Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The vehicle is all packed and we are ready to hit the road. We leave for SIX days in Paradise in just a few minutes. There will be no cell phones, no t.v., nor computer use for us. We will be incommunicado and savoring every last bloody minute of it. I can't wait to get out of here.

We are off to Paradise, "adult sex camp".


Monday, August 27, 2007

clothes lead to gossip

If you are reading this, are a woman and we are friendly enough that you believe I may give you my home address so you can attend the below noted special event, then drop me an email and tell me who you are.

Otherwise the invites to this private women-getting-naked together event have all gone out!

Stories to follow.

Hey there Girlfriend,

After doing a thorough clean-out of all of my clothing I discovered that I have an awful lot of good quality women's clothing that I either

a. do not want any longer
b. do not fit into any longer

A small amount of this clothing is day wear. The bulk of this clothing is sexy clothes. It would appear that what I am getting rid of alone is a small collection and I am happy to see it leave me.

This got me to thinking that you too likely have clothing that no longer needs to be taking space in your closet or drawers.

You are invited to my place for an evening of Drinks, Chatter, Clothes (Exchange / Swap / Sale) and a general Social Night for Women Only.

Please bring your gently worn

1. Club Wear - dresses, skirts, body suits
2. Leather
3. Corsets / Waist Cincher / Bustiers
4. High Heel Shoes, Boots
5. Gloves, Stockings / Hats
6. Bags / Totes
7. Sex Books / DVD's
8. Costumes, Fantasy Wear
9. Lingerie
10. Accessories - belts, harnesses etc
11. Toys - BDSM, Sex

Sell your clothing. Trade your clothing. Give it away.

Bring your old stuff and leave with some new stuff. Let if have a new life.

Do NOT bring garbage bags of clothing. Bring items either on hangers, or pre folded. There will be areas set up for you to lay out your goods and other areas for changing.

With so many wonderfully diverse friends by culture, age, tastes and size there will surely be just an OUTRAGEOUS amount of goodies for everyone to leave with some new booty!

September 13 Thursday 6:30 - 9:00

If you are interested in taking part, send me an email and let me know. I'll ensure you are on the guest list and that you receive the address.

There will be a bartender for the evening and appetizers.

Looking forward to having many of you over for this little soiree.

warmly, Jennifer

ps. Feel free to ASK me first before you invite someone along, as this is my home I am reserving attendance to only those whom I am comfortable with. - j

Sunday, August 26, 2007

getting things done

As I've been under-the-weather the last few days, today was yet another sleep in day. It was quarter past noon when I rolled on top of of RC and told him that we should get up and face the day.

I made us a great brunch and we ate naked in the dining room together. Then as I worked around the house tackling a number of small chores, RC headed out to do some errands.

There was a call from T, home sick as anything. And nothing I could do for her over the phone except love her from afar. Its her time away on holidays with her dad [and family] and the time is a little much for her coupled with the fact that she was away from me for so long on her trip to Mexico. Made me sad to hear my daughter so choked up about being away from me. Again more love from afar and assurances of our soon reunion.

Then packing time as I had to ready for my evening Pussy Licking class. There I was loading all the accouterments into a bag so I could pull off such a spectacular class. I drove RC to work, then got my self to the store.

It was a wonderful group. A dozen people, two women and myself. We covered a lot of ground, and managed even to answer some off-topic, though related-to-sex questions. I stayed late at nights end to talk to a couple who seemed to be very flirtatious in class and rather personable.

Finally getting in a short while ago, I left my bags at the door and made myself naked quickly. Opening and checking emails and soon I am off to bed.

I have a grand feeling of accomplishment today.