Thursday, June 30, 2005

leather restraints (review)

Every now and again I run across a really well made adult product or toy and this is one of those times. My friend Jenn who owns Tickled Pink Toys here in Vancouver is selling a set of restraints (through her on line store) and I thought I'd climb on board and tell you all a little something personal about them. (seeing as I've played with these restraints before AND they're in my personal toy box of kink, it seems only fitting that I share with you)

The cost on this set full set of matching cuffs is $84.95 and this includes all 4 pieces, made in simple yet almost elegant black leather.

Soft black ankle and wrist cuffs

Or you can buy just the soft black leather wrist restraint set for only $39.95
Soft black wrist cuffs

Or the soft black leather ankle restraint set for only $49.95
Soft black ankle cuffs

These restraints are made with not just any leather either, it's soft, supple leather that begs to be wrapped around naked flesh. Due to their softness it's easy to see how those new to bondage or restraints would feel at ease in these as they certainly don't have that hard rigid typical BDSM look or feel. These are quality and were made with quality products and it's seen in this fabulous leather, the simple stitching, smooth corners and of course what is most obvious, is the attention to detail.

The restraints have no rivets or metal to skin contact anywhere and have two O rings per cuff, which will make immobilizing your partner that much easier. Good size adjustment range on both the ankle and wrist cuffs and with a nice wide strap encasing the skin so it spreads out the load over the cuff nicely, putting little stress on one area. These restraints would be great for all levels of players new to bondage play through to bondage sluts, you'll be impressed just as much as I am.

Should you be a proud bondage loving Vancouverite or Canadian you'll be pleased to know these cuffs are hand crafted by a local leather artisan.

Tickled Pink Toys ships within 2 business days for in-stock items with 90% of orders shipping within 24 hours of order placement. Soon you can be on your way to immobilizing your sweety for a sexual fantasy come true.

Shipping Information: Standard shipping within North America is free for orders over $100. They offer flat rate shipping of $10 within North America for standard shipping of orders under $100, plus express courier service of $20 within Canada, and $40 to the USA.

Me, well I've used the restraints to contain a woman while I shaved her head bald and on another occasion it was time to put them on a man in my life to keep his hands away from protecting himself as I was hitting him. Life doesn't get any better than this, quality SM toys and the opportunity to use them on willing partners.

Bondage Lover
Libido Events
Vancouver's sex positive resource, Libido Events is a small event production company setting out to promote sex education and other events celebrating alternative sexuality in our culture.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

7am date this morning

It's true, you can call me an opportunist or someone whose greedy, others might say that I make the most of my time. Just depends on how you look at it. Doesn't matter what you call me though, as I know I was having happy times this morning by 7:10.

My daughter was away last night on a sleepover and so I didn't need to drive her to school this morning only pick her up. They only went to school today, the last day for one hour from 9-10. While she was away elsewhere, and before school officially ended I had the new guy arrive on my door step at the crack of dawn for a play date.

Funny, when he arrives he told me that his wife had laughed at him when she heard what time he had agreed to a date with me at. Think about it, 7 am is the only time that I had available, I offered it, and he took it. Remember this is after I shaved a woman's head last night and then went out to dinner with kara. Home to sleep for 6 hours before my morning treat arrived.

His wife says, "well atleast she'll get to see you how you are in the mornings." ha, he never once showed me any morning behavior that was grumbly, oh lucky me, or what a wise man he really is.

We played for a couple of hours, he in the hottest Northbound Leather thong that you can imagine and a slight blush to his cheeks, both on his face and ass. Damn if he didn't look so sexy that I was awake with desire to push his buttons and to do some SM play.

Canes hit thighs, hands spanked bottoms, clips and clamps compressed tender nipple tissue and kisses soothed much away. My Dominance directed him and his desire to please me and experience new things held him captive to my whims and fancy. The leather hood over his head kept him focused and aware of the necessity for trusting me completely.

When I was done with him, I told him what I wanted from him next. "Catch your breathe for a minute, then I'm going to take the hood off slowly. There is a bottle of massage oil on my dresser, I'm going to lay out flat on my bed. With STRONG hands you're going to run down my shoulders and back, then I'm going to show you a spot a little lower that I adore to have rubbed as well." "Do you understand everything?" The faceless, anonymous leather hood nods back at me as I slowly unlace the back of the hood and pull his head free.

Leaving him in his own bubble of reality checking, I roll over instantly and feel the bed shift as he reaches for the Sugar Oil. Strong strokes start gliding over my back as he massages me, he also on my orders, tells me nasty things he's hungering for me to do to him some day when we get the chance again.

If I told you he brought me a body bag as a gift would you find it odd? He thinks I may be able to use it in a workshop or scene some day. It's now in my toy chest along with all my other toys and accessories. It's not my first body bag either, once about 6 years ago another man gave me a body bag too. Although I wasn't teaching SM classes then I was already a sex activist and a sexual explorer. When I got the first body bag, the man who bought it for me said, "Jennifer, when I saw it sitting there, I just knew I had to get it for you. I couldn't think of anyone else kinky enough to be able to pull off using a body bag in a sexual setting and being able to make it erotic." And so, he bought and brought me my first body bag. Now I have two.

By 9:20 this morning new guy was on the road back to his home and life and I was left alone. Dressed quickly, tidied up the play area then jumped in to the car to drive to my daughters school to pick her up in time for the 10 o'clock bell. She was promoted to Grade 7, received 4 school awards and his happy to be done with another school year.

Stopped and bought fruit and vegetables and was home by 11:30. For passing I gave my daughter a new game called Yohoho Puzzle Pirates and it was all wrapped up waiting for her when we returned home. She opened it immmediately, then asked to play it on the computer. Agreeing with her she sat at my desk to play and I stretched out on the sofa in the living room waking up at 1:00 this afternoon after some much needed rest.

It's 3:30 now and I've done a Blog entry and also finished my latest product review and sent it off.

Now it's time for some lunch & some domestic stuff like dishes, vacuuming and dinner preparations. From one extreme to the next, welcome to my world.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

shaved a woman bald

Tonight at 6:30pm I walked through the front door of a woman's home in powder blue 5 inch heels & matching leather car coat and was welcomed into her world. Taking off my coat and settling myself I turned to see the recipient of my evenings energy. Before me stood the woman whose head I was about to shave bald.

After settling and binding her on a stool in the middle of the room, with music beating in the air and through my veins, I set about my task. Make her bald and return her to her natural state of beauty. Exposed.

Took me a minute to center myself, to find my strength, breathe, then...

Grabbing and twirling large clumps of it together, I chopped off areas of her hair at a time. Falling to the floor, covering her in her own hair. Over and over, with scissors I removed the length that once took much time to grow. I cut until my scissors could do no more and it was time for the electric razor. My focus was so dedicated to her, that I was aware of nothing else.

Standing looking at what I'd done and pausing, I was mesmerized by the transformation. She looked stunning already and where I started out tentative and slow, I was now motoring along and feeling high from the energy we were creating.

Screams, cries of joy but no tears. No mirrors either until it was over.

The electric razor slid over her head in short smooth lines until all hair was removed down to 1/16 of an inch. Which looks like 5 o'clock shadow. How controlled I felt and how thankful for the opportunity.

Blindfolded, she could only hear my words to soothe her spirit as I exposed her bald head to the air and to the light of day. She gasped and I smiled.

A straight razor and I ran it over her head completely once and then a second time for touch ups before deciding we were done.

After spending time winding down with the woman and talking for awhile it was time to leave. It was a feeling I'm not familiar with to walk away from someone after doing something so dramatic with them. It was an exhillerating experience for me and one where I learned some things about myself.

There is this great Chinese/Japanese restaurant that I love on Hastings and Kara and I had a late dinner there together tonight. We haven't had much alone time together lately so any time we can grab we do. Dinner was great, Kung Pao chicken and rice.

And to top it all off, Jims Birthday is today. It is my Daddies birthday but he was out sailing this afternoon in Bellingham, so we are celebrating his birthday this Thursday instead as that is when he is next up.

I'm alone tonight here in the house, thankfully. Without doubt, I'm one of those people who needs alone time. It's the plan for me to actually go to sleep early and get some good rest for myself.

Why might you ask would I suddenly today want a good sleep?

Well, I have a date with the "new guy" at 7:00 tomorrow morning here at my place, that's why! There is a whole blog post to be written on poly & dating surrounding this date, so let me tell you about that tomorrow.

Did you notice that on the right hand side of my Blog is a new heading called Affiliates. Have a look around Tickled Pink Toys. It's a local to Vancouver company, that's run by a friend of mine also named Jennifer. She sells quality adult products (sex toys, lingerie, books etc), in Canadian dollars and is great to deal with.

** I just received an email from the woman whose head I shaved this evening, it was her check in email to me. All is very well for her. The last line of her email said this to me "Sleep well pioneer of a more sex positive world!" And on this very pleasant note, I shall go to bed.


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