Saturday, August 26, 2006

Naughty Party tonight!!

Tonight, Saturday is our infamous Naughty Party!

Meet new friends, catch up with old ones, flirt, voyeur, have sex, a bubble bath for 2, a steamy shower, do some bondage or perhaps some S/m play in our air conditioned venue.

Remember the night starts with a free 1 hour class, Forbidden Fantasies: Role Playing In The Bedroom. 8:00-9:00 We will even have a male masseur on site this evening, it’s going to be a wild night.

Please read ALL the details below so you arrive with everything you'll need to know to make your night a success.

August 26 Saturday
9:00 - 2:00am
Naughty Play Party
a sex-positive event

$45 couple, $25 woman
pay at door, cash only
**No single men this event **

#120 - 307 West Broadway St., Vancouver

(directly across the street from Office Depot between Yukon & Albert St. -

***Rules & Tips***

**As a special addition to the party Ki Rohn a professional tantric
masseur will be providing full body, deep tissue, sensual and tantric
massage. It’s by donation, $1/minute. It’s worth it, so bring extra cash
and let Ki take you for an amazing journey into your body.

Read over the comments posted to my Blog from last months Naughty Party to give you an idea of how exciting these parties are.

Parking is free out front of the building along the side street and yes, even in the lot behind. It says, Reserved, that's because that's for the building you'll be entering from the rear, you can park here, please do. As you get out of your car out back, there is a door that says Libido Events, Welcome to the Naughty Party!

Remember to bring a snack or dish to share, it should require no kitchen help. Nothing please requiring utensils. Do not arrive empty handed. Cold pop and water are provided at no charge.

Our second Naughty Party ever geared towards couples and single women only and has your response been overwhelming, Thank you. After the success of last months party in the new space, I just had to do it again. Return for more fun or show up and see what all the fun really is all about.

The layout is spacious yet you'll feel at ease in the space quite quickly, it's seven multiple intimate rooms for play in various forms and more places set out for those we'll call the exhibitionists. Whomever you are, what ever your bend of your sexuality and expression there of, is what we want to see in you this evening. Be yourselves, be fun and be Naughty.

Another area set out for food and beverages so we can enjoy a little snack to help keep energy up over our evening together. In front of this all viewable through a large wall cut out is a large sitting room, with chairs, sofa and places for you to talk and chill amongst yourselves while enjoying your nibblies.

Down the hall a multitude of rooms await your discovery with massage tables, spanking bench, bondage tables and beds in a couple of those. The glassed in shower room and the bath tub room are both very popular, the tub seats 2 easily! We are carpeted, air conditioned & complete with a sound system through out.

Large washrooms men's, women's and handicap with space where you may change before you enter (if you need to) and then stow your bag in our check area. Bring a bag to contain all your belongings in. Street clothes will NOT get you inside, no no to jeans. Dress sexy and to impress and we consider naked or near naked, worthy of praise.

Of course we have on hand condoms, lube, gloves, massage oils, sheets, towels, wipes, inviting sexy atmosphere, excellent people whom you'll be able to spend time with and myself there for you to know, along with a team of volunteers that would be pleased to answer any of your questions.

Note the evening starts with a workshop Forbidden Fantasies: Role Playing in the Bedroom starting at 8:00 promptly and ending at 9:00. At 9:00 the Naughty Party starts and not before as there will be a workshop in progress, please be considerate.

We are a completely alcohol free event, do not bring any liquor. House Rules will be posted at the party.



* pillows, small toss size
* sheets, fitted & flat
* VHS & DVD pornography - women's & men's

Friday, August 25, 2006


This beautifully bright bouquet of flowers is on my kitchen table, a surprise treat along with Lindt chocolate & deviant mini clothes pegs!

I am a blessed woman to have such wonderful friends in my life, to bring me such delightfully appropriate gifts.

ball bashing

did anyone else catch the 6:00 pm evening news on Global? At about 6:50 in the sports section there was a rather long, disturbingly funny foreign clip.

These 6 slender Asian men are standing on a stage. Each is given some sentence to repeat it appears. Said man starts rattling off the sentence, once a mistake is made, a catapult fires at their cocks and socks them a good one making them tremble, fall over, grab themselves, moan and even appear pained. Each of them also looked terrified at moment of impact. Well yeah, ya think?

It made me laugh myself silly to watch the choice of clips that our evening news here in BC Canada found so funny. Sensation seeking masochists are everywhere, knowing no division by race, gender, culture, geography or language. I'm happy to be one of them.

There are many types of play that I enjoy, some others may even find extreme however ball bashing is not something I find fun. Lucky play partners of mine, for when I'm on Top dishing it out!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

tonights Bi Curious Class for Women

August 24 Thursday
7:30 - 9:30pm
Bi Curious? Where To Start For Girls Who Want To Date Girls

presented by Jennifer
4687 Kingsway Street Burnaby
The Love Nest (directly across from Metrotown)
$20 pay at door, cash only

Libido Events Calendar

Making the move from bi-curious to bisexual can be a tough one. This workshop will cover the basics on dating for bisexual women. Tips on finding the right woman and on what to do when you find one will be on the list things we discuss. We will cover some tricks for writing that personal ad or finding the events and places to meet other bi-women.

We will also discuss etiquette used when dating women...because so many of us are used to dating only men. Often, bisexual women have male partners and whether, when, or even if they are included in your bisexual experiences will also be covered.

latex breasts

my evening was in fact spent painting a nude woman in liquid latex while she laid out before me eating white peaches & grapes on my gynecological table.

We started with flesh tone and did multiple coats over the breasts, to great success.

doesn't she look pretty? I enjoy using the flesh tone on the delicate bits so you don't ever lose sight of them.

Remembering mind you that this was all work for me, simply practicing for my upcoming class at Little Sisters on Latex. Homework, this was all homework.

Later on I painted a wonderfully fun & easy mask in black on her face and wrote four significant words on her back, taking some private photos, to give to her husband.

Just because I know many of you are perverts and want to know, the answer is yes! Yes I did in fact paint Shantars coochie in two solid coats of the liquid latex, and as much as she enjoyed the brush strokes going on, she was not so impressed with it being caught in her pubic hair as I removed the painted on panty in one fell swoop, just like a band-aid.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

unsolicited volunteering & liquid latex

This e-mail made my afternoon and put a spring in my step

Hello Jennifer,

Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that posters and tickets are going out in the next week. There has been excellent interest and excitement in the community, including unsolicited volunteering...unheard of!! :)

I'd like to get your logo on the poster if you have one to send? And a picture?

Through other circumstances we have moved our Realm of Fantasy night (the fetish D/s event) to Friday October 20, I would be happy to change your flights if you'd like to come in earlier and attend that event? The theme for this one is Bacchanalia, complete with togas, orgy room, slaves and flogging...woohoo...

...cut here for privacy...

That my three classes which are 2 months away (and in Calgary Alberta) have unsolicited volunteers lining up for them makes me a happy little sex educator and though their play event has moved, they are willing to rearrange my flight schedule so I may still attend.

I love my life, the people I'm surrounded by & the opportunities I get to create and take part in.

Now time for me to ready for my evening appointment. Shantar is coming over and I'm painting her nude body in Liquid Latex. I need to prep & practice techniques for my new education series starting this Fall at Little Sisters Book Store and liquid latex is one of the classes I'm teaching.

Perhaps some photo's later, if my latex clad model is willing!

Monday, August 21, 2006

photo shoot with Midori & Jim

these were taken under the Second Narrows Bridge. Jim, Midori and I hiked in to an isolated spot, I removed my clothes and then I was rigged and hanging from a tree while the two of them shot photo's

Sunday, August 20, 2006

finally home

After being away and out of country for days now, I've finally returned home this evening at 11:35 safe and sound. My trip was a whirlwind of activities. Meetings to plan future events, three intense classes, family, partners, private coaching AND a couple of parties (Monks Abbey & Charles) are all what's had me so busy this past while.

The one thing that is bringing me the most joy right now, is today while at SeaTac airport, I became the proud owner of tickets for two to Disneyland. My daughter and I have big plans in California together and when she returns from her fathers in a few days, she's going to be elated at those tickets awaiting her on the pillow on her bed.

That my life, career and business is successful enough for me to be enjoying the fruits of my labor with a holiday with my child makes me very proud of myself and how far I've come in my adulthood.

It's time for me to go curl up exhausted yet grateful in my own bed, sleeping deeply until sleep frees me in the morning from it's deep slumber so I can start another day of what I call life.