Saturday, April 29, 2006

the mall

awoke earlier than planned to answer the phone as it had been incessantly ringing for an hour, invading my sleep. Figuring finally it may be important I stumbled to answer, only to find out that my child's Girl Guide function was being cancelled due to the down pouring of rain early today. Come get her now!

Off to pick up one soggy 12 year old, wrapped in a towel, bring her home to change clothes and then off to spend a number of hours at Metrotown this afternoon shopping, paying bills and enjoying a really good sushi lunch with my daughter. (despite, deep set fatigue on my behalf)

To lift my spirits, I came home with 2 new pair of shoes. A pair of gold flip flops from Old Navy that are simply put, cute. The shoes that excite me though are black pumps 3 inch heels and hot pink piping made by Fuel. Damn sexy they are AND Devon was having a sale and had employees that were helpful by getting you what you need, but then leaving you to make your decision. I value that a lot.

Not being much of a shopper by any stretch, I'm overwhelmed by the bells, whistles, flash and bustle of malls so avoid them at most any cost. Today was special though, as my daughter needed things in that hateful box on Kingsway, so off we went to find her treasures. Feeling lucky and blessed she's on the sofa enjoying her new purchases.

As I'm typing I've dropped into ITunes the James Blunt - back to bedlam CD. His lyrics and voice makes my knees wobble some and my heart ache. Good choice for a new CD for me and soothing music for my soul. I'm feeling in need of a lift.

No sex for Jennifer at last nights Naughty Party, however I was suspended & inverted from one of the two suspension frames by my Daddy would have played more but due to my head cold, the pressure in my sinuses required that I come down in a shorter than usual amount of time.

Later I pulled out my whip and singletailed Larry as his partner was being done elsewhere by someone.

Felicity thought she'd escape early, I found her though and foiled those plans bending her over a spanker, while using a large Butchmans hunting knife, my hands, teeth and some pink duct tape. Made her sing the Barney I Love You song and a few other youthful show tunes for my amusement. Busted my gut laughing as did everyone else as she forgot words, made up others and sang loud. With the duct tape ripped of her pretty lips it was a sight to behold.


arrived home from the Naughty Party just after 2:00 this morning and was in bed by 3:15 am. Minutes before the alarm was due to go off at 7:00 I awoke and helped Daddy get out of the house and back to Bellingham so he could go sailing for the day as is his Saturday schedule.

Crawled back into bed and a dead sleep by myself at 7:30 and woke to the second alarm actually going off at 8:30 warning me to get out of the comforts of my bed ASAP.

Jumped up, threw on yesterdays sweat pants and made my way into my daughters room to rouse her. Once motivated, we headed out of the house to the car and I drove her to a Girl Guide function for the day. But not before eating McDonalds breakfast burritos together while sitting in the car.

Now I'm back home and going to bed with no intentions of waking up for anything until it's time to pick up my daughter this afternoon.

The Naughty Party was awesome and perhaps if I ever recover in sleep I'll find it in me to write a little something about it all. (or if you were there, add your own comments here)

*NEWS FLASH Libido Events is moving to Saturday night Naughty Parties

*Goddess of the day: Juliet the sheet goddess - thank you

Friday, April 28, 2006


found on a downtown city piece of sidewalk

Thursday, April 27, 2006

deadline met

Yesterday was the deadline for application to the Board of Directors for LLC.

It's my hope to have the chance to be on the board of directors. I couldn't let the application deadline pass by without offering myself in service.

It's what I'm drawn to do, to be of service to my community. To serve because it's how I give back. To serve is how I offer thanks for what I've been afforded since finding sex-positive culture. To serve is creating events and opportunities so there will always be a safe place for others to come to. To serve is my nature.

Whether or not I serve the board of LLC or not, I know that I serve my community here at home well.

Deadline met personal and professional or was it professional and personal. Or is it all just one now for me?

It's all rolled into one for me. It's who I am.

In service


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

sex-positive education

just in a short while ago from teaching Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please - bedroom bondage basics over at The Love Nest on the North Shore. The class went well and I happily managed to do some sort of bondage to almost everyone in the crowd.

Tomorrow night at The Love Nest I'm back again teaching a Sex Etiquette class
, come down and join us all, it's going to be a class filled with insights.

When is it appropriate to cop a feel or slide your tongue into this new persons mouth? I'll bring the condoms and lubricant and you make sure the sheets on your bed are fresh and the photo's of your spouse are turned down, thanks. No you can't cum on my tits, and I promise I'll let you know before I gush my g-spot orgasm all over your face.

Sex Etiquette is the subtle things we negotiate or do in order to be better lovers. How many blissful orgasms can you have before you turn to your giving partner and start offering something delicious back?

Practicing Sex Etiquette means partners current and unfound will always find us mesmerizing due to our ability to always be prepared and ready for anything. Three-way and Booty Call Guidelines along with fabulous suggestions for meeting someone new in public. Time to meet the family or the partners other partner, oh yes, it happens and it'll go smooth, let me tell you how. How do you pick someone up for sex, what do you say to them and how do you cut to the heart of negotiations quickly? No panty stealing as prizes and no teeth-marks left anywhere that pants and a long sleeved shirt won't cover.

Monday, April 24, 2006

back on

my e-mail works again, thanks for your patience. I'll get to everyone ASAP.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

broken e-mail

My won't let me view the mail in the in-box. I can see every other file and folder but the one I most need and want to. If you've sent me something today, please resend.

Need to reach me? Use

My went down this afternoon at about 5:00pm. This makes me very unhappy.

grunt work=free party

I've hit a point where even I'm overextended and I need to pass off some of the more tedious responsibilities to someone else.

I'm looking for a person who would like to attend this coming Friday April 28's Naughty Party for FREE.

This person would get in the party at no charge (a $25 value) in exchange for taking out at nights end all the laundry. Wash it all for me and return it and it's a fair value exchange. 3-5 loads of single sheets and some pillow cases.

Cherished volunteer/s come forward and reveal yourselves...