Saturday, April 21, 2007

pallet wrap bondage

This evening has me heading to the BDSM communities local monthly hang-out, Rascal's.

There is a certain pretty lady, who sent me an email requesting to bottom to me in play tonight. Her submissiveness towards me is strong, leaving me to feel powerful.

Little does RC or this "other woman" know, but I have plans to bind them as one during a scene later on. Beat on them, rough them up some, then have fast no nonsense sex with each of them once they are immobilized together naked, chest to chest.

Pallet wrap is quick, pretty, shiny and strong!

It's so much fun having the upper hand. The two of them have met in passing once before, tonight they shall get better acquainted. ha ha

Friday, April 20, 2007


OK not quite like rabbits, more like bunnies.

I am horny as hell and we have been fucking like bunnies for days.

Ah, I have a charmed orgasmic life.

Now someone get me a carrot!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sybian Sex Machine, Vancouver

I need a graphic designers assistance. Someone to take the clubs new name (which has now been chosen) listen to the mission statement, then be able to create a sexy, simple, bold Logo pulling together all of those elements and hand it back to me almost immediately.

If this is you, please email me at This is not a paying project, it is one in which a donation of your time will be required and in exchange you will be rewarded with club credit and my forever gratitude.

On a more personal note, in my bedroom right now is a Sybian. A Sybian, yes it's true I've got one of those infamous sex machines at home with me. It's good to have friends. I picked it along with 10 dozen condoms up earlier today, I'll tell you more about this acquisition later.

With my daughter away this weekend, I plan on turning on the Sybian and going for a number of wild rides towards orgasmic pleasures. Well in-between working, packing and the start of the move process: we are sorting our furnishings & personal stuff, figuring out exactly how we want our place to be.

The word family resonates quite nicely around the three of us right now, no one is working at it, we're just becoming one at an ease that is astonishing. The way we are together warms me like nothing I've ever experienced and seeing my daughter fall for RC and he for her has reaffirmed for me the power of love.

The birds, Sophie & Foster moved over here today and are currently settled alongside all of us, RC brought them in this morning when he got in from work.

It's been such a long day, I need to head to bed early. RC is working tonight, not home till 7:30 in the morning, so I've got the bed to myself. He is missed, it's still hard to say good-bye when we need to part. It's not possible to keep our hands off of one another, we connect with our skin.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kissing Class & Orgasms

I managed to spend 5 hours in a row bolted to a chair working alone today. It is mind blowing the amount of paperwork that is before me right now. All I wanted to do was sleep, actually have a looong nap, but I was on a role accomplishing things and never was able to rest my head on a pillow for any amount of time.

That's not quite true, I did lay down and masturbate a few times over the day. Having orgasms daily, regularly is so much a necessity for me. Not only do I enjoy the physical sensations attached to my orgasms, but the stress release it provides is critical for my mental health. And it's true as well that I use O's to keep me awake at times.

Dropped by my PO box and emptied it's contents into my bag. The latest issue of Power Exchange Magazine. A few new books: Erotic Fire Play, Master / slave Relationships and another on the Theory and Practice for Leather slaves. Should make for some great discussions after finding some waking hours to read them. And just to go "Ooh and Ahh" all the books are autographed by the authors and written to me. Sweet.

There was more stuff in my PO box....I also found a 3 page poem from a student who had been in one of my Dominance classes when I last taught in Seattle. Profoundly moving and exceptionally well done, a poet he is, he wrote about me. How flattering. A signed, sealed and delivered contract for upcoming work, and a notice to renew my box. What a haul and all good.

I've got this brand new Kissing class and it's first one is scheduled for this Sunday, it's couples only and an erotic adventure. Believe it, have I ever created a class that will leave couples breathless with a renewed passion towards kissing.

April 22 Sunday
6:30 - 8:30pm
Kiss Me Like This - couples only
presented by Jennifer
Love Nest 4687 Kingsway, Burnaby
$40 couple pay at door

Kisses are at times tender, endearing, sexy, suave, teasing and sophisticated. From the subtle, the pre coital to the full on public display of affection variety, this class will ignite some passion between your lips and in your relationship.

You and your partner will be guided through an awakening of oral delights. You’ll be shown how to deliver a multitude of kisses and given tips to interpret smooch reactions and read body language. Learn to be the recipient of kisses as well as how to differentiate and master many lip locks to have your lover feeling everything from teased to toe curling pleasure from your intimate lip touch.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

high on life

So today was a spectacular day for me. Starting with a luxurious sleep-in with RC in the morning, making a monumental decision regarding the new club club mid afternoon, dinner was a shared tasty family experience, then off to teach an evening class that was such a delight to facilitate.

Tonight's subject was Butt Sex & Anal Pleasures, we were at The Love Nest in Burnaby and everyone attending, both men & women brought many questions and I was able to get them the answers they were seeking. What was special was J. a woman in class, who brought me home made beautiful chocolates on sticks. Not just any shape chocolate either, rather a bulbous cock being held by a woman's hand, bouncing breasts and a very happy large dicked rabbit. Being good, I shared them with others in class and brought myself home the remains.

Truth be told, the chocolates are one part of the fundraising campaign for the new club, again, details on this to follow in the coming days or weeks. Fundraising projects should be kicking off soon, watch for information on this so you too can support the new club.

Then after class, something unusual happened. The group was friendly, interested in my new venture and filled with curiosity. I filled them in on a few details they were wanting and then we sat and talked about everything for about 45 minutes, till 10:30. They generated such great new ideas for me and also pointed out a few things I'd yet to explore. It is rare for me to "hang out" after a class and talk about my own projects, usually people want to leave right after class as it's late so they can head home or stay briefly to ask me specific short sex questions without others being around.

By the time I got home, yes it was late, though I was feeling on top of the world.

I'm loved. I'm respected. I'm successful. I'm in love. I have family. I am happy. All I really need now is more time in the day to make the most of myself and all that I still want to become & create.

EDIT: Before me right now is a brand spanking new sexy camera with an outrageous amount of capabilities, an exorbitant gift from RC. Once I finish reading the book that comes with it, I plan on posting some photos of the chocolate cocks & breasts I was given. (before I eat them)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Win Free Tickets

It’s sexy, sex positive and very fun; which is why they are offering you a chance at tickets!


Date: For the week starting Friday, April 20th

Theatre: The Fifth Avenue at Fifth and Burrard.
Time: Check local listings

WHAT TO DO? Reply with your name and email address by
11 am, Thursday, April 19, 2007.

Winners will be drawn and contacted via email to come down to the store (across from the theatre!) and pick up a pass which admits two.

Good luck!

(Libido Events is even mentioned in the credits to this movie. Yeah!!!)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sensual Play For Lovers class

For those of you who read yesterdays post about SIN City, and my plan to hurt RC, well, mission successful. I beat them man with my 6 inch stilettos until he was black & blue. It was so much fun. He took it so well from me, that women he didn't even know were offering him kisses and petting him afterwards to make him feel better.

All in all an excellent night out for each of us. And we were home and in bed by midnight, because today I have to teach this.....

April 15 Sunday
2:00 - 4:00pm
Sensual Play For Lovers, a fully interactive class
(couples or kissing friends only)
presented by Jennifer
Club Eden 11041 River Road North Delta
call to reserve your spot 604-589-2582
$50 couple

This is a very exciting, fun and highly charged class to take. We will have plenty of erotic fun and play with group sex-energy. Everyone attending will only be paired off with the person they came with.

Sensual play is processed in the mind of your lover as well as
their body. The goal of this workshop is to give you tools to
stimulate all of the senses and imagination at the same time as you
get to practice them. (cool, warm, sharp, slick, pointy, smooth,
rough, abrasive, feathery, tickles etc.)

This workshop will cover the things you need to do in advance of
sensual play to enhance your experience, from talking to your lover,
to setting the tone and expectations for an experience. We will
cover types of props to include and how to incorporate them into
your play. We will also cover the many erogenous zones of the body
on men and women and talk about the types and variety of sensations
you can apply to each. We'll discuss how to layer sensations on one
another and how to escalate sensation as you heighten your lovers
energy. We will also cover what to do when you've get there and how
to bring someone back to earth.

Everyone will gain new ideas from this workshop and those with ideas
of their own are welcome to share them in a collaborative

Everyone must wear underwear and tank top or underwear only. Everyone attending must participate.