasms, etc)

What will be off limits emotionally? (playing with rage, anger, vindictiveness or denial will not be permitted for sure)

physically? sexually? (sorry folks, these are private)

I trust him to do me no harm, but to take me down hard. He'll care for me well in the aftermath, I know him well.

We plan on playing more than once and having a hell of a great time doing it. This post follows a hot & steamy telephone call between him & I.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

knife play

A scene between my girl & I...


Last night you asked me what it was about the knife that got me all hot & bothered, and i couldn't answer. i agreed that it was the edge, and it is, the idea of a knife in my cunt *groan* the danger of it all, edge play, yep, i like it. But i think since ive had an hour or 12 to now come down from my floaty its so good & hot & just yeah place, ive got more of an answer for you. Its the trust, the giving myself to you that gets me hot & wet about it(still), the fact that you could have cut me and i would have not only let you but been grateful for it, the submission. The fact that not only did i just open my legs for you but i spread them farther, wider, i wanted you to take me further than ever before, to scare me, to mark me. and you did, i went home last night and showed off my scratches on my legs to Bobby , i woke up this morning and ran my hands along them again feeling the ridges & the hard spots where there are tiny little scabs, i looked at them the redness and it made me smile. yes i know i like confirmation of our play i know i like the bruises but this time its different, its cutting, its opening my skin, its making me bleed, its more dangerous. The other thing that made me so hot last night was looking up and seeing you so intent but also seeing the same look in your eyes that i knew was in mine, the fact that you knew i was yours right then & there. So thank you for last night, i'll be honest i'm still crossing & uncrossing my legs while i sit here thinking about it, it was hot i dont think that i will ever be able to replay that exact moment of knowing that you were holding a knife in my cunt (or as close to it as we could get) that i was literally putting all of my trust in your hands. so now i'm going to sit here and try to work while the image & rememberance of cold steel held tightly in your hand being pushed & slapped & run against my hot wet pink cunt keeps reverberating in my brain.

humbly yours,