Thursday, November 08, 2007

G-Spot Workshop

This evening over in Delta, to a packed room filled with 16 class participants and two volunteers, was 18 people whom I led on the journey towards understanding both female ejaculation and the G-Spot.

The class was a different sort of group, not as questioning as others in past. Or, perhaps I am just getting better at my job. Tonight's class was quiet though, and intense. Five couples and everyone else singles, including women.

My lovely volunteer was doing her "first" appearance as a stunt vulva for me. She did great and I hope she will help out again in such ways.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

keeping track of it all

There are more thoughts and posts rolling around my head right now than I can really keep track of. Here is a sampling of my ponderings...

  1. We went to The Kiss Store yesterday, excellent service and what a great sex store. It's a little tucked away, but damn if it wasn't full of tonnes of quality adult products that are usable and not of the disposable variety. Main & Broadway - check them out!
  2. I'm the proud new owner of a very menacing and dangerous knife as a gift from RC. It came with a sleek case, has a fixed blade and a glorious "gut hook". Utilizing it in play shall make for a very hot scene.
  3. A purchase of a Guess open toed pair of shoes in burnt red with a brilliant heel, happened just in time for our trip to the Caribbean next week. They are incredibly sexy.
  4. Due to said trip next week, I have already started packing my luggage and sorting through my summer clothes to see what I will be bringing with me and what I still need to purchase.
  5. I am looking for a driver, with a closed in van or truck, who is able to drive & move equipment for our November 24th Play Party. You get FREE admission to the party for your efforts. Email me for more details and with size of your vehicle.
  6. I am looking to own some stanchions. Two or three sets. I do not want to buy them on-line if possible. My preference is to find and purchase them local to me, and ideally even used. Does anyone have any idea where I would find these here in the Vancouver, Lower Mainland area?
  7. A new friend "Martin" showed up in class with me bearing this thoughtful gift. I can't wait for the chance to lay on the beach and read it shortly.
  8. The vulva project is underway. There is a large, yoni being designed for me right now, and I can not wait for the chance to show everyone once its complete.
  9. PRE Travel Must Attend To's: Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Dyed, Find & Purchase Swim Suit
  10. Write the 2008 Libido Lounge calendar. Then get it in-on line.
  11. I was just interviewed for a very intriguing article, and believe I lent much to the subject. Once it appears in print and on the web, I'll point you towards the piece in case you hadn't run across it already by then.
  12. The Creme Piedes from L'Occitane En Provence is simply a spectacular product. I picked some up the other day and the whole family is using it with wonderful results.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Big Day

Yesterday was a big day for Libido Lounge. The last pieces of paper work were finalized making our upcoming opening even more of a reality for me.

The next couple of weeks will be rolling on by with lightening speed as for part of this time, I'll be away in the Caribbean on holidays, then returning to the last days of readying before opening our doors.

There is much to accomplish still, though all the shopping is done. It's just the details remaining at this point and they will make you fall in love with what we've created.

Libido Lounge members can expect a mail out from me shortly, filling everyone in on where we are at now after our unforeseen absence this past summer as we battled legal and ethical issues both from the general public and from within our own local sex culture.

Exciting news on my bold move of Kiss My Tiara to Surrey City Council and on "Stink" our new lounge campaign will also be announced in this mail-out. Watch for it.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Later this week, on Thursday, you'll find me in Delta at Club Eden teaching Finding & Stimulating The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation in their wonderful facility.

This class has a live model and we do a demo on the g-spot and female anatomy lesson, it is worthwhile to take this class, if you have not before.

You MUST pre register to get the address and to be included in the group. Singles and couples are welcome.

See you there.


Finding & Stimulating the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation (with live demo)
Venue: Club Eden, Delta, BC
$45 couple or $25 per person includes tour of facility
Register: (exact address given then)

Are you a squirter or gusher, or aspiring to be? Want to help your
lady enjoy her G-Spot? This is the class for you. Join Jennifer and
one of her lovely woman friends for a hands-in demonstration on
techniques to please for G spot stimulation & ejaculation potential.

You'll learn: Clitoral & G-Spot Anatomy from both an internal and
external view. Choosing a toy or your own hands? Getting you both
ready for the often trans formative experience. When the G-Spot is
stroked, there is often a sensation or urge to urinate.

By learning techniques to both understand then move beyond this urge
many women can experience heightened arousal and for others
ejaculation becomes possible. Tips that are tried, tested and easy to
grasp so you can finally stroke your own G-Spot or that of your

*please bring a notebook & pen to class

Sunday, November 04, 2007

what a life

Last night was craziness. We had more fun than imaginable. Between an enormous house party and the insanity at the fund raiser, we were more than spent by the time we put our weary heads to bed finally early this morning.

Some time soon though I am going to write about Rock Star status, and the treatment I get at times, that makes me feel like one. It is a post that I've been toying with for some time.

In other news, RC took me shopping today, and I left Nordstroms with the most incredible pair of Seven Jeans. They make my butt look spectacular and the fronts of my thighs look like I am ten years younger. I just may be hooked now on the most expensive pair of jeans that I've ever owned and how they look on my body.

Next a trip to a quaint jewelery store, to find the perfect pair of earrings and matching bracelet in red stones. The service you get in US stores while shopping is so professional that it saddens me to have to return to the service neglected stores here in Vancouver.

We were back home by 7:00 this evening, feeling good about our weekend and happy to have our Christmas plans firmed up as well.

Sleep is next and required at this point in order for me to function again.