Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Event at Lounge #1

Last nights Sensual Massage Event was the last offering at our old facility. And it was a grand success, with twenty people gathered together to give and get attention. The groups I put everyone in worked out fantastically, the flow of how the event ran was smooth, the conversations were lively and all the attendees were super social with one another.

It is a balancing act on my behalf to ensure everyone's comfort, lay out excellent ground rules, and maintain a good group dynamic. It always leaves me pleased as punch to watch people stretch their own boundaries, overcome anxieties and fears, meet new friends, try something never before experienced AND have a great time while doing it all.

When asked by someone how they could have my job, it was an honest answer when I said few people could do what I do. It is not bragging either, it is just that my job, career what have you, takes a unique skill set and one that I rarely see in another. After a decade of doing all that I do, I can only assume that I make the extraordinary look easy to those observing. Yet for those of you who know me well, you know of the struggles and the behind the scenes stuff that challenges my enjoyment of my path.

If you've been around my life or world over the last number of years, say five or so, you have seen enormous growth professionally and personally for me. Well the next three plan is going to leave you breathless, watch me, watch Libido Events and Libido Lounge GROW.

Your support of me and my vision is what keeps me going strong. And hey, thanks for sharing in my journey.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Waxing a Man

As I rummaged through my iPhoto archives, I had to laugh as I ran across these photos of Jason. I snapped these the first time I took him to be professionally waxed. It hurt like hell, that much was obvious from watching his contorting body and hearing his screams. But again, even looking at the photos, I am still laughing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More hours in a day please

My plan for today was to deal with an assortment of issues that have been demanding my attention.

Next week Thursday - Sunday is The Taboo Sex Show and this year I am the lead educator. With this pressing project before me I have a lot on my plate on a tight schedule.

Currently I am working at packing my teaching bags for each of my ten classes, this task requires much forethought and planning. Also I am writing out my attendee handouts for the thousands of people who will be in class with me, and cross checking these with my corporate sponsor to ensure proper product placement.

There is a small boat load of swag in our house, and trying it all out before the show is critical so I am able to best offer feedback on each item and refer people to the appropriate new products.

The handouts for the show still need to be proofed, formatted and sent of to the printers. I'll just add this job to the list of things still not complete. I'm grateful though to have L. who just whips these into shape for me in no time. (after I send her the data, and yes darling, I'm getting close)

Shopping for more fabric and accessories for the massive vulva and penis was most successful, the highlight being that I purchased the testicles today. Luckily I even managed to drop everything off to the wonder-woman charged with assembling and making these creations from my verbal cues.

A stop at my doctors office had my left arm with an H1N1 vaccination and the right arm with the flu shot in it. Getting this done was a huge relief.

The post box was full and I just stuffed its contents into my purse and left fast, because the bank across the street also needed to see me.

As it was raining and it coincided with my traveling home, I made myself into Super Mom and picked up the teenager from school today. She was most happy to see me. 1. because I normally don't pick her up and 2. because her school had a bomb threat two hours before so they had been locked in the gym, phones off and scared shitless as the bomb squad marched the hallways and rooms with bomb sniffing dogs.

Came home to push paper, and make my way through all the mail. A Purolator package needs to still be picked up tomorrow and I need to return to the bank, but for the most part, most things that were truly pressing were taken care of today.

Tomorrow I'll be packing The Lounge, running the Sensual Massage Night and if the stars line up in heaven, napping between these two big things.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's My Big Day

Thirty seven years ago today I entered this world as what I will assume was an innocent baby.

Today is my birthday and I am celebrating with family, sleep, orgasms and a day at home. A day with no where to be, this really excites me and this is deliberately planned. Today I celebrate my loss of innocence over the years and how my life has led me here.

This year though is unique, I am pregnant again and anxious to bring this new being into the world. Today I am also thirty four weeks pregnant.

The changes in my life this past year have been momentous, and have filled me with a great feeling of awe for the wonder of life and all its possibilities.

In not so recent years, I have had some run ins with life itself that were not the most positive and that left me wondering if I could or would ever be happy with myself or the world as a whole.

My upbringing and background being despair, hurt, loneliness, failure, distrust, confusion and want of things not possible at that time. It's painful to even think back on it all.

It pleases me to be able to report back to the youthful me that it has all become ok. The struggles and pain were worth it, the growing up necessary and the hardships paid back ten-fold.

I can't say that I would want to repeat my childhood, youth or my early twenties, but my thirties have thus far been more than even I could have dreamed possible. So much goodness.

Today I am surrounded by family in all its glorious forms, love, friendship, success, peace, ambition, bounty and grandness. It is only imaginable that I give thanks.

Thank you universe for allowing me to hang on long enough to discover the joy of life, I am excited for the coming years, though I am happily live in the moment today.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day in Review


Awoke 7 AM. Not planned, yet it happened.
Computer work 7 - 9:30
Costco 10:00
Printers 10:30 - 10:45
Canada Post 11:15 - 11:45
Court House / Drop off Evidence Package 12:30 - 1:00
City Hall 1:30 - 1:45
Pick up and gobble down Subway sandwich 2:00
Arrive to Massage Therapist 2:20
Massage 2:30 - 3:30
Management Meeting 4:30 -5:00
Arrive @ Lounge 5:15
Sleep on sofa at Lounge 5:15 - 6:25
Alarm rouses me to set up 6:25 - 6:45
Doors Open, People arrive 6:50
Jack & Jill begins 7:10
Sex with Jason 8:15'ish
Jack & Jill ends 9:30
Tidy up Lounge 9:30 - 9:45
Arrive home 10:20
Put dishes in dishwasher
Put dirty clothes in laundry room
Make lunches for the man & the teenager for tomorrow
Write blog post
Sleep 11:28 PM

This has been the day from hell. I am exhausted, overly pregnant, uncomfortable, swollen and still drastically behind on my work load.

And as I type out this whine, I am eating one of my birthday gifts from friends C & M.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Go Me!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Orgasms Inducing Labor

Every time I masturbate and pop off an orgasm, within one minute I have a huge contraction. This then sets me up for at least 2-3 more over the next short while.

The orgasms are so intense and necessary for stress reduction, yet they produce anxiety as I really do not want to go into labor until the second of week of November minimum. Especially given all the commitments that are currently before me, having the baby now would be crazy.

So should I give up orgasms and masturbating and throw caution to the wind, or should I keep having O's and praying that they do not induce actual labor? I am uncertain at this point.

This afternoon I saw a coaching client and taught him a class on the G-spot and I even brought in a model for this demo class - it was very well received and went great.

Then this evening was my class for women on Dominance in the bedroom. A great group of women gathered together to learn and become inspired and I am confident our two hours together left them feeling more confident and so desiring a chance to put their newly acquired skills to use.

Then I came home and answered email, before passing out cold. So tired. So weary. So pregnant and sore.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friends Gathering

This afternoon many many friends gathered together at The Lounge for the drop in event that was my birthday celebration. Over the course of five hours people came and went and it was a lovely way to spend time with so many different people.

Everyone brought appetizers and sweets to nibble on and the food tables were exploding with all the options, it was wonderful.

We sat back and ate, had some great conversations, caught up with one another, opened gifts and had cake.

My actual birthday is this Wednesday, October 28th and the baby is due in six weeks at this point, so an afternoon sitting around with people I adore was just what I needed and wanted.

There were some beautiful gifts: handmade ones, funny ones, sexy ones, baby ones, couples ones and a few that were just over the top extravagant just for me. (an afternoon at a day-spa, o'my)

There are two new prints hanging in our living-room from Guy, as he took the most gorgeous pregnancy photos of Jason and I and put them into matched frames as a gift. These are the most precious offerings of friendship one could imagine, they really capture this special time of our lives.

Lisa knit the baby a blanket and it's just the sweetest gift ever, and N&S gave me a gift certificate to the local Priape store where I plan on making a deviant purchase. There were many many awesome gifts to many to list, but I will say my friends are truly the kindest and their all being at my side means so much to me.

The added bonus to the day was all the yummy food that people left behind, so our fridge at home is now stuffed with things I find delectable yet would not normally stock in abundance.

Thank you to everyone who was there and to those who were unable to attend who sent messages of love and kindness.