Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time For Me

I've met some one. A person who promises to change the way the world sees me and my pursuits. It's almost everything I could have dreamed of and at just the right time too. A while ago, I went looking for anyone to fill this void, and I came up short. Time and time again I couldn't hand over the stuff as no one was there for me. And now, it appears as though the right person just saw the need and stepped up to the plate.

The last time I so unexpectedly had my needs met was with a girl a number of years ago who stole my heart. She came at me out of nowhere, just as this new kind soul has.

Though I don't expect to love this new person in my life, I surmise ... though prematurely, that I will love what this person does for me.

Tonight is NAUGHTY, our monthly play party. We set up for it the other day when we had some free time. Re-arranging furniture and room dividers for differing events sure beats hauling equipment from our old storage locker to a play space. Having the Lounge has made my work life easier in so many ways. This morning we did our shopping for fresh foods at Costco and everything is now stocked full and ready for the kitchen help to tend to.

I took care of my girly beauty prep yesterday, so later all I need to do is pack my personal toy bag and enjoy a relaxing bath before we head off to the Lounge. I've got an itch and I plan on having it scratched this evening. Lately I've put out a tremendous amount of sex energy on ensuring others pleasure, and well ... later this evening is "my time to get some for me." Even if I have to create it for myself as well. Regularly I'm asked to do things for people, selectively I want to be catered to.

Excuse while I go plan for this ...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pass The Lube


That is an honest statement about this evenings escapades.

Dang did we ever go at it.

A lot.

Last time this happened RC had been drinking Jack Daniels.

Hey wait a second, he was drinking JD again last night.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

dumb answer to an easy question

Today was a lovely day, charming in-fact.

I slept in this morning with RC, setting the stage for a relaxed pace for the rest of my day.

My favorite lunch was mine, sushi.

A fantastically surprising find of yet another corset from New World Designs in Gastown in this very unusual color is now in my corset cabinet.

I was one of four sex experts at Rhodes College today, speaking on a panel about sex.

One of my fellow panel members was the esteemed radio personality & dating coach, Daniel Packard. We got to talking after class and he's way cool, more interesting to me than his radio segment had made him appear.

I had to shake my head in udder dismay at one of the other panel members giving exceptionally inadequate health information to the students in the class surrounding safer sex issues. It was incomprehensible her lack of skill at dealing with & answering the questions & subject matter, especially given she is co owner of a little ol' adult store. Shame on her for pimping books on safe sex, rather than answering a question that would have not only empowered the asker of the question, but also empowered and kept safe the future clients of these students. She choose to try and make a buck instead. Pitiful ethics really.

Once home to our nest finally, I cranked up the heat, stripped down to my birthday suit and promptly made dinner for the family. We three ate together and hung out watching TV for a large part of the evening.

Before I said good-night to RC, he laid me out on the bed and gave me a full body rub and a hot stone massage. When I thought it was over, I suddenly felt the tickle of his slick lubed fingers making there way into my wet pussy. As he gently probed into me, my hips became accommodating and the gates parted giving him easy access. The massage had turned sexual. Big surprise. It ended in two massive orgasms. One for me, and one for my guy.

My new iPhone is incredible. It does so much, I'm just now starting to figure out much of what I can actually do with it. Its capabilities are abundant and lucky me its user friendly as well. I'm really loving the gift. Thank you RC for being so, so good to me always. I Love You.

Monday, June 09, 2008

more from my In-Box

I'm sharing yet more praise from SULTRY this past Saturday. Remembering of course, that each e-mail I receive is actually from TWO people as the event is a couples only one. Which means that the kudos for the event and its happenings is massive and across the board.

You'll be able to understand by the end of the post, why I feel so proud right now!

Read this that I cut and pasted from our Face Book Group ...

This past Saturday may have been the best SULTRY yet, and that’s saying something! It’s always a bit of a thrill to walk past the friendly and polite (but slightly bemused) bathhouse staff, step through the nondescript door, head down the steps and enter another world. Any fear that you are attending the secret meeting of some strange cult is immediately dispelled by Jennifer’s enthusiastic greeting, sporting a smile as big as her strap-on.

While changing in the locker room, we could see a lot of newcomers among the regulars. However, after a few get acquainted games involving whipped cream and suds in the shower room, everyone seemed to be getting comfortable with one another, even before the water guns came out. The truce that followed seemed to involve a lot of very personal contact. Everywhere we looked there were folks playing in twos and threes, fours and mores.

If all that eye candy wasn’t stimulating enough the all-girl circle jerk proved truly inspiring, even for those of us not participating (right, RC?). If you preferred to listen moans, shrieks, sighs and happy cries could be heard throughout the night and sometimes throughout the building.
Steam and suds, passion and play, SULTRY may well be our favourite event. We are certainly looking forward to its return in the Fall. To all the friends, new and old, who made the evening so special, our sincere thanks. We look forward to seeing (smelling, touching…) you again soon.

And then check this out from someone else ...

Sultry was such a good time :) While I enjoy pretty much every Libido event I attend, Sultry now holds a special place in my heart because it's the one event (so far) I have been able to get my partner to come with me to. I've been trying to tell anyone who will listen that they're a blast, I hope to make a few converts by the time fall rolls around...

I missed out on the shower group scene and the all girl circle jerk - for good reason, I assure you. But wow, lots of smiles in that steam room...

More praise, here it comes ...

The entire experience was delectable ... playing with all those wet soapy bodies in the shower, kissing in the hot steamy sauna, having my hands and feet massaged by four yummy playmates, having a full body massage from a new friend, watching sexy videos while taking a rest in the quiet room ... WOW!

Congratulations Jennifer for creating such a wonderful play space. I'll be back.

Then this came to my personal account ...

Hi Jennifer

We just felt we had to let you know just how much fun we had at the Sultry night June 7th. We will be talking about it for a long time to come, also letting all our friends know just what a good time it was.

The whole group seemed to be enjoying the fun games as much as we were. This event is certainly suited to all kinds of people especially those that have never been to anything like this before, with its no-pressure atmosphere just some good o'l raunchy fun.

Thank you so much for putting on such a fantastic event, we surely hope you will be able to put on these events again later on. In the mean time we look forward to seeing you at some of your other events.

We also would like to say its because you are such a fantastic host Jennifer, that's what makes it all work.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, again.

Elaine & Dan

This is how one goes about creating a more sex positive culture. Intentionally.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

from my In-Box

Hi Jennifer.

Larry and I had so much fun last night. (at SULTRY) We really didn’t know what to expect even though we read the blogs about it. We were surprised that everyone was naked when we arrived and that actually helped me get over my shyness about my body.

Larry is a nudist at heart, but until February this year in Cuba I had never been naked in front of anyone except my husband, doctor or nurse. Even then in Cuba I stripped quickly and laid on my tummy on the towel, or ran into the water.

The shower scene was so erotic, I can’t help but get turned on when I think about it. I discovered that I really liked to be touched. You told everyone to have their hands behind their backs to lick off the whipping cream, but I discovered through that, that I really like to be touched. It’s amazing I never really thought about that before until that sensation was taken away. Even the hot wax, ice, knife, skewer, comb and scrubber sensations were great. My favorite of those are ice, knife, comb and scrubber.

We met some very nice people and we are looking forward to seeing them again. We definitely will be at the next one.

Thanks again for our initiation into the scene. We will never forget it.


=========== =========== ===========

Thanks for an excellent party Ms. Jennifer - you looked very hot running around with your soapy cock (and when getting oil rubbed on the table) :) You have no idea how thrilled I am at getting Bryan out to these events. Thank you a million times over!


=========== =========== ===========


The first time I met you in person was at a class in March 2006. Ryan and I had been to the Taboo show and somehow we missed you as a speaker. Poking through the website for the show I found a link to Libido Events.

I screwed up my courage and went to the class in downtown Vancouver on a rainy Sunday afternoon. (by myself, Bryan couldn't make it). I was early and my heart was going pit a pat, wondering what the class would be like. I think I told my family that I was going to an educational seminar (Ryan and I weren't living together at the time).

I was very cold, sitting on my chair, waiting for other people to arrive. Jennifer, you were sitting on one of the demo tables with bare legs and I couldn't believe that you weren't cold. You were talking to the others as they came in. It was hard not to listen in on the conversations. I couldn't believe that people had sex at parties, let alone with other people around. I think you brought over a blanket so I could keep warm.

Of course I enjoyed the class and knew that there was so much more to explore sexually. As they say, the rest is history. Of course I told Ryan all about you. We finally made it out to a play party that summer, which is when Bryan first met you. I think you more than exceeded expectations.