Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 3 of non-stop sex

Memories of today, day 3 of Taboo.

1. My Cock Sucking & Hand Job class had well over 400 people in it, easily
2. A woman passed out in my cock sucking class.
3. My corporate sponsor kicked ass in product sales relating to my classes.
4. The overwhelmingly positive praise from those who've been in my classes.
5. The sheer number of people who go to Taboo, specifically to take in classes of mine.
6. The Taboo owners telling me they need a bigger workshop room next year, due to the grand attendance numbers in all my classes.
7. Scott coming through for me.
8. Uncle_M bringing me cookies.
9. Seeing countless Libido Lounge members at the show & supporting me in my classes
10. Juliet for doing the handouts.
11. Robert for crowd control.
12. Jason for managing all my time and helpers.
13. Feeling like a super star, it is very pleasing to be so well received by my community.
14. Feet hurting so badly, that I had to go bare foot.
15. Paid for a massage at the show, and the masseuse gave me double time because I make the world happier by teaching cock sucking.
16. I & P for the Rocky Mountain chocolate factory hand dipped strawberry and cold drink
17. M & P for doing handouts & bringing me fresh pineapple, granola bars and muffins
18. Neko for the home baked cookies
19. Countless hugs and love by those who support me
20. Trade and Convention Center staff telling me they've been working the show for years and that they ensure they also get to see me and my educational offerings.
21. Freebies from a number of stores, in bulk quantities.
22. Thunderous applause.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 2 Taboo

This is Day 2.

Yesterday went smoothly enough. I taught my class Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please - bedroom bondage basics and my Wild Sex For The Uninhibited class, both were fantastic.

I was gifted with numerous new products by vendors at the show. A lot of free booty. Close to $900 worth to be precise and I am feeling fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful associates and allies.

All the volunteers I coordinated for the show are doing such a great job that I have not had a single issue to have to deal with. This is excellent news. This morning I phoned everyone and checked in and they are all in good spirits.

Tonight I am teaching Cock Sucking & Pussy Licking - the shows best attended classes by far. I love my job and all the people I am privileged to meet and guide through their sexual journey.

My last class ends late so today will be a long one. Ten days till we leave for Cuba, thank god as I REALLY need a vacation.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sex News Vancouver

This is Day 1.

The Taboo Show officially opens it's doors today at five.

My finally printing bill for all the handouts that Libido Events and Libido Lounge will be distributing was five hundred and twenty five dollars.

I have filled nine volunteer positions with people to assist me with my classes each day in the workshop room.

I have given a corset company another ten of my volunteers so they have staffing for sales and set up and take down over the four days of the show.

I have done one media interview thus far, and currently now have two more booked during the show.

My corporate sponsor is O'Behave a cool company with a group of stores that I have worked with locally in the past, and who also sponsored my Calgary and Edmonton classes too.

My plan is to teach my eight classes these next few days and in between doing so, to meet and network with as many new companies and entities as possible, exposing them to myself and of course to Libido Lounge.

I worked till three o'clock this morning on Taboo related projects. Now it is time for a quick nap so I have the energy necessary to make it through the rest of this long day.

Must still decide what to wear, this is always a challenge. At least I have lots of options to choose from in my closets and I have plans on shopping at the show for a few new naughty pieces to add to the collection.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Erotic Arts Expert?

Today I landed my photo and a decent interview in the Vancouver Courier newspaper, both the on-line version and the print edition. Attention is always nice.

You can read the article yourself and take a gander at the image they decided to use from the photo shoot we did yesterday. Me and my whip.

They had wanted me in handcuffs and holding a whip at the same time. Wrong. I needed to explain to the photographer that the handcuffed person does not also hold the whip. It was fun to do, none the less.

Today RC and I were gifted with a hand made bottle of massage oil, thanks P.

This evening the corset company from Atlanta Georgia that is exhibiting at Taboo rented out the Lounge. There was a pizza party, along with a meet n greet for all the volunteers I had organized for them. Everyone really enjoyed meeting Ms.Martha and loved the corsets, the women were all happy choosing which one they would receive for their volunteer hours.

Still this evening I have another ninety minutes or so left of work to do, before I can put my head down on the pillow and go to sleep.

My man is the best, he loves me so much and I simply adore him. Last night he brought me and the teenager home gifts. The daughter got four pair of monkey socks which she was really happy with and I was given knee high camouflage socks. Everyone we know and all the women in my life, think he is just super and a great family man. I am so lucky to have found him, or rather to have been found by him.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Taboo Sex Show 2009

I am feeling pretty weary right at this exact moment. My alarm had me waking at six fifty this morning for a photo shoot in the downtown city core for a Vancouver newspaper. I arrived looking all pretty, and on time. We did our interview yesterday, and it seemed to go rather well. I was quite pleased by the questions the reporter asked and equally happy with the reception the photographer gave me in the studio this morning.

The article is about my involvement with The Taboo Sex Show and of course the classes that I am teaching.

Taboo starts this Thursday and the article comes out tomorrow, so Wednesday. I've been told I will be in both the on-line edition and the print paper as well. I am eager to see how it all turns out, though any publicity is always good. However the better the journalist the more people are turned on to myself, Libido Events and my Erotic Arts Curriculum.

I have another interview booked at Taboo itself, right after one of my classes too, the next few days are really huge for me. And tiresome.

A couple of hours ago, I picked up three hundred and seventy five dollars worth of handouts for the show to accompany my classes from a brilliant printer friend.

Shortly I will be packing my bags for each class, so each day I can just grab the bags I need and head out the door without needing to search out all my aides and toys. Two different classes each day, for four days. That is a lot of work. Plus the networking, question answering in person and in email, and all the set up and take down of each class will keep me on fast speed till Sunday night.

Now if I could find a way to stop my period woes, which has just started today, I may just be able to make it through the rest of this week without losing my marbles. I loath cramps.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Girl Sex

As I am extremely busy today, and, I had promised to post about last Fridays Dirty Girls, this seems like the right moment to do so. I received permission from N, to take this from her journal and put it here for you all to read.

Note, she is a new member of Libido Lounge, and as such this was her first womens party with us.

Titled "Maiden Voyage into Dirty Girls"

Yesterday evening started with a one-hour private seminar on the G-spot and female ejaculation. To my pleasant surprise, the G-spot was something I had equal levels of experience with as I had with female ejaculation. I just didn't know that I already knew what I was doing before I went to the class, and having gone was a worthwhile experience for that very reason. There was also a planned group viewing of the G-spot and the internal anatomy of the vaginal canal. Due to unforseen complications, I found myself taking a seat in the gyno chair with the viewing tube inserted for the purpose of sharing knowledge of female anatomy with the other mentees present. I was quite comfortable with this part of my experience due to the sheer number of pap exams, colposcopies, and fetish porn I've participated in. Before I knew enough about how the human papillomavirus affects the female reproductive anatomy, I might have been too hesitant to let a half a dozen ladies take a turn looking at me with a flashlight. I was happy to share that part of myself and at last for a purpose more fun than clinical.

When class was over, more guests arrived for the party. There were ladies in body harnesses, satin camisoles, high heels, knee high socks, fishnet tights, jockeys, and boycut panties. I was taken aback by how many wonderful women came to cum together, but the conversation had to start somehow, so I set my towel on the floor like a pillow and showed a couple couch cuties my favorite toys from the previous year's Taboo Sex Show and the sales clerk position I once held at a porn store. We discussed all the different kinds of booths we've seen at the show, from online vendors who effectively set up a whole store to the many obscure retailers who have the kinds of toys one doesn't easily find in local stores. Going to the Taboo Sex Show every year on at least one evening has definitely been a worthwhile experience, so I tend to encourage attendance. In fact, free tickets to the show were given out to the attendees yesterday who did not already have tickets.

So from here, off I went into the kitchen to take in the view of the hostess (a developing habit of mine, I must confess), who handed me a platter so that I could serve all the delicious ladies who were arranged throughout the venue. I believe I exercised sound judgment by not offering to the ladies who were putting the Red Rocket to good use with a nice hard paddling, spanking, and bum-biting scene to start the night off.

Upon returning to the main room, it seemed a scheme was being formulated in which two buxom blonds would be bent over a table together; fluffed with paddles, spankings, and floggers; teased with a strap-on cock until they just couldn't take it anymore; and then hand-massaged into orgasmic agony. I couldn't help but offer myself as a fluffer! With the three of us working on the two of them, it could be accurately described as the most effective administration of implements, massage oil, and well-lubricated gloved hands recently seen on this side of the Fraser River.

We three had a screamer and a quiet moaner who would later be coaxed into screaming as well. It started with a light flogging of each delectable bum using a bungee style flogger until it was found a cat-o-nine-tails was a much better use of time, effort, and skin. I couldn't agree more. Next, a flexible leather paddle was introduced to the each of the blushing pair's posteriors, with paroxysmal bare-handed spankings and closed-fist punches in between our loving touches and the leather paddle. By this time, it was quite apparent that one of us favored the louder of our two subjects, so the other received a massage of her breasts while continuing to be paddled. It seemed at this point that with each bum glowing, and both heavy and light moans eminating, that it was time to start massaging G-spots. I took my place massaging the breasts of the quiet one while delighting in the screams of the other as my companion Tops gave their best efforts to give as many multiple toe-curling orgasms as each felt necessary. At some point, I recall crying "For God's sake, woman, let her cum!", and to my surprise, the screamer shot back with "I don't want to!"

When the Sybian fucking machine was taken out by our curvacious hostess, I took the first opportunity I could to find a front row seat and a fridge-cold beverage. It didn't occur to me for a couple of minutes that a more private room had been taken over by a pack of four women doing a three-on-one erotic massage that demanded my attention as an audience. Now I was torn between the possibility of my wildest romantic interest taking a wet ride on the Sybian and listening to the soft moans accompanying gyrating hips on the massage table. I was encouraged to barge in on the four-way, but I was much happier watching without calling attention to myself. It was beautiful to watch, and the Sybian stayed unattended for a considerable duration until I finally asked whether it was possible that bringing it out in full view was just a big tease. She told me that she has one at home too, and left me wondering for the time being.

Well I continued mostly just watching the gyrating blonds together with the two towering Tops as well as the scene that had still not ended on the Red Rocket spanking bench, which by now had moved the red-haired subject into an upward-facing position so that she could be better punched in the chest and bitten in more places than could be accessed from the other side. She was having a fantastic time, judging from her bursts of laughter. Then at some point, I was approached by a slim black-haired woman holding a 50 foot length of rope who wanted to practice a bondage technique she had watched on YouTube.

I quickly lost track of all the other girls while I sat playing with my vibrating butt plug controller and the controller for my bullet as she carefully placed lengths of rope around my torso. She introduced me to the double coin knot, which I had never previously heard of, and the rope corset she placed on me played a delightful role in my orgasm. As I played quietly with my bullets and butt plug, and as my breaths deepened with the excitement of the sensations I was feeling, I felt the rope tighten around my ribcage. It was delicious and inspiring. I had never previously incorporated a sexual aspect into bondage as a bottom, but I just might in the future.

Once the plug and bullets came out and were washed, we took the rope off. We soon began talking about the sex swing and all the wonderful ways the frame could be used in bondage when, of course, we were encouraged in short order to take the swing off and use the frame for our deviance. She asked me if I had experience with rope before and if I knew how to tie well, and of course I did. We discussed what she was comfortable with and got right into it after that. I tied her arms together in front, tied it up to the top of the frame, and then tied her right leg to the side of the frame. Once bound, she began to drift. I spread her legs apart a little more and started running my hands all up and down the full length of her soft body. I told her I hope she didn't mind, and she slowly shook her head and closed her eyes. I started playing with her nipples in my mouth, passing my hands over her soft breasts, smooth bum, and between her legs. She was completely relaxed and then asked me if I might introduce her to one of my favorite toys.

I chose the LELO vibrator I brought with me for its silicone silkiness, slid a condom over it with my arms around her, lubed it up and turned it on. When I gently pulled down her tiny black boyshort panties, I discovered a naturally beautiful vulva with a clit that stuck out just a little and petite labia. She smelled wonderful. She asked me to slide a glove on my hand and I complied with her wish before I applied a bit more strawberry flavored lube to my fingers with the vibrator against her clit and public bone, and slid my fingers inside her tight little vulva. She felt slippery and wet. I could feel the little bumps and ridges as I gently massaged her mound and sucked on her nipples. I held the vibrator with my palm while my fingers moved up and down and in small circles over her engorged G-spot. She was a wonder to watch as she gyrated and moaned, gushed over my fingers and swayed in the limited freedom of the ropes.

As she started to heat up, she asked to be allowed to lie down. I left the vibrator in her panties while I untied her leg from the frame first and then let her hands down. We continued from that point, playing with the different settings on the vibrator and massaging her G-spot. We started to kiss when she was satisfied with the vibrator, and I continued to provide her with the pleasure of G-spot massage until I was satisfied that she had a sufficiently heightened mood. We cuddled and talked when the ropes came off, and she was so warm and relaxed, it just felt great to be there. I am very grateful for Libido Lounge, because without this place for women to meet, I would not have had the space or equipment to facilitate this experience.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beaten Woman

(disclaimer for mom: all is good, this post you can overlook)

I need to go down hard.

The feeling is undeniable and unmistakable.

It seems that my body is aching to be ripped apart.

It is time that I got out of my head for awhile.

Solely to concentrate on processing sensations in my body.

I need to be hurt, badly.

Whipped and beaten.

Into a puddle.

Left gasping.


Struggling to control the only thing possible.

My breath and breathing.

Alive and raw.

True to my desires.


Come for me.